The Passport Regulation

Original Language Title: Passiasetus

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The presentation provides to the Minister on 22 August 1986 on the passport under the Act (642/86): the scope of application of article 1 of this Regulation shall apply to the personal passport and national identity documents, as well as the 50th anniversary of the troupe of passport.

section 2 of the formula in the formula of the Passport, Passport confirms the Ministry of the Interior.

3 section applying for a passport, the passport application must be submitted in person. The passport must not pick it up. The Passport will be sent to the applicant by post on request. If an application for a home on the police is the applicant's work, study, travel, illness, or any other similar reason seemingly inconvenient, the application must not leave the scope of the applicant's home to another police officer on the police.

2 article has been repealed A 23.1.1998/44.

Personal passport, the application shall be accompanied, where appropriate, a statement of the fact that the applicant has not applied for or received from another country's citizenship. The application shall be accompanied by a sufficient number of photos, including the applicant's very familiar with. (23.1.1998/44) (23.1.1998/44) inductees who were about the passport application Passport Law (642/1986) of section 8 and 9 of article 5, paragraph 1, sub-paragraph accessibility referred to in paragraph 3 can be shown the passport application, through a certificate, which may be: 1) military Passport;
2. the draft of the certificate in peace time to terminate the military) service to a released;
3) released the draft of the certificate from military service; or 4) military service certificate.

section 5 (23.1.1998/44), the adoption of the passport in an emergency, in case of urgency, other than the applicant's home institution to issue a passport to the local police, the way the light or if the intended travel be postponed and this would be unacceptable to the applicant.

section 6 (23.1.1998/44) to determine If the Passport gives the representation of accessibility or other than as referred to in article 5 of the applicant's local police department, is the applicant's liberty to be sorted out.

section 7 (23.1.1998/44) section 7 is repealed A 23.1.1998/44.

the adoption of the new article 8 of the Passport If the applicant is in possession of a valid passport of a personal passport and this is not in his possession, he shall provide clear evidence of the Passport.

section Kaksoispassi 9, a new personal passport can be issued a valid passport, if a valid passport is held by the foreign authority or foreign authority by preventing travel to another country in a passport, and if the new passport is necessary for the applicant's work or other particularly important personal reason.

section 10 of the Cancelled passport processing Completely unfit for the canceled passport will be made and released back into its holder.
So far, the cancelled passport will be returned after it has been placed.

the provision of article 11 of the Passport, the passport may be Retained as a suite for up to 90 days of sustainable planning to go abroad for a period of at least 10 and not more than 50 persons of your party, which is the leader. Leader must be a personal passport.
The Director of the home of the Passport gives the company a suite of local police department. (23.1.1998/44) article 12 of the Suite a passport, a passport is required to present a passport to the inspector a troupe leader.

section 13 of the 50th anniversary of the national identity card in the course of the seamen's Act ulkomaanliikenteessä seafarer the right to travel to the country to the 50th anniversary of the national identity of the shows. Sailor is considered the 50th anniversary of the Convention on national identity cards (Treaty Series 64/70) as defined in the seafarer.
The 50th anniversary of the adoption of a national identity card, the cancellation of the poisottamisesta is valid, what the personal passport is provided.

section 14 of the licence and the crew of the aircraft, the crew of the licence card or the card may be accepted as proof of the right to travel, the staff member leaves the country in fulfilling its part of a regular flight.

section 15 (2.12.1988/1037) Passport registry section 15 is repealed L:lla 2.12.1988/1037.

Article 16 entry into force This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 October 1987.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: 2.12.1988/1037:123/88, l-tvk. Mrs. 12/88, svk. Mrs. 134/88 23.1.1998/44: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 March 1998.
Before the entry into force of the regulation may be to take the measures needed to implement it.