List Of Young People Or Military Contracted Admitted To The École Spéciale Militaire Of Saint-Cyr And Recruited In The Rank Of Lieutenant In The Officer Corps Of The Firearms Under The Provisions Of Article 14 Securities (2 °) Decree No. 7...

Original Language Title: Liste des jeunes gens ou militaires sous contrat admis à l'Ecole spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr et recrutés, sur titres, au grade de lieutenant dans le corps des officiers des armes au titre des dispositions de l'article 14 (2°) du décret n° 7...

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Text information

JORF n ° 171 of July 26, 2007
text # 101

List of young people or soldiers under contract admitted to L ' Ecole spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr and recruited, on title, at the rank of lieutenant in the officer corps of arms under the provisions of l ' article 14 (2 °) Decree No. 75-1206 of 22 December 1975, amending the special status of the body of officers of the weapons of the#039;army of land

NOR: DEFT0758880K ELI: Not available

Recruiting 2007
Main List

1 Mr. Cousson (Laurent, Pierre).
2 Miss Grall (Tiphany), subject to graduation.
3 Miss Coupé (Emilie, Janine, Gisèle), subject to the required degree.
4 Ms. De La Tullaye (Rafaëlle, Sophie).
5 Mr. Clicquot de Mentque (Thibaut, Marie, Olivier), Subject to graduation requirements.
6 Miss Clement (Charlotte, Noëlline).
7 Mr. Lesort (Edouard, Benoît, François), subject to the required degree.
8 Mr. Delord (Arnaud), subject to the required degree.
9 Miss Garçon (Diane, Kergrist), subject to obtaining The required degree.
10 Mr. Arcade (Pierre-Michel, René, Jean-Marie).
11 M. Gausseres (Hadrian, Charles, Benoit).
12 M. Faucheux (Paul, Lucien), subject to the required degree.
13 Mr. Irola (Jean-Luc), subject to Diploma required.
14 M. Fischhoff (Robin, Claude), under Graduation requirement.
15 Miss Le Ray (Bénédicte), subject to graduation.
16 Miss Drancourt (Christelle, Marjorie), subject to graduation.
17 Mr. Kraft (Jérôme, Robert, René), under Graduation requirement.
18 Mr. Bouvier (Mathieu, Yannis, Fabrice), subject to the required degree.
19 Mr. Sadeve (Michel).
20 Mr. Orti (Dorian), subject to the required degree.
21 Mr. Bellet (Jean-Brenamed, Nicolas, Marie), subject to graduation.
22 Ms. Fermon (Dorothée, Patricia, Marcelle).
23 Mr. Akil (Jérémy, Lovlov), subject to graduation.
24 M. Pognon (Guillaume, Clément).
25 Mr. Michon (Camille), subject to the required degree.
26 M. Regnier-Vigouroux (Benoit, Guy, Gilles-Marie), subject to the required degree.
27 M. Bonichon (Pierre-Alexandre, Charles, François), subject to the required degree.

Complementary List

1 M. La Combe (François-René, Marie, Armand),
2 Mr. Bollwein (Nicolas).
3 Mr. Roosens (Julien, Arnaud).
4 Mr. Ledroit (Pierre, Franck, Loïc).
5 Mr. Dutais (Jean-Michel, Bernard, Yves).
6 Mr. Kottler (Romain, Mikael).
7 Mr. Plotard (Olivier, Marcel, Marie).
8 M. Roussel (Thomas, Michel, Georges), subject to graduation requirements.

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