Opinion On Implementing The Sale Of Official Publications (Legal And Administrative Information Management)

Original Language Title: Avis relatif à la mise en vente de publications officielles (direction de l'information légale et administrative)

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JORF n°0075 du 28 mars 2012
page 5665
texte n° 95

Avis relatif à la mise en vente de publications officielles (direction de l'information légale et administrative)
NOR: PRMX1200821V
ELI: Non disponible

Ces publications sont en vente :
Sur place :
― à la librairie de la direction de l'information légale et administrative, 29, quai Voltaire, 75344 Paris Cedex 07, téléphone : 01-40-15-71-10,
www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/informations/contacts/form-vente-librairie ;
― in the large regional and Parisian libraries.
Mail: ― in the direction of legal and administrative information, service orders, 23, rue d ' Estrées, CS 10733, 75345 Paris Cedex 07.
― on the publishing catalogue online, with payment by credit card secure: http://www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/_Acheter_en_ligne.
Please also note the following coordinates: mail order: you want to make an order by fax or e-mail, know the prices of our books, our terms of delivery and payment, get a quote: email us, fax 01-40-15-70-01.
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You want your payment information, email us, or call the annex budget accounting agency: Official Publications and administrative information (BAPOIA) at 01-72-69-62-49; 01 72-69-62-39; 01 72-69-62-44; 01-72-69-62-45 sales professionals (French and foreign libraries, diffusers for export and subscription agencies): for information, a command or a claim: write to us, send a fax to 01-40-15-70-06. E-mail: prof@ladocumentationfrancaise.fr bibliographic information: call 01-40-15-71-03 or visit the website: www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/informations/contacts/form-info-biblio.shtml business information (information about the publications under the Documentation française, Official Journal brands, as well as the brands of publishers distributed by the DILA [OECD, UNESCO...]): call 01-40-15-70-10 or visit sites: http://www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/acheter/index.shtml http://www.boamp.fr http://www.bodacc.fr http://www.info-financiere.fr http://www.journal-officiel.gouv.fr ordering by mail order (except subscriptions) is increased by a lump sum of €4.95 for participation in registration fees invoice and port.
The payment is to indicate to the order of the accountant of the BAPOIA (official publications and administrative information annex budget).
Over €25 of purchase, shipping costs are offered for orders online, on our website.
For any amount greater than €45, it is possible to pay in three times, free of charge, on the website: http://www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/acheter/paiement-securite.shtml La Documentation française has put up for sale from 16 to 22 March 2012: i. ― works well aging at home: Habitat issues, issues of territories report to Secretary of State for housing and urbanism Muriel Boulmier European Comité for social housing (CECODHAS) aging at home is a desire shared by all in the age the sixties. However it often requires home improvements — and its surroundings — sometimes with arrangements of security to facilitate access and reduce the risk of falls. The State of the places of accommodation to the financing of the construction of adaptation through the Organization and coordination of multiple aid, this report proposes, to constant budgetary expenditure, twelve tracks of work which take into account also the disparity in the territories and concern all areas of habitat: social, public, private donors and communities. An area of public policy which will become major in the coming decades.
The twelve proposals address in turn: active tracking, the first diagnosis, public aid, the labeling of the artisans, condominiums, intergenerational habitat, the gerontechnologies, the tax credit, mortgage life, life annuity HLM, micro-credit and the European structural funds.
Author: Muriel Boulmier, is Chair of the Working Group demographic changes and ageing of the European Committee for social housing (CECODHAS) in 2011 for the 'national debate on dependence'.
2012, Documentation française Collection: 'Official reports' 168 p., €13 ISBN: 978-2-11-008891-8 Ref.: 9782110088918 the jurisdiction of the national consultative Commission of human rights extends to the entire field of human rights: freedoms individual, civil and political. economic, social and cultural rights; new areas opened by the social, scientific and technical progress as well as to the action and the right humanitarian.
The fight against racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia annual report: 2011 National Advisory Commission on the annual report of the National Commission on human rights advisory to the human rights is part of a dual approach of information and awareness. The 2011 report reveals that, despite the constant efforts on the part of public actors, but also civil society, the fight is far from being won. While the year 2011 was marked by the mobilization of the public authorities for the development of a national Plan of action against racism and anti-Semitism as the CNCDH ― called for several years ―, the report of the Committee and the recommendations accompanying it put emphasis on the need for a dynamic intervention upstream. Such an undertaking is possible only through the implementation of a specific and coordinated political strategy nationally, with the involvement of all public and private actors operating in this area.
2012, la Documentation française 348 p., statistics, €19 ISBN: 978-2-11-008813-0 Ref.: 9782110088130 éditions Les official newspapers: Council economic, social and environmental assessment of the application of promoting professional equality between women and men Council economic, social and environmental Delegation to the rights of women and equality Sylvie Brunet, Maryse Dumas despite the importance of the legislative framework, devices professional equality remains little processed by collective bargaining both at the level of branches and businesses. Various resistors, lack of involvement of the social partners... contribute to perpetuate gender inequality in the world of work. The Delegation for women's rights and equality of the EESC brings to light these different factors and presents its recommendations. Carried by a strong political will, they would be likely to develop a culture of equality in society and create a favourable context for collective bargaining to safeguard this professional equality between women and men.
2012, EESC Collection: "report of the EESC' 80, €11.70 ISBN: 978-2-11-120891-9 Ref.: 9782111208919 streaming at la Documentation française among the latest published titles: Council of Europe to build an inclusive institutional culture intercultural Competences in social services 2012, Council of Europe 140 p., €19 ISBN: 978-92-871-7142-9 Ref.: 9789287171429 path assessment, learning and teaching through the CEFR 2012, Council of Europe 104 p. , €10 ISBN: 978-92-871-7158-0 Ref.: 9789287171580 train teachers to change the philosophy of the Pestalozzi programme of the Council of Europe 2012, Council of Europe 162 pp., €39 ISBN: 978-92-871-7019-4 Ref.: 9789287170194 Discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in Europe 2011, Council of Europe 144 p., €9 ISBN: 978-92-871-7239-6 Ref.: 9789287172396 Organisation for cooperation and economic development (OECD) Cooperation for development 2011 Edition special "50th anniversary" 2012 , OECD 272 p., €98 ISBN: 978-92-64-09624-0 ref.: 9789264096240 towards a green growth: monitor progress indicators of the 2012 OECD, OECD 144 p., €28 ISBN: 978-92-64-11136-3 Ref.: 9789264111363 UNESCO The World's Heritage The Bestselling Guide to the Most Extraordinary Places UNESCO Foreword by Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO the presentation of this book is on the website www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr as well as on the UNESCO : www.unesco.fr.
2012, UNESCO World Heritage Series 872 p., maps, 650 color photos, €24 ISBN: 9789231042317 Ref.: 9789231042317 real-time coastal observing systems for marine ecosystem dynamics and harmful algal blooms Theory, instrumentation UNESCO presentation of this book is on the www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr site as well as on the UNESCO: www.unesco.fr.
2011, UNESCO 836 pp., €56 ISBN: 978-92-31-04042-9 Ref.: 9789231040429 can still art?
UNESCO this issue of Museum International Magazine delivers the second part of the acts of the debate "can art still?", organized in 2009 by the culture sector of UNESCO, in collaboration with the international Council of philosophy and human sciences.
If one recognizes the universal dimension of the arts, probably should rethink as a common language to all companies under the links they have now with cultures in a globalized system.

The reflections included: the role of art and memory in the process of reconciliation, the question mark over the fate of the writing in the transnational technological spaces, or in response to global changes, the call for a new humanism.
Museum International n ° 247 68 pp., colour illustrations, €24 Ref.: 8424599002474 forests of the world heritage Unesco World Heritage Forests sites world heritage and the future of the Río Plátano biosphere Reserve forests the forest heritage Congo Basin forests tropical rainforest Sumatra Redwood: an eternal natural heritage new World Heritage Sites endangered heritage sites world no. 61 106 p. , photographs in color, €7,50 Ref.: 8424499000211 II. ― JOURNALS Les Cahiers of the security national Institute of advanced studies of safety and justice (INHESJ) public safety, private... security partnership or conflict?
Editorial folder public safety, private security, from ignorance to the private security co-production: is there a pilot in the airplane?
The Constitution, ultimate obstacle to the privatization of security?
A socio-political approach to private security private security in Europe: an analysis of three white papers economic intelligence at the service of what interests?
Security, a new issue of competitiveness for French companies?
What role for security advice?
Private security, public safety: what challenge for social housing?
Operators place in the governance of private security partner airline security forced the public safety: the example of the large distribution management delegated prison safety of the 2012 Olympics in London the heterogeneity of service providers: a chance or inevitable?
Security everywhere, for all and with all middle management: the forgotten of the certificate of qualification the question of arming private security officers the Spanish model of private security can the State tolerate armed private security? The case of the enforceable private security Britain: still a missed opportunity in terms of ethics and legal economy private security in the era of trust security private controls marks what secret in the 21st century for the States?
The expertise of fraud in the Netherlands and Belgium Notes of reading Les Cahiers de security, no. 19, March 2012 184 p., illustrations, €22 Ref.: 3303334700828 Editorial the France french Institute of international relations policy understand the long-term public debts debt crisis: Europe and others (Jean-Yves Grenier the euro to the test of the crisis of sovereign debt (Elie Cohen) the crisis of the union European monetary (Stefan Ederer) notation sovereign (Norbert Gaillard) Maghreb) : incomplete revolutions? (Anna Daniel)
Introduction (Denis Bauchard) Elections and mobilizations in the post-Mubarak Egypt (Bernard Rougier) revolt in network: the "Arab spring" and social media (David M. Faris) Iranians and Saudis to the test of Arab revolts (Mohammad-Reza Djalili and Clément Therme) Israel against the "Arab spring" (Ilan Greilsammer) Western/Arab world: a new geopolitical situation (Frédéric Charillon) guides the Visegrad Group, 20 years after (Jana Vargovcikova) end of the occupation and the crisis in Iraq : the key Sunni (Myriam Benraad) Libres propos sobre European electricity carbon: the impasse? (Maite Jaureguy-Naudin)
Politique étrangère of the France, no. 1, spring 2012 236 p., €20 Ref.: 3303334000973 local government decentralization 1982-2012 decentralization Stop workbooks, yet? What for?
In 2012, decentralize - what to say? The definitions of decentralization made from 1982 to 2010 stick to the society in which they are expressed. What (s) definition (s) in March 2012? Here — in this special issue of local powers ― the testimony and contributions crossed to illustrate 30 years of evolution of decentralization and outline the prospects.
(The summary will be online later on site).
Local authorities, no 92, I/2012 152 p., illustrations, €20 Ref.: 9782909872681

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