The Law On The Administration Of Foreign Trade, As Well As Monitoring And Protection Measures In A Number Of Cases, The

Original Language Title: Laki ulkomaankaupan hallinnosta sekä tarkkailu- ja suojatoimenpiteistä eräissä tapauksissa

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament, provides for: the scope of article 1, taking into account Finland's membership of the European Union and the obligations arising from the international agreements binding on Finland, foreign trade can be used to observe and to take protective measures, as well as to administer, as this is required by law.

section 2 Definitions for the purposes of this law: 1) covers not only trade in trade between Finland and other countries;
2) observation of the external trade, enhanced monitoring;
3 the regulation of foreign trade, of quantitative restrictions) of the safeguard measures, based on the base price or countervailing duties;
4 to appoint the representative encouraged by having the product import) or export price, the purpose of which is to prevent disruption referred to in article 4; and the countervailing charge a fee, or tax, 5), the purpose of which is to prevent disruption referred to in article 4.

section 3 of the Monitoring of foreign trade can be observed, where there is reason to believe that the import or export of a product, cause or may cause damage or disruption of the market in any sector of the economy.

section 4 of the protective measures protective measures may be taken if, in the event of serious disturbance of that cause or have the potential to cause permanent damage, in any sector of the economy or difficulties that lead to or may lead to a serious deterioration in the economic situation of a given area.
In addition to the safeguard measures provided for in paragraph 1 may be applied, if Finland and other Member States of the European Union in the field of agricultural trade between the cause of a serious disturbance in the Finnish market.
The imposition of the countervailing charge to be used as a measure of protection, collection, appeal and otherwise, and subject to this Act, including, where appropriate, valid, what duty is provided for or prescribed.

section 5 of the regulation, the competent authorities of the foreign trade authorities are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of trade and industry, Ministry of agriculture and forestry as well as the National Board of customs.

section 6: monitoring and protection measures of the introduction of the measures provided for in regulation monitoring and protection. The introduction of protective measures can be linked to the security procedure.

section 7 (23 December 1999/1253) Notice to Parliament That the provisions under the law, the adoption of which, according to the Constitution, the parliamentary cooperation is necessary, shall, without delay, inform the speaker of Parliament. To the attention of Parliament as soon as he is made or, if Parliament is not in session, as soon as it has met. If the Government so decides, the provisions referred to above is to be repealed.

section 8 of the obligations to disclose information in the manner specified in paragraph 5, the authorities and the tax authorities shall have the authority to them otherwise, notwithstanding the provisions relating to get from each other, as well as to importers of goods imported and maastavietyjä and maastaviejiä information, which the authorities need to control. This information may be disclosed to the supervisory authorities of the European Union.
The importer, the sugarcane production and the rest, which is in possession of the information necessary for the supervision of imports or exports, shall be obliged, if required, to the authorities referred to in subparagraph (1) books, correspondence and other information necessary for the purposes of supervision.
By the supervisory authorities are entitled to import and export controls relating to the observance of the conditions of carrying out to inspect the premises of the importers and maastaviejien stuff and maastavietävän maastaviejien, as well as the manufacture of the goods of importers and accounts and correspondence. If the audit shall be audited by the Inspector to be used shall be the necessary levers and clerks.
Information that is acquired or otherwise obtained under this section shall not be used incorrectly or to express to a third party.

the penalty provision in section 9 of the Penalty in accordance with the statutory and regulatory requirement, issued by the authority for violation of the criminal law provides for 46 and doing business in a number between 1 and 3. The grounds for revocation provided for in the same chapter 8 – penalties in section 13.
To avoid the penalty for the unlawful conduct of the countervailing charge and the enterprise provided for in section 1 of chapter 29 of the Criminal Code – section 3.
That violates section 8 of the Act or under this Act or the obligation to provide data laid down in article 8 of the obligation laid down in failing to provide assistance in the provision of controls, or otherwise in violation of this law or the provisions adopted pursuant to the provisions of, it must be condemned, or ulkomaankaupparikkomuksesta to a fine.
A countervailing duty of notification in accordance with the law relating to the payment or other breach of duty, a countervailing charge to be sentenced to a fine. Breach of a countervailing charge, if applicable, the Customs Act, the customs offence in force (1466/94).

section 10 of the regulation of the authority responsible for foreign trade measures may be a suspect in the Act in order to bring the prosecution of the guilty, when making the harmfulness and that the author's guilt, taken as a whole, taking into account the addition and the public interest require a prosecution.

the provisions of article 11 of the detailed rules for the implementation of the provisions of this law and may be given to the more specific regulation.
The authorities mentioned in article 5, as appropriate, shall provide more detailed provisions on the external trade of the European communities, laid down by the regulation on the application of the regulations and decisions, as well as in section 6 of the regulations adopted pursuant to the implementation of this regulation.

Article 12 entry into force this law shall enter into force at the time of the decreed.
This Act repeals the safeguarding of the country's foreign trade and economic growth in the 15 February 1974 (157/74) 1-3, 4-6, 8 and 9 of article 8 of the Decree, as amended by the Act of 24 August 1990 (827/90).
Before the entry into force of the law can be used to take the necessary steps for its implementation.
THEY 301/94 TaVM 42/94 acts entry into force and application in time: 23 December 1999/1253: this law shall enter into force on 1 March 2000.
THEY are 148/1999, the PeVM 7/1999, EV 103/1999