Law Technology Research Centre Of Finland (Vtt) And Amending The Centre Into A Public Limited Company

Original Language Title: Laki Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VTT:n ja Mittatekniikan keskuksen muuttamisesta osakeyhtiöksi

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Law amending the Technical Research Centre VTT and the Measurement Centre as a public limited company

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament:

Extradition and establish a limited liability company

The Government is hereby authorised to hand over assets under control of VTT and Measurement Centre under the control of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Intellectual Property Rights and Business Technology Research Centre. The activities of the VTT and Measurement Centre shall continue to be carried out by VTT Inc. ( Company ). The accreditation certificate shall not apply to the accreditation unit of the Centre for Measurement and its activities, intellectual property rights or business. The role of the Accreditation Unit is governed by the Law on the Safety and Chemicals Agency (761/2010) .

The company's activities and status are governed by the Law on Public Limited Company, VTT Inc. (04/04/2014) .

The State means the company in establishing all its shares.

Conditions for surrender

The Government of the Republic of Finland shall determine the amount of the transferred property and its value and the conditions under which the transfer takes place. The Government also determines the arrangements for the transfer of assets and the formation of the company.

The State Council determines which part of the assets is placed in the company against shares.


The company shall not be obliged to carry out a transfer tax against the shares of the limited liability company referred to in Articles 1 and 2.

Income tax is governed by the Law on the Taxation of Economic Income (360/1968) The provisions on the business transfer referred to in Article 52d.

§ 4
Responsibility for commitments

The company is responsible for debt, rental, service, supply and supply contracts, as well as other similar commitments entered into by the Technical Centre VTT and the Measurement Centre during its activities and related to the transfer to the company of Property and business.

The State shall assume a subsidiary obligation on the basis of paragraph 1, unless the counterparty accepts the transfer to the company. The company shall be obliged to reimburse the State for which the State, on the basis of its responsibilities under this paragraph, is performing.

§ 5
Change of employment of staff

The organisation of the staff's status is governed by the (2002) And the Civil Service Act (18/04/1994) The provisions governing extradition. The offices of the Technical Research Centre VTT and the Centre for Measurement shall cease and rely on them, and shall end without redundancy on 31 December 2014. Staff shall be transferred to the company from 1 January 2015. The employment contract staff of the VTT and Measurement Centre shall be transferred to the company from 1 January 2015.

Entry into force

This Act shall enter into force on 1 January 2015.

This law repeals the Law on Technology Research Centre VTT (953/2010) And the law on the centre of measurement (189/1990) .

The State Council may adopt the measures referred to in Articles 1 and 2 before the law enters into force.   The company's statutes may be established and the company may be entered in the trade register before the entry into force of this Act.

The financial statements and audits of the final operating period of the VTT and Measurement Centre shall be subject to the law of the law and the State budget referred to in paragraph 2. (423/1988) And is provided for. The company will carry out the tasks of the Technology Research Centre VTT and the Centre for Measurement.

THEY 74/2014 , TaVM 10/2014, EV 84/2014