Order Of The President On The Official Costume In The Federal Disciplinary Court

Original Language Title: Anordnung des Bundespräsidenten über die Amtstracht bei den Bundesdisziplinargerichten

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Order of the President of the official costume in the Federal Disciplinary Court BPräsKldgBDiGAnO Ausfertigung date: 31.03.1953 full quotation: "Arrangement of the President about the official costume in the Federal Disciplinary Court in the adjusted version published in the Federal Law Gazette Part III, outline number 2031-2-1," footnote (+++ text detection from validity: 1 1.1964 +++) input formula on the basis of § 20 of the German civil servants act of 26 January 1937 (Reichsgesetzbl. I p. 39) as amended by the notice of June 30, 1950 (Bundesgesetzbl. S. 279) I order: I. 

The official costume of the federal judge, of the Bundesdisziplinaranwalts as well as officials occurring for him, the Chairman of the Federal Disciplinary Chamber and the clerk in the Federal Disciplinary Court consists of an official robe and a beret. The federal judge, the Bundesdisziplinaranwalt as well as a wide white band with drooping ends, the Registrar officials acting for him and the Chairman of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Federal help to the official robes simple white neck tie.

II. the colour of the official costume is Crimson, black for the judges and the officials at the Disciplinary Chamber of the federal judges and officials for the Bundesdisziplinarhof and the Bundesdisziplinaranwalt. Officials occurring for the Bundesdisziplinaranwalt wear the official attire in the color of the Federal disciplinary court before which they are working. Stocking the official robes and the beret consists of federal judges and the Chairman of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Federal of velvet, the Bundesdisziplinaranwalt and the occurring for officials from silk, for the Registrar from wool.

A III. wear of the beret) the President of the Bundesdisziplinarhofs three ropes in gold, b) the President of the Senate of the Bundesdisziplinarhofs two ropes in gold, c) Federal judges and the Bundesdisziplinaranwalt two Crimson lines in silk, d) the Chairman of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Federal a cord in silver, e) officials occurring for the Bundesdisziplinaranwalt a clasp in gold, if before the Bundesdisziplinarhof in silver, if they act before the Disciplinary Chamber of the Federal.

IV. the Federal Minister of the Interior is authorized to adopt implementing regulations for this arrangement.