Alcohol Treatment Setting

Original Language Title: Päihdehuoltoasetus

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Within the competence of the Ministry of Social Affairs and health issues to deal with the presentation of a specific Minister lays down on 17 January 1986 concerning substance abuse huoltolain (41/86) on the basis of the provisions of section 1 of Chapter 1 of the Public Service of the substance abuse of any maintenance organisation shall ensure, to the extent that the services are available during the times of the day, when you need them.

section 2 of the Rehabilitation plan for the assessment and management of the client's substance abuse need to be together with her, where appropriate, draw up a rehabilitation plan. The treatment of rehabilitation plan is to be carried out will be made in each case. A rehabilitation plan shall be revised as necessary.
The rehabilitation plan is to sort out the key issues, which aims to influence, as well as the means and the estimated time, within which the objectives pursued. The plan must show how a person's care, the need for care and support of the child, have been taken into account. A rehabilitation plan shall be accompanied by a report on substance abuse huoltolain (41/86) referred to in subsection 3 of section 16 of the treatment after the organisation of support.
Chapter 2 section 3 of the State substance abuse agencies operating units, the State may have a substance abuse policy.

section 4 (22.2.1991/427), the rule will have a rule action in the operation of the unit, the Management Board shall adopt the.
The employees ' rights of participation in the preparation of the decision-making in the State substance abuse action unit of the collaborating with government agencies and institutions Act (651/88) and pursuant to the agreements.

(L) collaborating with government agencies and institutions, 651/88 is repealed by L:lla collaborating with government agencies and institutions 12/2013.

section 5 (29.1.1988/77) Posts a business entity can be a surgeon-in-Chief, the Director, Deputy Director or President, as appropriate, the psychology, the study of the Secretary, ylihoitajan, a social worker and social worker, as well as under the corresponding to the other posts.
In addition to the operational units may be having temporary officials and contract staff.

section 6 eligibility requirements Eligibility requirement for substance abuse operating unit positions, that the person concerned has earlier shown that he has the kind of skill and ability, which requires a public success. (29.1.1988/77)
In addition, the required qualifications in the field of Psychiatry: 1) even, or else post the appropriate specialist qualifications;
2) from the appropriate master's degree, as well as the task requires familiarity with social welfare;
Assistant to the Director, referred to in paragraph 2, 3) or, in the case of his professional duties are mainly taloushallinnollisia, appropriate training;
4) psykologilta psychology Bachelor degree or master's degree, as well as to other appropriate or regarded as having taken place as if in addition to advanced topics, or the highest University rank in psychology;
5) Research Assistant post an appropriate master's degree;
6) ylihoitajalta erikoissairaanhoitajan degree and sufficient administrative experience;
7) osastonhoitajalta the appropriate erikoissairaanhoitajan degree; your application forms to your application forms as well as 8) and post an appropriate master's degree, which is included in or which, in addition to sufficient social work training or has obtained sosiaalihuoltajan degree; sosiaalihuoltajan is considered equivalent to the corresponding Svenska social-science-a college degree.
A business entity to work in health care, in addition to the staff of the kelpoisuuksista is valid, what specifically provided for or prescribed.

section 7 (29.1.1988/77) posts operating unit surgeon-in-Chief, the Director and Deputy Director shall be appointed by the Executive Board.
The activities of an entity appointed by the other permanent officials or temporary officials, as well as for employment on the staff to take the action specified in the rule head or help other official.

section 8 (29.1.1988/77), administrative management and virkaero of the official liberty section 8 is repealed by regulation 29.1.1988/77.

section 9 (22.2.1991/427), the Executive Board Action Unit is a Management Board, which shall be four calendar years. The Management Board shall be composed of at least five and not more than eight members, one of which is the operating unit of the staff from among their number for a period of up to four years at a time chosen by the Member. Of Social Affairs and health, the number of other members shall be appointed by the Governing Board and one of the members of the work as the Chairman of the Executive Board. The Vice-President of the Executive Board shall elect from among its members.
Chapter 3 miscellaneous provisions article 10 of the Treatment time the onset of substance abuse huoltolain 11 – 13 at the time of treatment referred to in paragraph a of the decision after the time that it takes to persons in social welfare or health care policy unit.

section 11 a person under the age of 18 the treatment for substance abuse huoltolain, section 10 (2) of the specific reason can be considered to be in situations where treatment is a person under the age of 18 for a seemingly justified, and his best interests, as well as when it is under the age of 18 years old, but 15 years to have met a person particularly violent behavior.

Article 12 of the Treatment Group and Treatment Group consists of at least three operating unit employees so that the treatment group, there is always a social work and health care.
The treatment group's mission is to ensure that the customer held substance abuse huoltolain, paragraph 16, the opportunity to participate in the care and management of the design, the choice of the measures, the activities of the community. The treatment group shall assist the person's place of residence or stay of the will of the sosiaalilautakuntaa regardless of the organisation with the necessary support in the design of the treatment.

section 13 of the composition and tasks of the activities of an entity for a group of customers chosen by and from among the members of the Group of customers.
Customer group can make presentations and initiatives relating to the activities of an entity. If necessary, consult with the client group is the unit of management arrangements for the operation of the action and the other is the development of the activities of an entity be given the opportunity to be involved in the operation.

section 14 of the Isolation of substance abuse treatment huoltolain the isolation of referred to in article 26 shall not provide for a longer period and also to continue longer than the person's care needs.
Isolation may be extended for a further isolation of the decision only if the person is still a danger to themselves or others after, or if isolation is still the point of view of a particular person's treatment. In addition, the treatment that the person's condition is not more appropriate to hold in some other way. Before taking a decision on the continuation of the isolation of a person carried out a medical examination, if it is not manifestly unnecessary.
When a person is prescribed for the eristettäväksi, is, at the same time provide for the safety of the person who is to take care of. The circumstances of the person during isolation must be organized in such a way that the person receiving the care, as well as continuing care and sufficient opportunity to discuss with the employee.

section 15 (22.2.1991/427), regardless of the form of the will of the person conducting the management of substance abuse huoltolain in accordance with section 11 and 12 to take a decision, as well as a decision on the exclusion shall be drawn up by the Ministry of Social Affairs and health, in accordance with the formula.

section 16 (22.2.1991/427) instructions for more detailed guidance on the application of this Regulation shall, if necessary, the Ministry of Social Affairs and health.
the entry into force of the provisions of section 17 of Chapter 4 of the entry into force this Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 1987.

section 18 of the transitional provision, a person who before the entry into force of this regulation has been eligible for one of the State's substance abuse action unit of the post and that the entry into force of this regulation, the holder of such an authority or an action to preserve eligibility for the corresponding operating unit post upon the entry into force of this regulation.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: 29.1.1988/77: This Regulation shall enter into force on 8 February 1988.
Appropriate measures may be taken for the implementation of this regulation before the entry into force of the regulation.

22.2.1991/427: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 March 1991.
Before the entry into force of this Regulation may be to take the measures needed to implement it.
For the first time before the entry into force of this regulation is supplemented by a representative of the staff of the appointed Trustees.
Existing at the time of entry into force of this regulation, the Medical Board of the substance abuse adopted by the huoltolain, in accordance with article 11 of the decision sosiaalihallituksen adopted by the formula, substance abuse huoltolain in accordance with article 12 of the decision of the decision on the formula in the formula and isolation are still in force, until the Ministry of Social Affairs and health.

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