The Law Of The Archipelago National Park

Original Language Title: Laki Saaristomeren kansallispuistosta

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament, provides for: 1 section (17.1.1991/130) in order to protect the archipelago's nature and culture, in order to safeguard the traditional nature use practices associated with them, in order to preserve the community living in the archipelago, as well as the natural environment for research and general interest is the archipelago national park, which is a nature conservation law (71/23) for a special nature reserve. The National Park is made up of State-owned, the annexed map, a red dotted line in a limited area (cooperation), the municipalities of Dragsfjärd, Houtskär, Korpo and Nagu in the municipalities of land and water areas with the exception of the armed forces controlled areas.
LuonnonsuojeluL 71/1923 is repealed L:lla 1096/1996.

section 2, in accordance with the cross of the archipelago shall, mutatis mutandis, to the Division of law, what (604/51) is provided for crossing the start.
The National Park area is an important middle ground in such a way that the indications concerning characteristics of an adequate number of parkland will be placed in the Park of the country. The Park borders the waters shall be entered only on the map.
JakoL 604/1951 KiinteistönmuodostamisL:lla 554/95 is repealed.

section 3 (17.1.1991/130) in the area of cooperation in the region to which the State does not own, will move to the State, it is read into a National Park, with the exception of the regions that are transferred to the Chief of defence management, and areas for the exchange of the regions, which will be acquired.

section 4 of the nature protection authority has the right to take possession of hunting, collectors ' items or other equipment, which is used or intended to be used contrary to the provisions of procedural provisions or in the National Park. The same also applies to the haltuunottooikeus Park area tampered with animals and plants, as well as all the other photos taken by an unauthorized person, what the area is prohibited from taking or using.

More detailed provisions on the implementation of article 5 of this law shall be imposed by regulation.

section 6 of This Act shall enter into force on 1 January 1983.
ANNEX The ARCHIPELAGO NATIONAL PARK; THE COOPERATION AREA. (17.1.1991/130). KuvaHE 203/81, l-tvk. bet 5/82, suvk. bet 65/82 acts entry into force and application in time: 17.1.1991/130: this law shall enter into force on 1 March 1991.
At the time of entry into force of this law, in the archipelago sea national park areas can be exchange of the regions to dispose of the following areas: (1)) in the middle of the forest of Dragsfjärd Högsåran column of the main island, with a surface area of about 39.0 ha;
2 on the main island of Utö in the middle of the village) of Korpo plot, with a surface area of about 0.09 ha;
3 the arable area of the main island of Nagu Berghamnin), with a surface area of approximately 1.3 ha;
Nagu Berghamnin on the north shore of the main island of the 4) area, which covers an area of approximately 2.0 ha;
5) that the State's share is about the island of Nagu Berghamnissa 0.55 ha, Holmen; as well as the Boskärissä, in the municipality of Nagu 6) forest, which covers an area of approximately 2.3 ha.
The provisions relating to the closure and the National Park Regulations cease to have effect after the luovutettavilla areas of the regions for the exchange of contracts have been signed.
THEY'RE 82/90, La-23/90, SuVM and TaVM 137/90