Regulation on the granting of multi-remuneration for civil servants and civil servants of the Federal Republic of Germany

Original Language Title: Verordnung über die Gewährung von Mehrarbeitsvergütung für Beamtinnen und Beamte des Bundes

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Regulation on the granting of multi-job remuneration for civil servants of the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesmehrarbeitsremunertungsverordnung-BMVergV)

Unofficial table of contents


Date of completion: 26.04.1972

Full quote:

" Federal Multi-Labor Compensation Regulation, as amended by the Notice of 4 November 2009 (BGBl. 3701), as last amended by Article 7 of the Law of 25 November 2014 (BGBl). I p. 1772) "

Status: New by Bek. v. 4.11.2009 I 3701
Last amended by Art. 7 G v. 25.11.2014 I 1772

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(+ + + Text proof applicable: 1.8.1980 + + +)
Caption: IdF. d. Art. 1 No. 1 V v. 17.7.2009 I 2050 mWv 23.7.2009 Unofficial table of contents

§ 1

Remuneration for additional work to federal civil servants may only be paid in accordance with this Regulation. Unofficial table of contents

§ 2

(1) Officials with salaries in grades with ascending salaries may be remunerated in the following areas for multi-work:
in the medical and nursing services of hospitals, clinics and sanatoriums,
in the operating service of the Federal Railway Company, insofar as this is the case with Deutsche Bahn Aktiengesellschaft as well as a founding law of 27 December 1993 (BGBl.), pursuant to § 2 (1) and § 3 (3) of the Deutsche Bahn Founding Act (Deutsche Bahn). I p. 2378, 2386) and, in the service of the successor companies of the Deutsche Bundespost (German Federal Post Office),
in the customs service of the customs administration,
in the law enforcement service,
in the service of the professional fire brigade,
in the school service as a teacher.
(2) Paragraph 1 shall also apply in other areas where additional work is carried out within the framework of a
Service in readiness,
generally applicable special service plans, if the nature of the service requires it,
(a) service consisting exclusively of similar operations, which essentially require the same working time, for which the Dienstherr has introduced guide values,
Service for the execution of an unstoppable and time-bound result in the public interest.
(3) A multi-work remuneration shall not be granted in addition to:
Remuneration in accordance with Section 79 of the German Federal Law on Remuneration,
Foreign salaries or foreign use surcharge pursuant to Section 5 of the Federal Law on Remuneration,
an allowance in accordance with point 7 of the preliminary observations relating to the Bundesbesoldung Regulations (A) and (B) of the Bundesbesoldungsgesetz (Bundesbesoldungsgesetz)
an allowance in accordance with point 8 of the preliminary observations relating to the Bundesbesoldung Regulations (A) and (B) of the Bundesbesoldungsgesetz (Bundesbesoldungsgesetz)
an allowance in accordance with point 8b of the preliminary observations relating to the Bundesbesoldung Regulations (A) and (B) of the Bundesbesoldungsgesetz (Bundesbesoldungsgesetz)
a bank allowance paid to the Deutsche Bundesbank.
Officials of the Observations and Investigation Service, who are mainly employed in the field of external service, shall receive a multiple-work allowance in addition to the allowance referred to in the first sentence of 1 (3) or (4). In addition, in addition to the allowances referred to in points 3, 4 or 4a of the first sentence, officials of grades A 2 to A 8 receive a multi-job remuneration in the amount of the excess. (4) Is the granting of an allowance for a In addition to a supplement in whole or in part, multiple-work remuneration shall be excluded, this shall also apply to a compensatory allowance granted after the allowance has been omitted, as long as the allowance is not yet consumed up to half. Unofficial table of contents

§ 3

(1) The remuneration shall be granted only if the additional work is carried out
of civil servants in respect of which civil servants ' working time arrangements apply,
have been arranged or approved in writing,
may not be compensated for by service exemption within one year for compelling service reasons, and
the working time resulting from the regular weekly working time exceeds by more than five hours in the calendar month (minimum number of hours).
(2) As far as only during part of a calendar month service has been provided, the minimum number of hours shall apply to the respectively pro rata working time. It is reduced in part-time employment according to the extent of the approved part-time work. (3) There is no fixed daily working time, so that there is no increase in work for the individual working day, but only on the basis of the regular working hours. weekly working time may be determined for a full week, if it is to be calculated within a calendar week, if it falls in part on the current, in part, the following calendar month, it is to be attributed to the same. Unofficial table of contents

§ 4

(1) The remuneration shall be per hour
1. in grades
A 2 to A 4
11,99 Euro,
2. in grades
A 5 to A 8
14,16 Euro,
3. in grades
A 9 to A 12
19,44 Euro,
4. in grades
A 13 to A 16
26,77 Euro.
(2) These amounts shall also apply to officials of comparable grades who are members of the Bundesbesoldungsordnung (Bundesbesoldungsordnung). (3) In the case of additional work in the school service, the remuneration shall be different from paragraph 1 per teaching hour for teachers. Universities of applied sciences and technical colleges of the Confederation

1. in the upscale service 26,60 Euro,
2. in higher service 31,08 Euro.
(4) The rates of remuneration set out in paragraphs 1 and 3 shall apply only to multi-time work carried out after the entry into force of those rates. Unofficial table of contents

Section 4a

(1) until the regular working time of full-time employees per hour, parttime employees receive a remuneration equal to the percentage of the remuneration of the full-time employees corresponding to one hour. (2) The monthly salary of the corresponding full-time employees is to be divided by the 4,348 -fold of their regular weekly working time. Deductions that are not subject to the pro-rata reduction pursuant to § 6 (1) of the Bundesbesoldungsgesetz (Bundesbesoldungsgesetz) are not taken into account. (3) Multi-time work, which goes beyond the working time of full-time employees, is remunerated in accordance with § 4 (1) and (3). Unofficial table of contents

§ 5

(1) As a multi-working hour within the meaning of § § 3 and 4 (1) and (2) as well as § 4a, the full hour is valid. By way of derogation, one hour of service shall be taken into account only in accordance with the extent of the average use made in the activity in question in accordance with experience, the performance of a service already being included in the service in question. (2) In the case of multi-work in the school service, the minimum number of hours in accordance with § 3 (1) (4) is three hours of teaching. § 3 (2) applies accordingly. (3) In the monthly multi-work hours calculation, a fraction of an hour is given, then 30 minutes and more are rounded up to a full hour, less than 30 minutes remain unaccounted for. Unofficial table of contents

§ 6 (omitted)

- Unofficial table of contents

§ 7 (omitted)

- Unofficial table of contents

§ 8 (Entry into force)