The Law For The Implementation Of The Decision On Custody Or Care In The Field Of Extradition, Iceland, Norway, Sweden Or Denmark

Original Language Title: Laki huoltoa tai hoitoa koskevan päätöksen täytäntöönpanoa varten tapahtuvasta luovuttamisesta Islantiin, Norjaan, Ruotsiin tai Tanskaan

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In accordance with the decision of Parliament, which is made in the order in the manner set out in article 67, provided for in article 1 of This law may be: the person, that Iceland, Norway, Sweden or Denmark in accordance with the decision of the authority shall be in the custody or treatment of, the implementation of the decision, to the said State of the request for disclosure from Finland.
On extradition between Finland and the other Nordic countries is provided separately.

section 2 of the Extradition may be granted only under the conditions that the request is based on the decision, which was adopted by the State concerned, the children's and young people's service, mielisairaanhoitoa, vajaamielishuoltoa, intoxicating substances abusers in the maintenance or the maintenance obligation laiminlyöneitä persons or vagrants, in accordance with the law, that decision shall be taken, wanted to be held in a facility or institution, or provided for to sojourn in the place, in particular to him and that the decision is enforceable in the State in which it is issued.

section 3 of the extradition of a citizen of Finland also requires that he or she is domiciled in the Member State where the decision has been taken, that the decision applies to the care or treatment, and that the service or treatment may be most appropriately give him in that State.

section 4 of the extradition request will be sent to the County Government, which wanted the domain resides. Unless the residence is unknown, the request will be sent to the provincial government.
The County Government will send the request to the head of the police district, where the person referred to in subparagraph (1) are staying.

Article 5 of the Police in the District Manager may agree to the extradition request, if the conditions are in place for the release and not an obstacle.
Unless the police district chief refuses to surrender, his is an urgent need to bring the matter to the County Court. Article 6 (10.3.1989/256) a police officer of the district, the master is to be examined for the requested, subject to the terms of the settlement in his kuulustelemisensa is not insignificant.
The extradition decision cannot be allowed to decide not to disclose the requested an opportunity to be heard in the case.

section 7: For the interpretation of the right to use the Assistant. If he can counsel have, comes from its authority, which in the present case is, buy him a contributor, if he so requests, or his right to control of the case so requires. The expert is carried out through State resources and the necessary compensation for the costs of a fair remuneration.

section 8 if there is reason to be wary of that, wanted to attempt to avoid extradition, it can, in the present case, the authority which is to ban him from leaving without permission in the place where he is staying, or that he is to be kept in the State, the municipality, the municipality of kuntainliiton, or any other group, or, with the agreement of the person concerned, the private-owned or maintained by the service or treatment plant. Subject to an appropriate institution, not in the vicinity of, it may be provided that he is temporarily to take to the store.
Mentioned in subparagraph (1) above precautionary measure shall remain in force, until the extradition case has been determined. The surrender decision may also provide the corresponding precautionary measure until it is carried out.
As a precautionary measure, the decision shall immediately be withdrawn, when the measure is no longer the issue.

section 9 If the person here is wanted as a result of a decision, by virtue of him according to this law may be disclosed to the Chief of police may, on the application of the district, where the wanted man is staying in, decide to take a precautionary measure as referred to in article 8, even if the request for his handover had not come. Such a decision can be made only if it is likely that the extradition request will be to agree to, and it should be on the look out for the fugitive attempts to avoid extradition. As a precautionary measure without delay inform the applicant authority of the search alert.
As a precautionary measure without delay of the decision is to be withdrawn, subject to the extradition request has not come within five days from the date of the decision, this measure was carried out, or when the subject as a precautionary measure, is no longer the case. When a request for extradition has become, as a precautionary measure, in accordance with a new decision, if necessary, what is provided for in article 8.

Article 10 of the decision of the Extradition is to be done without delay.
If wanted, under section 8 has been ordered to be held in the facility or detention, has the right to be given the decision of the County, unless the particular objections, within five working days after the documents are received by the County Court, or if the plant or store is happened since, in the same time of the day. (10.3.1989/256)
When the surrender decision, or the decision provided for in article 8 or 9 of the precautionary measure has been adopted, is the decision of the administrative service of the order of urgency, be notified, to which the decision applies.

Article 11 of This decision may be appealed under the law on Administrative Appeals Act (154/50) in the order laid down. Police in the district, however, the right of appeal from the decision of the master of the province will be made and the time of the notification of the decision in that case is 14 days. (10.3.1989/256)
The store cannot book the store customer service to the public in the place where the shipment under the direct supervision of an official, which the store is. That officer shall forward the complaint to still appeal to authority. The appeal shall be deemed to have been concluded when the appeal of the book is given to the official in question.
Valitettaessa County Court decision to the Supreme Administrative Court of appeal can also be delivered to the County Court. The County Court must then without delay forward the documents to the Supreme Administrative Court. Article 12 (10.3.1989/256) of the Decision provided for in article 8 or 9 as a precautionary measure may be implemented, in spite of the appeal.
The extradition decision can be implemented, before it has the force of law, if the Chief of police in the district or County Court, for a special reason. (10.3.1989/256) section 13 (21 December 2007/1386) if the request for Extradition shall be subject to the condition that which ensues from the criminal law measures and to hand over the remains as a result of the crime. The condition may be requested for any deviation from the Nordic countries, on request, grant a licence to the extent applicable, in accordance with what the extradition between Finland and the other Nordic countries (1383/2007). If the request is for a further donation of the rest of the State as the Nordic country, shall apply mutatis mutandis, what the Finnish and the other relating to extradition between Member States of the European Union (1286/2003) and the Act on extradition (456/1970).

section 14 of the Person, which will be handed over from one State to another in article 1 of the same article, that State will be without a special permit to transport through the territory of Finland.

15 the costs incurred by the Extradition issue article is carried out by the State.

More detailed provisions on the implementation of article 16 of this law shall be imposed by regulation.

section 17 of this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1971.
The application of this Act, the regulation provides for each State referred to in article 1.
Extradition may be granted despite the fact that the decision, which led to the establishment of the requested, has been given before the entry into force of this law.

The change of the date of entry into force and application of the instruments: this law, 10.3.1989/256 shall enter into force on 1 November 1989.
THEY 65/88, another lvk. Mrs. 12/88, svk. Mrs. 157/88 of 21 December 2007/1386: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2008.
THEY'RE 51/2007, LaVM 8/2007, EV 101/2007

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