Radio Regulation

Original Language Title: Radioasetus

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The presentation provides to the Minister of transport on 10 June 1988 on the tasks of the radio Act (517/88), subsection 2, section 4, subsection 2, as well as in accordance with article 9 and 24: radio equipment in the possession of foreign nationals, section 1 of the Finnish territory to a foreign vehicle and mobile workers assigned to the alien held in Finland to keep the radio device, to ensure its conformity with the requirements of the use of and apply to radio Act (517/88), and the scope of this regulation, except sections 2 to 5 of article 3 or to change the result.
Radio law and for the purposes of this regulation, as it is not considered a person, whose head office is situated in Finland.
The armed forces of a foreign State and other authorities in section 2 to 5 shall apply, as the Ministry of transport and communications.

section 2 of the Finnish region moving in a foreign vessel or aircraft is in the possession of a radio transmitter on board and is subject to the provisions adopted pursuant to the radio Act and its provisions, according to the Ministry of transport and communications and the number of the.
In Finland a foreign ship or aircraft shall not be a radio transmitter, which is apparently intended to be used on board ship or aircraft dedicated to the ship.

the application by the section 3 of the Telecommunications Administration Centre can be issued to an alien radio authorization referred to in article 4 in the possession and use of a radio transmitter.
The Telecommunications Administration Centre changed to a residence within the meaning of subparagraph (1) acceptable to the rest of the country, the legitimacy of the authority of a licence or another, or a character that indicates the access to radio equipment. Radio transmitter, the use of which is addressed in this way, does not apply to the broadcasting law, the provisions of section 8 of the radio transmitter.

4 § the alien must be in possession of more than 3 referred to in article radio transmitter, unless otherwise required by the Telecommunications Administration Centre, for a special reason.
Video Management Centre, the customs authority, the police, the border guard shall seal or in some other way similar to make a radio transmitter as referred to in sub-section 1, the inoperative while it is on Finnish territory, unless the action is not manifestly unnecessary.

section 5 of the Department of transportation may adopt rules under section 1 of the radiovastaanotinten referred to in the possession of and use.

Section 6 of the possession and use of radio equipment for the Radio transmitter on the holding does not require a radio licence referred to in article 4, if the radio transmitter 1) is permanently was technically incapable of radio communication, or which the holder otherwise shows clear, that is not the purpose of the possession of the use of radio communication device;
the administrative center is only 2) Video for the strengthening of yhteistaajuudella; or if it's a 3) is used for their intended purpose and in view of the risk of interference caused to the rest of the radiovestinnälle radio device of a minor, according to the administration.
Under 1 radiolähetinten Declaration of conformity referred to in paragraphs 2 and 3 should be addressed to the radio article 8 of the law within the meaning of paragraph 1. This kind of radio transmitter may also be used without authorisation as referred to in that provision.

Article 4, paragraph 7, of the Radio: the authorization referred to in subsection (1) of the possession and use of the radio transmitter as well as the permission of the broadcasting law, paragraph 7, of the possession of the device referred to in paragraph 2 is requested in writing to the Telecommunications Administration Centre, which determines the audit to be attached to the application.
Permission may not be transferred to the other, unless otherwise provided under the terms of the authorisation.
The use of a permit and a certificate of qualifications required radio transmitter must be kept in the immediate vicinity of the radio transmitter.

section 8 of the Telecommunications Administration Centre may, for a special reason, to impose a certain type of radio transmitter, that for a given or by specifically defined validation is required.

The provisions of section 9 of the administration of the technical centre for Telecommunications and broadcasting law shall lay down the conditions for the radio equipment for the transmission of article 11 on the use of the electrical equipment referred to in the technical benefits, features, and design.

section 10 of the application by the Telecommunications Administration Centre may decide on measures to protect the status of the fixed radio reception interference if it is possible without the other users of the radio spectrum for security as to the interest of a disproportionate economic or other damage.
The decision, which will be given for a maximum period of 10 years at a time, with the location of the underlying structure of the drive can be set, and the conditions for the use of the. The decision may be revoked or its conditions change at the time of the decision, if circumstances change significantly or there are other special reasons.

More detailed provisions on article 11 of the Ministry of transport and communications may lay down more detailed rules for the application of this regulation.

Article 12 entry into force This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 October 1992.
Before the entry into force of the regulation may be to take the necessary steps for its implementation.

The provisions of section 13 of this regulation will be repealed to be repealed on 23 September 1988 of radio regulation (Regulation (EC) No 1100/88) subsequent changes.

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