Tenth Regulation Amending Legislation Relating To The Goods Transport Law

Original Language Title: Zehnte Verordnung zur Änderung von Rechtsvorschriften zum Güterkraftverkehrsgesetz

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Tenth regulation amending legislation on the law on the carriage of goods by road (10). ÄndVGüKG)

Non-official table of contents

10. ÄndVGüKG

Date of release: 21.06.2000

Full quote:

" Tenth Regulation amending legislation on the law on the carriage of goods by road of 21 years. June 2000 (BGBl. 918) "

This Regulation is intended to further the implementation of Council Directive 96 /26/EC of 29 June 2000 on the implementation of the European Economic and Economic Community (EC) 1 April 1996 on access to the occupation of road haulier and road passenger transport operator in national and international transport and on the mutual recognition of diplomas, certificates and other evidence of formal qualifications in respect of the Transport of goods and passengers by road and on measures to promote the effective use of the freedom of establishment of the road users concerned (OJ L 327, 30.4.2004, p. EC No 1), as last amended by Council Directive 98 /76/EC of 1 June 1998 on the 1 October 1998 (OJ C 327, EC No 17).


(+ + + Text evidence from: 1. 7.2000 + + +)

(+ + + Official note from the normalization authority to EC law:
Implementation of
EGRL 26/96 (CELEX Nr: 396L0026) + + +)

Art. 1: GBZugV 9241-34-1
Art. 2 and 3: Change rules
Art. 4: Entry into force and external force unofficial table of contents

input formula

based on
§ 3 (6) No.1 to 4, § § 17, 23 (3) and 5 of the Road Transport Act of 22. June 1998 (BGBl. 1485),
Section 22 (2) of the Road Transport Act, in conjunction with the second subparagraph of Article 22 (2). Section of the Administrative Costing Act of 23. June 1970 (BGBl. 821),
in conjunction with Article 56 of the Jurisdiction Adjustment Act of 18. March 1975 (BGBl. 705) and the organisational decree of 27. October 1998 (BGBl. 3288), the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing, pursuant to section 22 (2) of the Act on the Transport of Goods, in agreement with the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology: Nonofficial Table of Contents

Art 1

- Non-official Table of Contents

Art 2 and 3 ----

Non-official table of contents

Type 4 in-and expiry, decree of the new audit order

(1) Article 1 (3) to (8) shall appear on the 1. 1 January 2001. Moreover, this Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2008. July 2000, in force.(2) (3) The Chambers of Commerce and Industry shall pass up to 31. The examination regulations referred to in Article 1 (4) (7) of this Regulation shall be laid down in December 2000. Non-official table of contents

Final formula

The Bundesrat has agreed.