As A Result Of The Legal Arrangements In The Field Of Water Projects

Original Language Title: Laki vesistöhankkeiden johdosta suoritettavista tilusjärjestelyistä

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament, provides for: 1 section (27 May 2011/590) If the water law (587/2011) water management systems for fragmentation caused by the project, or the contraction, the connection failure or a similar effect due to affordability, or other significant harm to the use of the property or part of it, or a change in permanent water tiluksiksi, maatilusten can be used to perform this reallocation as required by law.
This Act provides for the property and the owner of the property, is also due to the owners of the common area, as well as those in the field and, unless otherwise provided for below.

2 section (27 May 2011/590) in accordance with the laws of the land, this arrangement may be: 1) run between the field of real estate;
2) move the area on the property of another;
2 (a)) to perform a water law, chapter 17, section 11 of the Act intended to assign a common water area in the region;
3) a common area or part of a claim and transfer the property;
4) run by a separate division of the water of the lag, the lag in the water of the lag tilaksimuodostaminen and redemption;
5) set up, move, and delete kiinteistönmuodostamislain (554/1995) burden; and 6) will carry out a private road.
T arrangement will run in accordance with the measures of the real estate system kiinteistönmuodostamislain clarity.

section 3 (27 May 2011/590) the reallocation is performed, which followed in the reallocation procedure shall apply to the kiinteistönmuodostamislaissa hankeuusjaosta, unless otherwise specified in this law. Chief engineer can carry out consolidation without the use of Trustees, if it is not necessary and no one party to the use of the Trustees.
Unless this Act provides otherwise, the provisions of paragraph 2 of article 1 (2) (a), 2, and 3 to 5 of the measures mentioned in paragraph, what kiinteistönmuodostamislaissa of them, as well as to the organisation of the private roads, what tietoimituksesta of private roads Act (358/1962).

section 4 (27 May 2011/590) the right to apply for the delivery of the reallocation is referred to in subsection 1 of section 1 of the real estate owner and developer referred to in article 1.
Upon receipt of the water law, chapter 17 of the authorisation referred to in article 11 of the decision, if the NLS is the reallocation is necessary, given the supply of the reallocation of the delivery order. The water law, Chapter 5, section 38 of the entry of the national land survey of the institution referred to in the drainage plan is to be given the order of the delivery of the shipment, unless the obvious barrier to the reallocation for the delivery. (13.12.2013/911)
If one of the owners of the property in accordance with subsection 2, have become required deliverable start to run and not at the delivery of the water law, chapter 17, section 11 of the organisation, referred to in paragraph 2, the field delivery has to leave. In this case, however, will be to run this section 2 of the Act of the measures referred to in paragraph 2.

section 5 (27 May 2011/590) the reallocation will be performed if it can be used to remove the section as referred to in sub-section 1, the side or reduce it significantly. Reallocation shall be carried out in such a way that it will not cause anyone to say about injury or inconvenience and that it does not interfere with the implementation of the plan.

section 6 (to 12 April 1995/567) of section 6 of the repealed L:lla to 12 April 1995/567.

7 section (to 12 April 1995/567), the transfer of the property to another, be carried out in the region, subject to a corresponding improvement in the t position to achieve t. If the host of the transferring and property owners agreed to the transfer of the land, the area of the Exchange. If the real estate belonging to different owners, the removable media is the owner of the property to be paid to the owner of the transferring of the property receiving full compensation.

section 8 (to 12 April 1995/567) section 8 is repealed L:lla to 12 April 1995/567.

section 9 of the conditions for the establishment of a Burden, move, and delete is valid, what of the kiinteistönmuodostamislaissa. The burden, however, can be set up, although the parties do not fit. (to 12 April 1995/567)
The burden will be removed if it has become redundant due to consolidation or river basin for the implementation of the project, or if the burden due to changed circumstances in terms of cost is disproportionate to the benefits.

section 10 (27 May 2011/590) subject to sections 7 and 9, to the contrary, section 2, subsection 1 (2) (a) 1, 2, and 3 to 5 of the conditions of the execution of the measures referred to in paragraph kiinteistönmuodostamislaissa, shall apply to them. The execution of the measures is not, however, require the owners of real estate in the agreement or consent.

the creation of the article 11 of the Tieoikeuden, as well as the abolition of the existing conditions of the private road and is in force, the law on the private roads is provided.

section 12 (27 May 2011/590) in the context of consolidation can be carried out at the place of breakdown of the sector and, in accordance with the definition of the property of the order, what has been carried out kiinteistönmuodostamislaissa. Lohkomisen does not, however, be said to delay the consolidation.
Released for the zone scope of a parcel lohotaan consolidation as laid down in the arrangement of the proposal. The measures, however, can be dealt with together with the Lohkomisen in the final consolidation of the final measures, unless there are special reasons for requiring the completion of lohkomisen in the past.

for the implementation of article 13 of the consolidation of delivery men must draw up a settlement proposal, which sets out the measures the delivery will be carried out. The arrangement for the purpose of drawing up the proposal, it is the parties to be consulted.

section 14 (27 May 2011/590) on the organisation of the settlement proposal shall be drawn up in T so that t investment is planned of drainage or the rest of the implementation of the project referred to in article 1, in accordance with the prevailing circumstances then.
If the arrangement laid down in the proposal indicates that the drainage plan in order to obtain an appropriate investment, it is necessary to derogate from conditions, to derogate from the field is valid, what water law, Chapter 5, section 16 provides. At the time of the adoption of the plan will be decided in this case, the derogation from the arrangement.
The arrangement referred to in this article for the purpose of drawing up the proposal, must be consulted on the drainage of the interested parties.

Article 15 of the Delivery men's must be submitted to the parties, as amended, as well as set aside for these settlement proposal a chance to do it.

section 16 if the parties to the arrangement on the proposal tabled by reminders, or otherwise, will come up as a result of which it is necessary to make changes to the arrangement of the proposal, the proposal must be reviewed, after which the necessary delivery men have to decide on the arrangement of the plan.
If confirmed the arrangement in the context of the plan of arrangement, the drainage out t delivery engineer shall provide the arrangement plan and section 14 of the proposals referred to in paragraph 2 of the drainage plan for changes to drainage shipment to a man or regional government agency. (27 May 2011/590) section 17, that the arrangement of shipment will be transferred to the property of another, is released from the lien rights. The receiving properties are burdened with liens against the property from the final consolidation also moved to the area. (to 12 April 1995/567)
The arrangement of the compensation provided for in the delivery of Justice, shall apply to the kiinteistönmuodostamislain section 199 to 206 of the compensation. (27 May 2011/590) (3) repealed by L:lla 27/590.

section 18 (27 May 2011/590) consolidation does not require a burden the right to rent or other special authorization by the rightholder. If the arrangement of ownership in the region, the status of the holder of the right referred to above will be held in the region in accordance with the kiinteistönmuodostamislaissa.

section 19 (27 May 2011/590) the reallocation will stop only after the delivery of the project, which led to the establishment of a reallocation is performed, is completed.

section 20 of the consolidation to be carried out according to the parties, the delivery costs as they agree. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties to the supply costs, supply costs, fit shall be borne by the parties to each of the organisation's benefit according to the field. As a result of tests carried out on land drainage costs arising from the organisation of the supply to the extent that they will be borne by the parties to be held in the water law, Chapter 5, section 19, of maintaining the project disputes the costs. The water law, chapter 17, section 11, of the organisation of the supply referred to in paragraph 2, the land between the parties, in so far as the sharing of the cost they will be borne by the parties to apply the same distribution key as the water law, Chapter 6, up to the cost of the project in accordance with the average of the level of the water. Otherwise, the costs of delivery and the payment is to be applied, what kiinteistönmuodostamislaissa, unless this Act provides otherwise. (27 May 2011/590)
When the delivery is made to section 2 of the reallocation of the measures referred to in paragraph 2 which are necessary for real estate system for the sake of clarity, these delivery costs incurred shall be paid in full by the State. If the output is left under the third paragraph of article 4, the delivery costs are to be paid by the State. (27 May 2011/590)
Consolidation in the context of the delivery costs are not part of the consolidation of the executable lohkomisen shipping costs.

section 21 of the

Organization of the transfer of land to run consolidation required by the decision of the building of new roads, which is necessary in order to achieve an appropriate field placement, in accordance with the State support, where applicable, support for the law, what land consolidation (24/81) is provided for the transfer of the holding, and the conclusion of the road.
Must be an estimate of the cost of the delivery men as referred to in sub-section 1, the conclusion of the roads, as well as lay down the time within which these roads have to be built. For a special reason and the national land survey of Finland can be tiekunnan or, in the absence of tiekuntaa not been set up, at the joint request of grant an extension of the delivery men tieosakkaiden to set the amount of time. (13.12.2013/911) (to 12 April 1995/567) to be paid by the parties as a result of the arrangement for the future of the real estate Field delivery fee may be reduced or it can be left whole to be recovered to the extent applicable, in accordance with what is laid down in the law on support for land consolidation.

section 23 (27 May 2011/590) section 23 is repealed by L:lla 27/590.

section 24 (to 12 April 1995/567) appeals reallocation of delivery is the most appropriate point in place, what kiinteistönmuodostamislaissa provides for appeals to the real estate supply.
During the delivery, however, the only solution may be to apply for a separate appeal, which has rejected the demand for the right to be a party to the shipment, an obstacle to the suspension of the requirement for the delivery reminder, the requirement of the submission of the delivery or at that. In addition, the delivery of longer be contested separately in connection with the delivery of the complete solution, which relates to the definition of the property or its rejection of the claim or the settlement plan, if a ship engineer considers appropriate, allow the appeal, between the shipment. (27 May 2011/590) on the implementation of the provisions of article 25 of this law shall be adopted, where the need for further regulation.

Article 26 of this law shall enter into force on 1 July 1988. THEY 208/87, l-tvk. Mrs. 1/88, svk. Mrs. 12/88 acts entry into force and application in time: to 12 April 1995/567: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1997.
THEY 227/94, (EC) No 45/94 MmVM 1.11.1996/796: this law shall enter into force on 1 December 1996. Transitional provisions will be given separately by law.
THEY LaVM 92/1996, 10/1996, 22 December 2009 the 123/1996/1464 EV: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2010.
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the measures needed to implement the law.
THEY 161/2009, HaVM 18/2009, EV 205/2009 27/590: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2012.
THEY 277/2009, 22/YmVM 2010, EV 355/2010 13.12.2013/911: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2014.
THEY'RE 68/7/2013, 2013, MmVM EV 102/13

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