The Housing Savings Premium Law

Original Language Title: Asuntosäästöpalkkiolaki

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament, provides for: the first objective of the article 1 of the order to help the young people buying property and building in order to promote the operation can be done in building contracts provided for by the law.
Building on the basis of the agreements for loans from State aid is provided for the acquisition of the interest in respect of loans to support their own apartment (636/82), as well as the provisions adopted pursuant thereto, the following.

section 2 of this Act for the purposes of housing in at least half or more of the shares in respect of the management, or on residential in a private house.

the conditions of paragraph 3 of the Asuntosäästötallettajalle for Asuntosäästötallettajaksi can take a person who, before the commencement of the deposit is over 18 but not for 40 years. The relationship between the spouses and registered a couple of (950/2001) in a relationship can take in conjunction with asuntosäästötallettajiksi, even if the other spouse is age 40 years. (12.12.2014/1052)
Asuntosäästötallettajaksi does not, however, be able to take a person who has previously owned a home. The apartment omistamisena is not considered the fact that the person is obtained, free of charge, the ownership of the number of the apartment.

Article 4 of the agreement the agreement shall mean the housing building savings asuntosäästötallettajan and the agreement between a financial institution, in which the asuntosäästötallettaja undertakes to deposit the housing savings account deposits for the first premium for the purchase of their own home and where the financial institution and the asuntosäästötallettaja fit vastaantulolainasta. You can join the housing savings before the last deposit to run for a new person, who satisfies the conditions laid down in paragraph 3.
The monetary institution in the law means a credit institution, which is to receive deposits from the public.

5 section Omasäästöosuus of the housing savings premium account shall be carried out at least eight calendar quarter of the deposit, which provides for the regulation of the minimum and enimmäissuuruudesta. Deposit-the interest rate and the interest rate of the executable, as well as for the additional amounts must correspond to 10% of the homeowners market, or the purchase price. Additional interest will be taken into account, calculated until the date on which the amount of the agreed vastaantulolainan. (13.5.2005/288)
Asuntosäästötallettaja may be a financial institution, that the financing of housing is also used for other than residential savings reward account. The total number of deposits may be the percentage laid down in paragraph 1 are also lower. Other than building a premium account money is not taken into account for the calculation of the amount of vastaantulolainan.

section 6 of the Hankittavalle home to be acquired under the conditions of the housing savings for homeowners must be located in Finland.
The housing savings agreement does not have the kind of apartments, where the asuntosäästötallettaja is actually already living in before the transaction, if the housing is not based on the relationship between rental or an apartment, finding their own parents.
What 2 provides room for rent in a relationship-based housing, does not, however, apply if the rental of the apartment, even before the conclusion of the contract was partly or wholly to the depositary.

section 7 of the building carried out the interest rate and the interest rate on the deposit for a financial institution to perform the magnitude of the savings deposit interest rate for housing, which provides for the regulation. In addition, the date of the deposit of a financial institution to perform 1,000 after a maximum of five years from the calendar year and the interest rate on the amount of the additional agreement, which the housing savings agreement. The minimum and maximum amounts of the interest rate agreed for further provides for a regulation. (23 December 1999/1300)
Additional interest will be paid after the asuntosäästötallettaja has complied with the terms of the agreement, and the building housing contract is made or a building is to be built by the depositary, or rakennuttaman carried out the homeowners on the final adoption of the review.

section 8 Housing saving merge or split of the agreement if the two originally separate housing savings agreement combined with or on the basis of separate agreements will be acquired by the way one of the apartment, to be taken into account for the calculation of the amount of the deposits for each of the vastaantulolainan calendar for up to the maximum amount laid down in the quarter.
Common housing savings agreement with a financial institution made asuntosäästötallettajat to agree on the distribution of deposits. Each depositor is separately the right to make a private agreement and to continue the housing savings deposits, provided that the allocation of resources to raise the deposits he for any other purpose. If the spouses share a common housing savings contract, can be the basis of your contract, each of the spouses to acquire an apartment until a final divorce.

section 9 of the Housing building savings agreement shall be cancelled and the asuntosäästötallettajalla has the right pursuant to the agreement, and I quote, if: 1) asuntosäästötallettaja increase the housing savings account or credited to the premium interest rates until he has complied with the terms of the agreement, and the building housing contract is concluded or the construction started; or 2) asuntosäästötallettaja acquires the savings during the consideration of the dwelling until at least half of the deposit in accordance with the agreement of the existing building lots.

section 10 of the tax exemption in accordance with this Act, deposit or deposited at the time of the end of the tax year before the part is considered to be a financial institution for such a tax under the assets and deposit interest and additional interest not subject to tax on income and capital tax. Interest and additional use does not run the interest rate income tax Act (1341/90) a withholding tax within the meaning of.

section 11 obligation to verify the conditions of the aid notified to Asuntosäästötallettajan is the rate of monetary institution own and spouse a personal identification number. If the depositor shall obtain the agreement of an apartment building, the institution shall inform the person of the other owners of the dwelling of the monetary symbols.
A financial institution will be to verify the conditions of the interest rate subsidy shall inform the person accounts to the Treasury when the interest rate payable by the compensation requested for the first time.

the provisions of article 12 of This law for more home and asuntosäästötallettajalle of the conditions imposed, the conclusion of the agreement amending the housing savings and savings contracts or general conditions of the contract can be adjusted more precisely.

date of entry into force of article 13 of this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1993.
This Act is repealed on 19 December 1980 of housing savings premium law (862/80) the subsequent modifications.
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the measures needed to implement the law.

Article 14 of the transitional provision of this Asuntosäästötallettajaksi can under section 3 of the law, without prejudice to another person, which is not before the start of the deposit of 40 years, if a building contract is concluded within six months of the entry into force of this law.
Article 13 (2) of the repealed law, under the law applicable to contracts of the housing savings after the entry into force of this law, the provisions of the repealed law continues, housing savings, with the exception of the provisions relating to the carrying out of the premium, as they are in force at the date of entry into force of this law. The housing savings may in this case, however, also an aliquot of this within the limits laid down in article 2 of the law if the asuntosäästötallettaja and financial institution so agree. (27.7.2001/703)
THEY YmVM 13/273/92, 92 in the context of the entry into force of the regulations and application:/206: this law shall enter into force on 1 April 1996.
Prior to the entry into force of this law shall apply the law of the agreements concluded in the building only if asuntosäästötallettaja and MFI so agree.
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the measures needed to implement it.
THEY YmVM 1/8/96, 96/97, 5 EV, PeVM 27/96 on 23 December 1999/1300: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2000.
The law shall apply from 1 June 2000 and its additional interest rate interest rate and the period after kertyvään also in the event that the interest is paid before 1 June 2000.
THEY'RE 128/1999 28/1999, EV, Staub 116/1999 27.7.2001/703: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2002.
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the necessary steps in the implementation of the law.
THEY YmVM 4/96/2000, 2001/56/2001, EV 13.5.2005 288: this law shall enter into force on 1 June 2005. It is applied prior to the entry into force of the agreements made in the building of the law only if the asuntosäästötallettaja and financial institution so agree.
THEY 275/2004, YmVM 4/30/2005 12.12.2014 2005, EV/10: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2015.
THEY YmVM 14/214/2014, 2014, EV 184/2014