Decision No. 2006-810 Of 5 December 2006 Establishing The Allocation Of Frequencies Society Metropolis Tv (M 6)

Original Language Title: Décision n° 2006-810 du 5 décembre 2006 portant attribution de fréquences à la société Métropole télévision (M 6)

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JORF n ° 2 of January 3, 2007, text no. 119 DECISION Decision No. 2006-810 of 5 December 2006 establishing the allocation of frequencies to the metropolis TV (M 6) NOR society: CSAX0601810S ELI: not available the higher Audiovisual Council, saw the Act No. 86 - 1067 of 30 September 1986 amended the freedom of communication, and particularly its articles 22, 25 30 and 30-1;
Considering Decree No. 2003 - 620 of 4 July 2003 taken for the application of article 30-1 of the law No. 86-1067 of 30 September 1986 and relative to the distribution and the pre-financing of the cost of the redevelopment frequencies and, in particular, article 7;
See decision No. 2001-387 of 24 July 2001 amended relating to a call for nominations for the edition of national television services broadcast by digital terrestrial, and particularly its annex IV;
Given the modified No. 2001-578 November 20, 2001 decision on the renewal of the authorization issued to society metropolis TV (M 6);
Whereas the deployment of terrestrial digital television requires a reorganization of certain analogue frequencies, currently assigned to the metropolis television company, but whose use is incompatible directly or indirectly with frequencies planned for digital terrestrial television;
After deliberating in, decides: Article 1 the metropolis television company is allowed to use the frequencies referred to in the annex to this decision. The assignment of these frequencies is subject to the conditions set out in this annex.
These frequencies will replace those previously assigned to society metropolis television by decision No. 2001-578 modified above, in its annex I, for the dissemination of its programme in the areas of Annonay, Montignac 2, Sarlat, Saint-Cyprien.
These substitutions must be made before December 20, 2006 for the rebroadcaster, Annonay and before February 15, 2007 to Montignac 2 Sarlat, Saint-Cyprien.
These substitutions will not be made if alternatives to ensure the continuity of service are implemented after agreement between the Council and the metropolis television company.

Article 2 this decision will be notified to the metropolis television company and published in the Official Journal of the French Republic.

Article Appendix A N N E X E you can see the table in the JO No. 2 of the 03/01/2007 text number 119 the APF may later, if required by the development of the television networks, substitute for the indicated channels other channels allowing reception of equivalent quality. In this case, the recipient agrees to change the frequency within the time fixed by the CSA.
1. the beneficiary shall communicate the following information, which it will attest the accuracy at CSA: information provided within a period of two months after commissioning:-technical description of the installation (type and nominal power of the transmitter, antenna... system);
-BY maximum and theoretical (H and V) radiation pattern;
-date of commissioning;
-comprehensive account of realization of housing shift, shift changes, changes in channels and other changes mentioned above.
Information communicated without delay if it is available:-measured radiation pattern.
This information is due on specific request of the Council.
2. in case the information mentioned in 1 would be changed later, the beneficiary communicates to the CSA an updated within a period of a month.
3. the beneficiary shall also communicate all information in its possession on the cover of the issuer, in particular the results of coverage measurements in the service area to the CSA.
4. If the CSA noted the failure to comply with the technical conditions of the authorization, the beneficiary is required to proceed by an approved an audit of the conformity of its installation to the requirements contained in the technical annex to the authorization. The beneficiary will forward the results of this audit at CSA.

Done at Paris, on 5 December 2006.
For the higher Audiovisual Council: president, D. Baudis