Decree No. 2002 - 1616 To December 31, 2002, Amending Article D. 242-6-15 Of The Code Of Social Security Relating To The Pricing Of The Risks Of Accidents At Work And Occupational Diseases

Original Language Title: Décret n° 2002-1616 du 31 décembre 2002 modifiant l'article D. 242-6-15 du code de la sécurité sociale relatif à la tarification des risques d'accidents du travail et de maladies professionnelles

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The contribution rate for work-related accidents and occupational diseases is determined by establishment. The classification of establishments in a risk category shall be carried out by the relevant regional health insurance funds, according to the activity carried out according to a risk nomenclature annexed to the order of 17 October 1995 relating to the Risk-setting for occupational accidents and diseases. In accordance with the directives formulated in March 2001 by the Committee on Workers' Compensation and Occupational Diseases, the National Technical Committee of the Transport, Water, Gas and Electricity Industries, the Book and the Communication carried out a work on the revision of the risk codes and approved, in particular at its meeting on 11 June 2002, the consolidation into a single number of ten risk numbers relating to intermittent dockworkers subject to the System of the sticker and carrying on business in about 20 designated seaports or in ports in the electoral district of certain regional health insurance funds. This merger was necessary because the number of intermittent dockers subject to the sticker regime has been steadily decreasing since the 1992 reform, which allowed the largest part of the dockers to be distributed monthly. Also, the calculation of the rates of occupational accidents and occupational diseases is artificial since some of the twenty ports listed, some of them have very few intermittent dockers or even not at all. Art. D. 242-6-15 of the above code provides that the pricing is calculated by port or by a set of ports. This wording is no longer adapted to the proposed new pricing scheme which will no longer be carried out by port. At the same time, the single premium rate will be the maximum rate prescribed by the regulations, already applied by certain ports. In the absence of this deadline, the rate of some ports would be much higher. Ports that have a low rate will not be penalized as they currently do not have intermittent dockers subject to the sticker regime. These amendments are provided for in s. 1 of this Order. Effective 1 January 2003.



JORF No. 1 of January 1, 2003 Page 27
Text No. 14

Decree n ° 2002-1616 of 31 December 2002 amending Article D. 242-6-15 of the Code of Social Security on the charging of risks for accidents at work and occupational diseases

NOR: SOCS0224272D ELI:

Prime Minister,
On the report of the Minister of Social Affairs, Labour and Solidarity, and the Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry,
Social security, in particular book IV;
In view of the opinion of the Workers' Compensation and Occupational Diseases Commission of the National Health Insurance Fund for Employed Workers as of 5 December 2002,

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Article D. 242-6-15 of the Social Security Code is replaced by the following:
" Art. D. 242-6-15. -For intermittent dockers subject to the scheme of the vignette, the notified contribution rates may not exceed a limit fixed by order of the Minister responsible for social security. "

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The provisions of this Order apply as of January 1, 2003.

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The Minister of Social Affairs, Labour and Solidarity, the Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry, and the Minister responsible for Budget and Budget Reform are responsible for each Concerning the execution of this Decree, which shall be published in the Official Journal of the French Republic.

Done at Paris, 31 December 2002.

Jean-Pierre Raffarin

By the Prime Minister:

The Minister of Business Social,

du travail et de la solidarité,

François Fillon

Minister of Economy,

Finance and Industry,

Francis Mer

Budget Minister

and Reform Budget,

Alain Lambert

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