Setting Ylikuormamaksusta

Original Language Title: Asetus ylikuormamaksusta

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Presentation by the Minister of Justice provides for the ylikuormamaksusta of the law of 14 January 1982 (51/82) on the basis of article 19, section 1 (answer/171) Ylikuormamaksusta of the law on 8 and 14 on the implementation of the provisions of the payment referred to in article takes care of the legal Register Centre.

section 2 (answer/171) article 8 of the law on the Ylikuormamaksusta of the decision referred to in the third paragraph of article 12, the payment order as well as a request for information referred to in the notification of the adoption of the Act on administrative matters (232/66).

(L) service management 232/66 HallintoL:lla 434/2003 is repealed.

section 3 of the payment order shall state: 1) the suorittamisvelvollinen; (answer/171) 2), the date and place of the recording;
3 the registration number of the vehicle and the trailer);
4), the amount of; as well as 5), the amount and the manner in which the price is ylikuormamaksun.

section 4 payment order shall be accompanied by the mail transfer agent tilillepanokortti. It is an important day, the date on which the payment is to be carried out at the latest, as well as for the payment of the necessary information. Order shall, moreover, indicate that it may be due to non-compliance with the implementation of the execution without a court order or decision.
The payment order shall be given a written instructions about how payment suorittamisvelvollisen should I do, if he wants to appeal to the ylikuormamaksun decision of the County Court. (answer/171) 5 section Ylikuormamaksusta of the Act on the notification referred to in article 9, shall indicate the following: 1) the owner of the vehicle or standing;
2 the personal data of the driver);
3, the date and place of the recording);
4) the registration number of the vehicle and trailer;
5) load;
6.), the limit of detection and the method used to calculate; as well as the number of overloading, 7).

section 6 of the (answer/171) If a county court or the Supreme Administrative Court to remove or reduce the amount of the payment order, on ylikuormamaksun, is here to inform the legal Register Centre. The right to the registration of the Centre is hakemuksetta return to unduly or excessively paid ylikuormamaksu.

section 7 of the Department of Justice to provide the necessary guidelines for the application of this regulation, as well as strengthen patterns in the implementation of the provisions of the ylikuormamaksun control procedure and forms for the purpose of the payment.

Article 8 this Regulation shall enter into force on 1 April 1982.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: answer/171: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 April 1996.