Regulation For The Implementation Of The Decision On Custody Or Care In The Field Of Extradition,

Original Language Title: Asetus huoltoa tai hoitoa koskevan päätöksen täytäntöönpanoa varten tapahtuvasta luovuttamisesta

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Presentation by the Minister of Justice provides for the maintenance of 11 December 1970, or for the implementation of the decision in the field of extradition, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark (761/70) on the basis of article 16 of the extradition.

Article 1 of the decision on the implementation of the maintenance or care for in the field of extradition, Iceland, Norway, Sweden or Denmark, the Act of 11 December 1970 (761/70), hereinafter referred to as the law of extradition, referred to in the request for extradition is said to be able to present to the State requesting the surrender to the police.

section 2 of the extradition request must be made in writing in the language of Norway, Sweden or Denmark. The request shall contain a description of the content of the decision and a declaration that the decision is enforceable in the State in which it is issued.
If the request is for the Finnish nationals, have to be accompanied by a statement of the fact that for the interpretation of is the home of the place in the State where the decision has been given.
If the request to comply with the above, the provisions of subsection 1 or 2, or if it otherwise is flawed, is a rendition of the applicant authority be given an opportunity to repair the defect.

in response to a request contained in paragraph 3 of the Extradition by negotiated settlement is for the use of his right to counsel and requested inform the recorded in the documents.

Article 4 of the decision given the extradition matter is forthwith surrender to the requesting authority.
If the police Chief of the district refuses the request for extradition, the will of his urgent need to restore the documents to the County Government. At the same time, shall state the reasons why it has not been possible to agree to the request.

section 5 of the Subject for the requested etsiskelyistä, has not been found and his place in the side has been informed, a police residence in the district, the master shall without delay transmit to the Government of the province of Uusimaa, the documents to be published in the search for an alert.
When a request for extradition under section 4, second sentence, has been sent to the Government of the province of Uusimaa, this is going to take measures to obtain the requested for release of the place of residence.
When the requested has been found, it is the provincial Government provide documentation of the relevant police district manager.

section 6 of the place of residence of a person in order to discover the law of extradition, which may be released, but from which the extradition request is not filed in the Government of the province of Uusimaa, can the State at the request of the police, where the decision referred to in article 1 has been issued, to publish the search alert.

section 7 of the extradition issue in determining, as a precautionary measure, the implementation of the extradition decision and shall, where appropriate, the master of the police to negotiate with the social and medical authorities.

section 8 of the Extradition decision shall immediately be implemented.
Handed over by the police to bring the Finnish is the location of the requested authority has given him a mirror. When is a medical assistance to suffering from mental illness.

The Handing Over To Finland.

section 9 of the request to the other Nordic countries of Finland, whether the person is able to submit it to the Chief of police in the district, which is responsible for the provision of administrative assistance in order to implement the decision on custody or care.
Presentation of the submission of the request for extradition, the police Chief of the district can make it to the authority, which is obliged to take measures for the implementation of the decision.

section 10 of the extradition request must be sent to the head of the district police in Norway, where the published request is staying or, in the absence of the public prosecutor at the place of residence is known, (Riksadvokaten), in Sweden, the police authority may authorise extradition without formal request, where is staying or, in the absence of the Government of the place of residence is known, the police (Police Board), in Denmark, the police officer in the District Police Chief, wanted to ask where is staying or, in the absence of a place of residence is known, ylipoliisipäällikölle (rigspolitichefen).

Article 11, section 2: (1) is provided, it is similarly applicable to a request for surrender referred to in article 9.
If it is under guardianship, the guardian, and wanted to ask the opinion of a disposition of the request, if possible, to clarify and inform.
If a citizen of the State, wanted to ask is, what the request is sent, the request is accompanied by a statement that the he or she is domiciled in Finland.

Article 12 of the French document shall be accompanied by a certified copy of the Danish-Swedish-Norwegian-translation, or necessary.
The head of police in the District of the authority, which will make a proposal to the date on which the request for extradition, shall provide him with the necessary and ensure that the letter of the translation of the document.

section 13 of the Police in the district, the master shall inform the requested authority in the rest of the Nordic countries, it is called the city of the State, from which you want to retrieve and take care of her, wanted noutamisestaan. Suffering from mental illness occurred while retrieving a medical assist.

Common provisions.

Article 14 of the extradition issue would be maintaining the cost of reading for the requested pick up, transport, and costs, as well as a precautionary measure due to costs.
The costs referred to in subparagraph (1) above, as well as the premium and the compensation for the requested the expert to run the County Government.

for information on the extradition request of the police, section 15, of the district, the master immediately inform the Ministry of Interior.

the more specific provisions of section 16 of the application of this Regulation shall, if necessary, the Ministry of Justice.

section 17 of This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 1971.

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