Decree Of 31 December 2003 On The Appointment Of A Director To The General Directorate Of External Security

Original Language Title: Décret du 31 décembre 2003 portant nomination d'un directeur à la direction générale de la sécurité extérieure

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JORF n ° 2 of January 3, 2004, page 314 text no. 58 DECREE Decree of 31 December 2003 on the appointment of a Director to the General Directorate of external security NOR: DEFM0302462D ELI: no available. the President of the Republic, on the report of the Prime Minister and the Minister of defence, see article 13 of the Constitution;
See Act No. 84-16 of 11 January 1984 amended statutory provisions on the public service of the State, including article 25;
Seen the Decree of 27 November 1967 amended regulation of public administration related to the statutory provisions applicable to the staff of the service of external documentation and counter-espionage, particularly article 15;
See Decree No. 82-306 on 2 April 1982 establishing and prescribing the duties and responsibilities of the Directorate-General of external security;
Considering Decree No. 85-779, 24 July 1985 with application of article 25 of Act No. 84-16 of 11 January 1984 laying down the senior jobs for which the appointment is left to the decision of the Government.
See Decree No. 2000-1178 of 4 December 2000 on the Organization of the central administration of the Ministry of defence, amended by Decree No. 2001-1125 November 29, 2001 and April 10, 2002, no. 2002-503;
The Council of Ministers heard, decrees: Article 1 Mr. André the sea is appointed Director to the General Directorate of external security, in replacement of Mr. Alain July, called to other duties.

Article 2 the Prime Minister and the Minister of defence are responsible, each in which case, the application of this Decree, which will be published in the Official Journal of the French Republic.

Done at Paris, on 31 December 2003.
Jacques Chirac, the President of the Republic: the Prime Minister, Jean-Pierre defence minister Michèle Alliot-Marie Raffarin