Opinion On Implementing The Sale Of Official Publications (Legal And Administrative Information Management)

Original Language Title: Avis relatif à la mise en vente de publications officielles (direction de l'information légale et administrative)

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JORF n ° 0030 February 5, 2014 page 2137 text no. 97 opinion on implementing the sale of official publications (Directorate of legal and administrative information) NOR: PRMX1400270V ELI: not available these publications are on sale: on-site: ― at the bookstore of the Directorate of legal and administrative information, 29, quai Voltaire, 75344 Paris Cedex 07, phone: 01-40-15-71-10;
― in the large regional and Parisian libraries.
Mail: ― in the direction of legal and administrative information, sales by correspondence, 29, quai Voltaire, 75344 Paris Cedex 07.
― on the catalogue editorial online with secure payment: ― www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr.
You want to make an order by fax or e-mail, know the prices of our books, our terms of delivery and payment, get a quote: email us, fax 01-40-15-70-01.
E-mail: commande@dila.gouv.fr Service: you have made an order, delivery or invoice contains an error, don't you has failed.
You want to cancel an order, subscription, an invoice: write to us at reclamation@dila.gouv.fr or call 01-40-15-69-96, or send a fax to 01-40-15-70-04 claims.
You want your payment information, email us, or call the annex budget accounting agency: Official Publications and administrative information (BAPOIA) at 01-72-69-62-49; 01 72-69-62-39; 01 72-69-62-44; 01-72-69-62-45 Please also note the following coordinates: sales professionals (French and foreign libraries): for information, a command or a claim: write or send a fax to: Union Distribution, 106, rue du Lieutenant-Petit-Leroy 94550 Chevilly-Larue, Tel: 01-41-80-20-20; Fax: 01-41-80-20-63/64/65; www.UD-NET.com. sales professionals (export diffusers and subscription agencies): for information, a command or a claim: write to us, send a fax to the: 01-40-15-70-01; e-mail: commande@dila.gouv.fr.
Bibliographic information: call 01-40-15-71-03 or visit www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/informations/contacts/form-info-biblio.shtml.
Business information (information about the publications under the Documentation française, Official Journal brands, as well as the brands of publishers distributed by the DILA [OECD, UNESCO...]): call 01-40-15-70-10 or visit sites: — http://www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/acheter/index.shtml;
― http://www.boamp.fr;
― http://www.bodacc.fr;
― http://www.info-financiere.fr;
― http://www.journal-officiel.gouv.fr;
Please note free shipping on orders online on www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr in metropolitan France.
The payment is to indicate to the order of the accountant of the BAPOIA (official publications and administrative information annex budget).
For any amount greater than €45, it is possible to pay in three times, free of charge, on the website: http://www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/acheter/paiement-securite.shtml.
La Documentation française has released to the offices on 8 and 15 January 2014: i. ― books news agencies face the French Henri Pigeat, Pierre Lesourd La Documentation media digital revolution at the crossroads of the event and the media, the news agencies occupy a strategic position: information gathering, sorting, checking and formatting of news and then spread to other media. However, mutation of the digital and the upheavals accompanying ― in techniques as in trades — has come to put an end to a hegemonic position. Beyond the diagnosis, this book provides largely unpublished information, for example on Reuters, caught in the vise of the Thomson group, or on the links between American interests and choices of the Associated Press. It also specifies the actual operating conditions of the Agency France-Presse which, despite its structural and social difficulties, remains a real world news agency.
2014, la Documentation française.
Collection "studies". 192 pages, €19.90.
REF.: 3303331953845.
Public law André Legrand, Céline Wiener La Documentation française this book presents step after step the full programme of public administrative competition law. It consists of the following four subjects: constitutional law ―: based on the Constitution, it defines the rules relating to the Organization and the functioning of the State.
administrative law —: it deals with the rights and obligations of the administrative authorities (Government, administration, local authorities, public institutions) as well as their means of action;
― finances: this part explores the State budget as organizes it the LOLF and rules concerning taxes and fees;
― European institutions: here are described the institutions and bodies of the European Union, their role and their functioning; one will also find many items on current and future EU developments.
2014, la Documentation française.
Collection "Training, administration, competition" (FAC).
240 pages, €19.
ISBN: 978-2-11-009612-8.
REF.: 9782110096128.
Immigration and cultural policies Museum of the history of immigration by tracing the chronology of cultural policies in the direction of immigrants, it is also a history of immigration in France made of mutual cultural enrichment that is presented here. The study is organized around a few dates guides: ― 1959-1974: immigrant cultures forgotten;
― 1974-1981: the invention of a cultural policy;
― Since 1981: cultural policies at the service of integration.
Some examples in the United Kingdom, United States of America account different experiences.
2014, la Documentation française.
Collection "Le Point on immigration in France".
72 pages, €8.
ISBN: 978-2-11-009392-9.
REF.: 9782110093929.
Government's fight against drugs and addictive: 2013-2017 Mission interministérielle fighting against drugs and drug addiction adopted September 19, 2013, the Government fight plan against drugs and addictive affirms the will of the Government to extend this fight to all the lines which could lead to addictions with or without product. This plan defines the strategic priorities of France for the next four years.
His interest is an innovative approach that overcomes the usual divisions between proponents of the health response and those of the prosecution response. It also identifies at-risk populations and those that are furthest from the care and monitoring devices. The plan also encourages the continuity of health and social interventions focusing inter alia addressing the socio-professional integration. Including associated social mediation to actions to reduce risks and, in this logic, it focuses on the necessary improvement of the relationship between the judicial and health fields.
2014, la Documentation française.
Collection "Official reports". 130 pages, €12.
ISBN: 978-2-11-009649-4.
REF.: 9782110096494.
The editions of the Official Journal: electoral Code legislative Parties and regulatory texts updated to December 23, 2013 statements of candidacy, voting operations litigation..., this updated edition of the electoral code, mandatory in each polling station, brings together all the legislative and regulatory provisions governing the electoral law. Essential to the municipal elections and the European elections approach, it will enable to organize legally these two ballots. This new edition, the texts to December 23, 2013 updated integrates the latest laws and regulations in force.
2014, official journals.
Collection "Official Codes".
286 pages, €17 (brochure No. 20007).
ISBN: 978-2-11-076844-5.
Ref: 9782110768445.
Guide of the conduct of electoral operations during the elections by direct universal suffrage Documentation polling French text updated to December 12, 2013 is how organized a voting station? How are appointed assessors and their alternates? What is the role of delegates of candidates? How are the results announced? To answer these questions, and to facilitate the correct application of the rules governing the conduct of electoral operations, here edition 2014 in this practical information guide. Helpful at all, it is the ideal complement to the electoral Code.
2014, la Documentation française.
112 pages, €10.
ISBN: 978-2-11-009616-6.
REF.: 9782110096166.
National collective agreement detail IDCC eyecare: 1431 12th edition. November 2013 basic text: national collective agreement of 2 June 1986, extended by order of 15 October 1986 scope: online the site of 2014, official journals.
Collection "Collective agreement".
170 pages, €10 (brochure No. 3084).
ISBN: 978-2-11-076838-4.
REF.: 9782110768384.
Council economic, social and environmental (EESC) three titles of the EESC the economic, social and environmental Council environmental education to share, by all and throughout life, the consciousness of ecological, economic and social issues contemporary is the ambition of the EESC. In the Commission's view, the success of this policy must go through the implementation of multi-partnership projects in the territories involving all public actors and civil society in their diversity.
2014, official journals.
Collection "the EESC opinion".
128 pages, €12.90.
ISBN: 978-2-11-120928-2.
REF.: 9782111209282.

Precautionary principle and dynamic innovation economic, social and environmental Council since its incorporation into the Constitution in 2005, the precautionary principle has been the subject of many debates and controversies.
Its definition limits its application to certain potential risks in the areas of the environment and by extension of health. If it cannot guarantee zero risk, its fair application should lead on proportionate, temporary and reversible measures based on scientific knowledge. The example of mobile telephony is interesting to study because from the dangers potentials associated with prolonged exposure to electromagnetic waves, the spirit of deployed precautionary devices could be duplicated in other areas at risk.
2014, official journals.
Collection "the EESC opinion".
64 pages, €12.90.
ISBN: 978-2-11-120929-9.
REF.: 9782111209299.
Bill orientation and programming for policy development and solidarity international economic, social and environmental Council in line with several recently rendered opinions, the EESC has oriented its work on the following objectives: ― looking for coherence between development policy and other sectoral policies implemented by the France;
― better coordination on the European and global policies for development with major global challenges.
― measurement of its efficiency and implementation of assessment tools;
― financing of official development assistance.
2014, official journals.
Collection "The EESC opinion".
40 pages, €12.90.
ISBN: 978-2-11-120936-7.
REF.: 9782111209367.
Streaming in the Dila: Agency Bio organic farming, its players, its products, its territories the 2013 of the key figures of the Bio agency edition offers a complete panorama of French organic farming, with information on: ― the main statistics of organic farming in France, in the regions and departments;
― the focus by production sectors;
― the development of the bio in the European Union and in the world.
Edition widely illustrated and accompanied by cards.
2014, Bio Agency.
Pages, €25.
ISBN: 978-2-95403762-2.
REF.: 9782954037622.
Organization for cooperation and development (OECD) among the latest published titles: African Central Government Debt 2013 Statistical Yearbook 2013, OECD.
210 pages, €55.
ISBN: 978-92-64-20161-3.
REF.: 9789264201613.
Means of action in the service of green growth in agriculture 2013, OECD.
164 pages, €36.
ISBN: 978-92-64-20413-3.
REF.: 9789264204133.
OECD Environmental Performance Reviews Austria 2013.
2013, OECD.
176 pages, €50.
ISBN: 978-92-64-20291-7.
REF.: 9789264202917.
World Social Science Report 2013 Global Changing Environments 2013, OECD.
450 pages, €80.
ISBN: 978-92-64-20340-2.
REF.: 9789264203402.
II. - Magazines photographic Documentation the Documentation française slavery of Babylon in the Americas that file authors intend to go back in time to explain what was slavery or rather slavery in antiquity and the early Middle-Ages, ― before he crossed the Atlantic, in short: from Babylon to the Americas. To preserve a unit to the synthesis proposed here, the study focuses on the Mediterranean with a few incursions in the Slavic world or in sub-Saharan Africa for purposes of reflection. The Greek city-States and the Roman Empire are at the heart of the matter.
Photographic Documentation, no. 8097.
File: 64 pages, maps, illustrations, €11.50.
REF.: 3303331280972.
The projection of this folder will appear Feb. 12.
Note that since January 2014, subscribers to the group formula: folder & additional digital Documents can download the digital version of the main documents discussed in the folders. (Access with a valid login time of their subscription).
Training employment Centre for studies and research on qualifications (CEREQ) when the qualification is not self-evident paths of students to professional insertion: between "stand" and "lie". (D. Boutin) the impossible measure of mentoring in business?
(C. dead, A. Largier, G. Tirilly) new approach to the duration of school-to-work transition, applied to African youth urban (D. Boutin) recruitment of the guardians of the peace maintenance in the national police. Paradoxes of the test and award-winning the "interactional competence".
(E. Maunaye) job losses in the automotive sector plants: what impact on working conditions and labour qualification?
Training employment, no. 124.
pages, €19.80.
REF.: 3303338301243 the best economic problems press and magazines for the latest news the Documentation French Germany, its choice ideas the Germany, which today enjoys a favourable economic situation in Europe, due to strategic choices that have proved to be winners: industrial revival, social reforms of the labour market; revival of public investment and support of domestic consumption.
But it is also facing two major challenges: the ageing of the population and the energy transition which is the subject of an intense debate in German society.
Economic problems, no. 3082, January 2014.
64 p, €4.80.
REF.: 3303332030828.
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Erratum in the previous opinion, dated January 22, concerning the publication below, should have read: Revue française d'administration public national school of administration administrative responsibility: international comparison the administrative responsibility is certainly a classic study for lawyers but interdisciplinary and comparative law looks lack on this theme. This issue invites precisely to build bridges both between disciplinary fields and between legal systems, then presents some keys to reading as a benchmark and for a reflection.
French Journal of public administration, no. 147.
272 p., €22.30.
REF.: 3303337901475.