The Reasons For The Development Of The Law Of The State Of Local Government

Original Language Title: Laki valtion paikallishallinnon kehittämisen perusteista

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In accordance with the decision of Parliament provided for in article 1 of this law applies to the State: local government and the development of the region.
The applicable law of the Prosecutor's Office, the police, magistrates, as well as employment and, according to the local government, the rest of the State as a separate zoning. (7 December 2007/1187), section 2, the objective is to improve the quality of services and the public's right to security, to secure adequate and equal access to services in different parts of the country, as well as to create the conditions for the transfer of the functions of the collection together, at local level and in the economic production of services.
Services, and in improving the citizens ' legal protection is to be taken into account, which provides in article 17 of the Constitution and what the nomination of services and legal protection in the fair is necessary. (22 December 2006/476) section 3 of the County's area is divided into an engagement, in accordance with the municipalities municipal boundaries. The Council shall decide on the Division of the State. The Ministry of finance to request the distribution of the presentations of the county governments. The County Government is to consult interested parties before the presentation. (7 December 2007/1187)
Engagement communities to connect to the specific characteristics of the various regions must be taken into account, such as the number of inhabitants, a population density, scale, transport links and the language of the conditions so that there will be conditions for the achievement of the objectives referred to in article 2.

4-7 4-7 December 2007, the section 7 repealed by L:lla/1187.

the organisation of the tasks referred to in article 8 of this law, in the province of the Åland Islands is provided separately.

section 9 of This Act shall enter into force on 1 March 1992.
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the measures needed to implement it.
Paikallishallintotehtäviä the context of this law, within the meaning of those handling the tasks of the staff will be transferred to permanent terms.
The Ministry of Interior will provide the procedure for the Division of the county governments of the instructions the first time hundred under this law. The State Council will need to decide on a new date of entry into force of this Act, a municipality in the District of the Division by the end of the year. Local agencies and of separate agencies will be set up throughout the country as soon as possible and no later than by the end of 1996 they 154/91, HaV. Mrs. 13/91 acts entry into force and application in time: 22 December 2006/1239: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2007.
THEY HaVM 26/74/2006, 2006, 2006 7 December 2007/211/EV 1187: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2008.
Local officials in charge of the agencies for common tasks-and työsopimussuhteinen staff, and at the time of entry into force of this law, similar posts are transferred to the police, Prosecutor's offices is underway, ulosottovirastoihin and maistraatteihin. If the official is not open, it can be transferred to another työssäkäyntialueelle only with the consent of an official. Fixed-term staff responsible for carrying out the tasks move to the temporary for the duration of the employment.
Moving staff to maintain at the employment terms and conditions related to their rights and obligations. The remuneration scheme of the host organization's monthly salary higher salary protected, provided that the person's duties in the host organization correspond to the difficulty of the donor at least his duties within the organization. In this case, the person is entitled to the amount paid to the donor of the Organization and the host organization, the difference between the currency should be recorded in monthly salary remuneration.
If the tasks are changing substantially, and in its place a new post new post, you can fill the air to be picked up.
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the measures needed to implement the law.
THEY'RE 82/2007, HaVM 8/2007, EV 71/2007