Original Language Title: Koskiensuojelulaki

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament, provides for: the construction of a New power plant in article 1 may not be granted water law (264/61) the authorization referred to in the following parts of the waters, and water: 1) Beard in the Kärnäkoskessa Rapids and savitaipale.
the cream of the cream of the rapids July 2) power in the water;
3) Karvionkoskessa V between the water and the water of the Lake in July and Cream;
4) Konnuskoskessa Konnusveden and in the water between Clay Alder stream;
Pankajärven yläpuolisissa waters of Lake Pielinen route 5), located in the province and the cities of the Lieksa international relations;
6) Grass River between the Lake and the Säleväjärven in the municipality of Haparanda municipality is unilingually Finnish.
7 in a bundle of Juankosken, Keyritynjoessa and) Nilsiä and the risk of Iron;
8) in the risk of Tiilikanjoessa Iron;
9) In Vaikkojoessa and the Scraper;
10) Koitajoessa border, between the island and the Eastern;
11) H of the river – the River to freshwater and marine habitats in the Eastern lightning storm and Lieksa in;
at the bottom of the rapids of Kymijoki below 12) up to the Eagle in the Birch;
13) between the Lake and the river Kymijoki Moose Lake January pyhtää;
14 Ahvionkoskessa, Kultaankoskessa and Pernoonkoskissa) in the river Kymijoki Anjalankosken and Eagle in the cities;
15) Stone Lake route Lemin Kunta Terveyskeskus, Luumäki, Clay and the municipalities, as well as the towns of Anjalankoski and Temporary;
16) between the length and breadth of the Kalkkistenkoskessa and the Swedish Asikkalan;
17) Arvajan route in the municipalities of Jämsä in Kuhmoinen congregation and;
18 Kuusaankoskessa, Luijankoskessa and Kuhnamon), Kapeenkoskessa and Sara in the water between the sister cities and Rebuilt in;
Huopanankoskessa and Keihärinkoskessa Vuosjärven and 19) between the island of Pihkurinselän in V;
Kärnänkoskesta Kymönkoskeen Koliman on route 20) V in the island;
Naarakoskessa Naarajärven and Kuhnamon between 21) Rebuilt in;
22) above the Village of the Island Lake route Leuhunkosken, Kyyjärven, Multian, fly tying materials, the United States Power Squadrons, and the municipalities, as well as the island of the Lake at Alajärvi, Finland and Soini cities;
23) dealing with white water rafting on the river route, Rautalampi hankasalmen, Jäppilä, Karttula, Keitele, kangasniemi, kiuruveden, the municipality is unilingually Finnish, sister cities, the Maaningan, the sacred Lake, Pihtipudas, Pielaveden, Rautalampi, Sumiaisen, Tervon, Toivakka, Vesannon and in the municipalities of the island, on its way to the countryside in the Referenced as well as the cities of Kuopio, Pieksämäki, Iisalmi and;
24), through rapids, between the Pine Ridge, a small Sämpiän and Tuusjärven;
25) Rail River – Perniönjoen, Sander Karjalohjan, Kiikalan, Rail, Muurla, Perniön, Perttelin, base, external links, in the municipalities of Suomusjärvi, vimba, salon and the Salon in Tenala;
26) the Kokemäenjoki water Kutalanvuolteessa and rapids of the Iron Plate Hiedan vuolteessa Vammalan Seurahuone in and by the municipality of Äetsä fair;
27) Kuokkalankoskessa and Herralankoskessa ahtialan in the Lake and the Church on the Lake between the Bookstore;
28) water route City, Keuruu and Ähtäri in the cities;
29) Noormarkunjoen Mill rapids in Noormarkku.
Kristiinankaupungissa Lapväärtinjoen – 30), as well as Western Finland geography stubs, Kari Isojoen to freshwater and marine habitats in the River, in the municipalities of Kauhajoki and Teuvan;
at the bottom of the Land below the up to 31) Ähtävänjoen in the Western country in the Land;
the railway bridge over the river Murikinkoskesta 32) Fly in the Kokkola kruunupyy in;
33) Last River to freshwater and marine habitats Himangan OsuusPankki, Kälviän Autohuolto, Last of the Lake, as well as in the municipalities of Toholammin Spur in Lohtajan;
Siiponjoessa Fish in the River, 34);
at the bottom of the River below the 35) until the Fish Hamarinkosken Fish of the River in the municipalities as well as some of Alavieska is Tapani Vierimaa and in;
36 at the bottom of the River below the Rapids, Holy) until the Holy River, Aspen Marine Lake and in the municipalities of Haapavesi Oulainen in;
at the bottom of the River below the 37) Whitefish and Whitefish River up to Pöyrynkosken;
Kuhmo, route 38) Island on the river rapids and the Kuhmo in;
Kiiminkijoen Ii, 39), Sander, also includes the Utajärven Hautaus, Pudasjärvi Puolanka, and municipalities;
40) in the top-centre of the Iijoen directly on the Kuusamo, Posion, Pudasjärvi Puolanka, ranua Zoo, Suomussalmi, Taivalkoski,, and also includes the municipalities;
41) Kuivajoen, Sander Kuivaniemen, Ranua Zoo and Simon;
42) Simojoen marine Posion, Ranua Zoo, Simon and in the municipalities of Rovaniemi in the municipality of Tervola;
43) Vähäjoen in Rovaniemi in Tervola and freshwater and marine habitats;
44) Auttijoen in Rovaniemi and Posion in freshwater and marine habitats;
45) Käsmäjoen River in Salla and Kemijärvi in;
46) the Kemijoki River's Confluence yläpuolisissa waters and Tenniö River and in the municipalities of Salla;
47) side of the Torne River – Enontekiö, Kittilä, Kolari page waters, Muonion, field and in the municipalities, of Rovaniemi in Övertorneå Tornio in;
48) of the Tana River in the municipalities of Inari and Utsjoki on the page waters;
49) a lake in the municipalities of Inari and Utsjoki on the freshwater and marine habitats;
50) Juutuanjoessa and its yläpuolisissa in the municipalities of Inari and Utsjoki and inland waters;
the Ivalo River of Inari, Enontekiö, 51), Kittilä and Sodankylä;
52) Tuulomajoen River of Inari, Salla, and village communities; as well as 53) A River in the municipalities of Kuusamo and Salla, Posion.

section 2 of the Water power of the owner or licensee, which in its article 1, the following is provided for the benefit of their control cannot use the foreground which they own, or hydro power, is carried out by the owner or the licensee so requests, State funds, which must provide for the water power of the organic farming in accordance with fair price calculated on the basis of an effective rated output of full compensation.

section 3 If the owner or the holder of the right to use water power has been caused by the introduction of the necessary water power engineering and other specific measures of the costs, which are prohibited under article 1 of the construction of the power plant, these costs shall be replaced by the resources of the State, the owner or the holder of the right to use water power.
A condition of the award of compensation referred to in subparagraph (1) is in addition to the construction of the power plant, that the application for authorization of the construction of the power plant, which is connected to a well-meaning plan at the time of entry into force of this Act, is pending.

Article 4, paragraphs 2 and 3 of the reimbursements referred to in the order in which the rights of redemption of immovable property and the law on the special (603/77) is provided. The costs provided for by article 82 of the law shall be borne by the State. The procedure is also valid, mutatis mutandis, article 97 of that law is enacted.

section 5 of this Act of the Ounasjoki River (703/83) the compensation referred to in article 2 of this law shall apply to the section 2, article 3 and article 4.

More detailed provisions on the implementation of article 6 of this law shall be adopted, where necessary, regulation.

section 7 of This Act shall enter into force on 1 February 1987.
Provision in this Act, the compensation referred to in the scope of delivery is to be lodged after the entry into force of this Act, within five years.
The construction of the power plant, where the authorisation is granted and the permit decision has become final before the entry into force of this law, as well as the fact that before the entry into force of this law has been awarded the Water Act, Chapter 2, article 26 of the law referred to in töidenaloittamislupa, shall apply to the water; THEY'RE 25/86, l-tvk. Mrs. 21/86, svk. Mrs. 216/86