The Decision Of The Ministry Of Agriculture And Forestry On The Animal Welfare Conditions For The Animals For Their Fur Tarhaukselle

Original Language Title: Maa- ja metsätalousministeriön päätös turkiseläintarhaukselle asetettavista eläinsuojeluvaatimuksista

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Ministry of agriculture and forestry is 30.4.1971 on the animal welfare Regulation (333/71) in accordance with article 13, on the protection of animals Act 91/decided: in 1971, under which the regulation 333/1971 on the protection of animals is given, is repealed effective July 1, including the law on the protection of animals 4.4.1996/247.

The scope of application of article 1 of this decision shall apply to professional education in the fur of animals for their fur.

Garden section 2 Fur Garden must be placed in a mountain, where there are no barriers to the treatment of puhtaanapidolle and animal shelter. The shelter of the location of the environment shall not be such as to sources of interference, which would result in a disproportionate harm to the animals.
The fur is important for air transport, agreed.

section 3 (6.9.1993/830) the area shall be enclosed. Ferrets, mink, raccoon dog or Fox Zoo does not, however, have to be enclosed, if the irtipääsy has been blocked by the shadow of the houses of the network, the Board or any other.

The running cages and nest boxes in section 4 of the Fox and mink and other samankokoisille animals from the running cages (mink in a cage) on the ground surface area must be at least 1 800 cm2 and a minimum height of 38 cm in a cage.
While holding parent pentuineen or adult (over 9 months) male animals in one cage into the base of the minimum area to be 2 100 cm2.
In the same cage may permanently placed just one adult animal. In order to improve the comfort of the animals together in a cage, however, place the number of ferrets.
Ketuille and other samankokoisille animals perushäkkien the minimum depth measurement must be as follows: a length of 240 cm, width 105 cm, height 60 cm yhtäsuuriin Perushäkki can be divided into sections as shown below, when the number of animals per osahäkkiä may be the following: 2 osahäkkiä-3 osahäkkiä 3-2 to head the animal both to each of the 4 osahäkkiä – 1 animal cages in each section 5 of the vision of the mesh size of the net shall be not more than 8.8 cm2. The base network of twine thickness shall be not less than 1.8 mm.
Puppies for a period to be set at the bottom of the cage is mink tiheäsilmäinen enough protection of breastfeeding (a puppy).
Foxes and other animals of the same size of cages for the mesh size of the net shall not exceed 11.5 cm2. The thickness of the yarn, the network must be at least 2.1 mm and breeding animals in the cages referred to in muovipäällysteisestä shall be made of metal thread and on the network.

section 6 of the Animals must be protected from harmful weather. Mink cages have to be the nest of the booths, which will give the necessary protection for the animals. The nest of the booths must be cold enough during the year.

section 7 between the Cages should be enough space for the treatment of the animals and cages must be located or constructed in such a way that the various cages, the animals get hurt each other.
In order to prevent infection will be running the cages to be sufficiently above the ground in such a way that the sanitation can be freely performed.
In the case of an open-air farm inside the building is, mutatis mutandis, to comply with what has been said above and, in addition, shall ensure the adequate ventilation of the building, lighting and waste management.
It is prohibited to use a layer of cages.

Section 8 of the transport of live animals for fur animals in the garden outside the cages size: 49 cm Length 58 cm Mink Fox Width 17 cm to 40 cm, height 15 cm, 47 cm during transport may be shuttle cage to place only one adult animal.
As well as the transport mode that transport cages must be adequate air exchange.
more than 3 hours during transport is a sustainable/watered and more than 24 hours during transport, they must be fed.

Animal care section 9 in the case of an open-air farm fur with their condition and State of health to be monitored on a daily basis. The animal must be available, depending on the time of year and the need for adequate drinking water water or jäänä, as well as the required amount of food. Beverage containers into olle, damage to the animals.

Killing of animals for fur animals of section 10 of the killing shall be carried out as quickly and painlessly as either of the central nervous system or electric power, or eläinlääkintöosaston of the Ministry of agriculture and forestry by adopting tainnuttavalla.

General provisions article 11 of the more detailed rules and instructions for the application of this decision shall, where appropriate, the Ministry of agriculture and forestry, eläinlääkintöosasto, which can also be the case for a special reason, grant derogations from the provisions of this decision.

section 12 of This decision shall enter into force on 1 November 1985.
The establishment of the new vineyards and new shadow apartments in the building must comply with the provisions of this decision.
Before the entry into force of this decision, of the existing fur gardens is to be brought under section 3, 4 and 5 of the decision: I am not in line with the 1 January 1994 at the latest.

The change of the date of entry into force of the acts and application: 6.9.1993/830: This decision shall enter into force on 1 October 1993.
Before 1 November 1985 in action at the fur on the fur of the animal shall apply in respect of the vineyards tarhaukselle animal welfare requirements for the decision of the Ministry of agriculture and forestry, the third paragraph of article 12 of the siirtymäaikamääräyksiä.

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