Organizational Adoption Of The Federal Chancellor

Original Language Title: Organisationserlaß des Bundeskanzlers

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Organizational adoption of the Federal Chancellor BKOrgErl 1984 issue date: 17.12.1984 full quotation: "organizational adoption of Chancellor of 17 December 1984 (BGBl. I S. 1689)" footnote BEK. v. 17.12.1984 1689 I. 

The Secretary of State for the Federal Chancellor is appointed to the Commissioner for the intelligence services. He is immediately subject to the Federal Chancellor.
His representative is a head of Department in the Federal Chancellor's Office.
A Department of the Federal Chancellery is fachaufsichtlich the Commissioner to carry out its tasks.

II. the German Federal Intelligence Service is under the State Secretary to the Federal Chancellor and Commissioner for the intelligence services.

III. coordination and intensification of cooperation of the Federal Intelligence Service, the Federal Office for protection of the Constitution and of military intelligence with each other and their inter-agency cooperation is the Commissioner for the intelligence services with other agencies and departments.
1. the Commissioner meets interdepartmental tasks. The responsibility of the departments shall not be affected by his duties (article 65 Basic Law). The representative works closely with the departments, in particular with the departments responsible for the intelligence services of the Federal Government.
The cooperation of the Federal Office for protection of the Constitution and the country offices for the protection of the Constitution is not one of the tasks of the Ombudsman.
In the course of its coordination activities, in particular a belong to the tasks of the representative) the Presidency of the "Standing Committee of 'Intelligence'".
(b) the chairmanship of the "Secretary of State Committee for the secret intelligence and security";
(c) participation in the parliamentary handling of budget Affairs of the three services;
(d) the coordination of the preparation of meetings of the parliamentary control Commission.
2. within the framework of its coordination has commissioned following powers: a) the right of the departments and the intelligence agencies of the Federal Government to obtain information about the work methodology, the information and filing system, the Organization, the budget planning and personnel structure planning;
(b) the right to propose measures for the cooperation of the services;
(c) the right to participate in legislation and in the elaboration of rules, one of the intelligence services of the Federal Government or the three services or its cooperation with other institutions related;
(d) the right to direct meetings with the heads of the services and their representatives; the leading service supervisory departments can participate in such meetings.
The attendant service leading Resorts is at least at the same time to give knowledge of all requests for information addressed to the services and any other correspondence.

IV. the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of defence informed the Commissioner for intelligence intelligence suspected cases and other special events in the area of the Federal Office for protection of the Constitution and of military intelligence, who can find the political or public interest in her becoming known and therefore for the Chancellor of importance can be (articles 3, 15 rules of procedure of the Federal Government).