Regulation On The Designation Of Non-Adjusting In-Care Rate Eligible Investment Costs Of The Care Kit Costs Of Hospitals

Original Language Title: Regulation on the designation of non-adjusting in care rate investment costs of the care kit eligible costs of hospitals

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Regulation on the designation of non-adjusting in-care rate eligible investment costs of the care kit costs of hospitals (demarcation regulation - AbgrV) AbgrV copy date: 12.12.1985 full quote: "demarcation regulation of 12 December 1985 (Federal Law Gazette I p 2255th), last amended by article has been changed 6 of the law of 21 June 2012 (Federal Law Gazette I p 1613)." Status:... as last amended by article 6 G v 21.7.2012 I 1613 for details on the status of information you can find under the menu instructions footnote (+++ text detection from:... no longer apply 1.1.1986 +++) (+++ provisos due EinigVtr by article 109 No. 3 g literally DBuchst ee G v 8.12.2010 1864 I MWV 15.12.2010 +++)... input formula on the basic clause of section 16 1 of the hospital financing Act of 29 June 1972 (Federal Law Gazette I) , p. 1009), as amended by article 1 no. 15 of the law of 20 December 1984 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 1716) has been redrafted, the Federal Government decrees approved by the Federal Council: article 1 scope (1) the detailed delineation of structures with § 17 section 4 No.. 1 investment of of the hospital financing Act in the care kit, not to be considered costs of the care kit eligible costs is based on this regulation... (2) the regulation does not apply to 1 the hospital to which the hospital financing Act 1 Nos. 1 to 4 shall not apply after his section 3 sentence 2 the hospital, according to § 5 para. 1 no. 2, 4 or 7 of the hospital financing Act are not eligible, unless that these hospitals are funded on the basis of national law in structures with § 5 para. 2 of the hospital financing Act. Article 2 of definitions for the purposes of this Regulation: 1. fixed assets the assets of the hospital belonging to fixed assets, 2. commodities the fixed assets, with on average useful life of up to three years (list I of the annex), 3 consumer goods economic goods that by their intended use be consumed or unusable, or which are used facility by a patient and usually remain with him. In terms of consumption, the re-acquired depreciable movable assets that are capable of independent use and their cost for the individual asset without value added tax may not exceed 150 euros apply. Article 3 principles for classification (1) care kit are eligible 1. The cost of the replacement of household goods per rata according to their depreciation 2. other investment costs and similar related costs in structures with § § 17 of the hospital financing Act and section 8 of the Federal care rate regulation in on December 31, 2012 as amended, 3. the cost of the purchase or production of durable consumer goods, 4. the costs of maintenance of fixed assets in structures with § 4 (2) do not care kit capable are 1 the cost of a) the establishment and no initial of hospitals with the exception of costs pursuant to paragraph 1. 3, b) the complement of assets, insofar as they significantly beyond the usual adaptation of existing assets to the medical and technical development, 2. the cost of the replacement of fixed assets, with on average useful life of more than three years (Directory II of the plant) with the exception of capital goods, which are in last with § 2 no. 3 sentence 2 as consumer goods, 3. (deleted) paragraph 1 no. 2 remains unaffected. (3) the average useful life of at asset is to be determined based on the useful life during single operation. (4) economic goods are attributable to the supplies and services that are usually necessary in order to create the asset or produce and put into use. section 4 maintenance cost (1) maintenance costs are the costs of maintaining or restoring of fixed assets of the hospital if doing the asset is not significantly increased in its substance, not substantially changed in its essence, its usage time is not significantly prolonged or about its previous state is therefore not significantly improved. (2) the costs referred to in paragraph 1 include the maintenance cost of assets when are 1 replaced completely or predominantly in structural parts of the building units, industrial installations and fittings or 2 exteriors (list III of annex). Are measures for assessing the predominant replacement, which are carried out within the framework of a single project over a period up to three years, added together. The deferred pursuant to sentence 1 4b sentence 3 of the hospital financing Act funded a flat rate according to § 17 paragraph. Article 5 (repealed) - article 6 entry into force and transitional provision (1) this Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 1986th (2) for the allocation of the assets to the short, medium and long-lived assets in structures with the provisions of the hospital financing Act in force until 31 December 1984 be replaced by remaining in the individual countries to the entry into force of national law in structures with § 6 para. 3, § 7 para. 2 and § 11 of the hospital financing act with the provisions of the demarcation regulation of 5 December 1977 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 2355) with the exception of § 3 para. 4 and 5 (3) for the per diem charge of the costs of assets that have been acquired before 1 January 1986 or manufactured in the hospital, it remains in the demarcation and mapping and useful lives adopted made for those assets. Yours sincerely the Federal Minister for labour and Social Affairs conditioning (reference: Federal Law Gazette I 1985, 2257th) directory I of stelz within the meaning of section 2 No.. 2 are, for example, 1 service and protective clothing, lingerie, textiles, 2 glass and porcelain products. 3. dishes, 4. other commodities of medical supplies such as breathing bag blankets and pillows listening cushion and clams stomach pump needle holder anesthesia masks operating table pads,-Polster and ceilings rails specialty is and cannulas venous pressure gauge water mattresses, 5 other commodities of economic and administrative needs like video, audio and disk electric kitchen knife, can opener and whisks holding pitchers. This does not apply if these goods according to § 2 no. 3 sentence 2 are considered consumables. Directory II assets within the meaning of § 3 para. 2 sentence 1 no. 2 are, for example, 1 installation and equipment such as vehicles equipment, apparatus, machine tools lamps furniture tool, 2 other furnishings and appliances medical supplies search extension bracket carts teaching models of x-ray film cassettes, 3 other furnishings and appliances of the economic and administrative needs such as picture boards books data processing system television aerials telephone sets saucepans kitchen plates speaker projection screens. This does not apply if these goods according to § 2 no. 3 sentence 2 are considered consumables. Directory III for the purposes of the provision of § 4 No. 2 on the division of maintenance costs are first structural units, for example, roof façade floor stairwell, 2nd parts of buildings, for example, paint the lightning protection system of concrete and stone cladding flooring installation furniture screed Windows tiles goods of the shell as Mason - and carpentry blinds concealed doors , for example 3 industrial installation and fixtures, venting, venting and air conditioning compressed air, vacuum and oxygen systems telephone exchanges container sonderanlagen system of gas supply system heating system sanitary installation low power systems power installation hot water supply system, 4 outdoor facilities for example enclosures greenery roads, paths - place and fastenings supply and disposal installations.