Regulation On The Designation Of Non-Adjusting In-Care Rate Eligible Investment Costs Of The Care Kit Costs Of Hospitals

Original Language Title: Regulation on the designation of non-adjusting in care rate investment costs of the care kit eligible costs of hospitals

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Regulation on the delimitation of the costs of investment not to be taken into account in the care set from the hospital-based costs of hospitals (Abboundary Ordinance-AbgrV)

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Date of expiry: 12.12.1985

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" Decree of the 12th Decree of 12. December 1985 (BGBl. 2255), as last amended by Article 6 of the Law of 21. July 2012 (BGBl. I p. 1613) "

:Last modified by Art. 6 G v. 21.7.2012 I 1613

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(+ + + text evidence: 1.1.1986 + + +)

(+ + + measures due to EinigVtr no longer apply gem. Art. 109 No. 3
Buchst. g DBuchst. ee G v. 8.12.2010 I 1864 mWv 15.12.2010 + + +)

unofficial table of contents

input formula

based on § 16 sentence 1 of the Hospital Finance Act of 29. June 1972 (BGBl. 1009), as defined by Article 1 (15) of the Law of 20 June 1991. December 1984 (BGBl. I p. 1716), the Federal Government, with the approval of the Federal Council, decrees: Non-official table of contents

§ 1 Scope of application

(1) The further delimitation of the investment costs, which are not to be taken into account in the care set in accordance with Section 17 (4) (1) of the Hospital Financing Act, of the costs eligible for care shall be determined in accordance with this Regulation.(2) The Regulation does not apply to
the hospitals to which the Hospital Finance Act is § 3 sentence 1 no. 1 to 4 shall not apply,
the hospitals which are not funded pursuant to § 5 (1) Nos. 2, 4 or 7 of the Hospital Finance Law , unless these hospitals are funded under national law pursuant to Section 5 (2) of the Hospital Finance Law.
Non-official Table of Contents

§ 2 Definitions

For the purposes of this Regulation,
Assets of the assets of the hospital related to the hospital,
The consumer goods Fixed assets with an average useful life of up to three years (Directory I of the Appendix),
Consumer Goods, which are the assets of the intended use is consumed or unusable, or which is exclusively used by a patient and usually remains with him. The re-procured, removable movable fixed assets, which are capable of self-employed use and whose acquisition or production costs for the individual assets without turnover tax are not 150 euros, shall also be considered consumables.
Non-official table of contents

§ 3 assignment principles

(1) Nursing staff are
the cost of recovering consumer goods proportionally according to their Depreciation,
Other investment costs and costs equivalent to them in accordance with § § 17 of the Hospital Finance Act and § 8 of the German Hospital Finance Act (§ 8) of the German The Federal Ordinance on the Pflegesatzverordnung in der am 31. December 2012,
the cost of purchase or manufacture of consumer goods,
the cost of maintenance of fixed assets in accordance with § 4.
(2) Non-pflegesatzable are
the cost
the establishment and initial equipment of hospitals except for the costs referred to in paragraph 1, no. 3,
the addition of fixed assets to the extent that it is essential for the usual adjustment of existing fixed assets to medical and technical development
the cost of the repurchase of fixed assets with an average useful life of more than three years (Directory II of the Appendix) with the exception of fixed assets, which are considered as consumer goods in accordance with Section 2 (3), second sentence,
(1) No 2 shall remain unaffected.(3) The average useful life of a fixed asset shall be determined on the basis of the useful life in the case of single-use operation.(4) Supplies and services are to be attributed to an economic good, which are usually necessary in order to create or manufacture the business good and to use it in use. Non-official table of contents

§ 4 Maintenance costs

(1) Maintenance costs are the cost of maintaining or restoring fixed assets of the hospital, if this does not substantially increase the substance of the investment in its substance, does not significantly alter its nature, does not substantially extend its useful life or does not significantly improve its use beyond its previous condition .(2) The costs referred to in paragraph 1 shall also include the maintenance costs of fixed assets, if
in Building parts, technical installations and installations, or
external installations
to be completely or predominantly replaced (List III of the Annex). For the purpose of assessing the overriding replacement, measures to be taken under a single project over a period of up to three years are to be included. The costs defined in accordance with sentence 1 shall be financed in a flat-rate way in accordance with Article 17 (4b), third sentence, of the Hospital Finance Law. unofficial table of contents

§ 5 (omitted)

- unofficial Table of contents

§ 6 Entry into force and transitional provision

(1) This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2008. January 1986, in force.(2) For the allocation of the economic goods to the short-, medium-and long-term fixed capital goods within the meaning of the regulations of the Hospital Finance Act in its bis-31. Until the entry into force of the law of the Federal Republic of Germany in accordance with Section 6 (3), Section 7 (2) and § 11 of the Hospital Financing Act, the provisions of the Boundary Regulation of 5 December 1984 remain in force in each of the Länder until the entry into force of the law. December 1977 (BGBl. 2355), with the exception of Article 3 (4) and (5) thereof.(3) For the maintenance capacity of the cost of economic goods, which is before the 1. It remains the same for the definition and assignment of these assets and the duration of the useful life of the hospital. Non-Official Table of Contents

Final Formula

The Federal Minister for Labour and Social Order unofficial table of contents


(site: BGBl. I 1985, 2257)
directory I
commodities within the meaning of § 2 No. 2 are for example
Service and protective clothing, laundry, textiles,
Glass and porcelain items,
Other medical items of medical need such as Respiratory Bag Heaters and -pillow pillows and muschelngastric pump needle holder anesthesia masks, pads, upholstery and ceiling rail special catheters and canvases Venendruckknife water mattresses,
other consumer goods of the economic and administrative needs such as image, sound and volume electric kitchen knives, can openers and quirlewarm holding cans.
This does not apply insofar as these goods are considered to be consumer goods pursuant to § 2 No. 3 sentence 2.
Directory II
goods within the meaning of § 3 (2) sentence 1 no. 2 are, for example,
Furnishings and equipment items such as appliances, appliances, Machine Instrument Lamp Furniture Tool,
Other equipment and equipment for medical use wieExtensionsbügelGehgestelleLehrmodelleX-ray film-cartridges,
Other equipment and equipment of the economic and administrative needs wieBildtafelnBüchercomputeranlagenTVtennenFernspeakateKochtöpfekitchen Speaker Projection Screens.
This does not apply to the extent that these goods are considered consumer goods pursuant to § 2 No. 3 sentence 2.
Directory III
the purposes of Section 4 (2) on the delimitation of the maintenance costs,
constructional units for example atrocity floor staircase,
Building parts for example paint lightning protection concrete and stone coverings floor coverings of the shell construction such as masonry and brickwork ZimmerarbeitenRollädenTapetendoors,
Operating systems and internals for example ventilation, ventilation and air-conditioning compressed air, vacuum and air conditioning systems Oxygen-AnlagenFernspeakingstation tank conveyors, Gas supply systems heating systems sanitary installations, hot water supply systems,
Outdoor Equipment for Sample Peaceful Grassland Roads, Road and Space attachment and Disposal Plants.