The Law On The Execution Of Certain Accident Compensation, Compensation As A Result Of

Original Language Title: Laki eräiden tapaturmakorvausten suorittamisesta kertakaikkisena korvauksena

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The speaker of Parliament, in accordance with article 1 of the decision provides that the various accident insurance for employees under the laws and in accordance with the criteria of the recipient of the interest, the invalidity of the executable body of less than 30 percent, has the right, if an accident has occurred before the year 1949, the change of the body in accordance with the rates in Exchange for its recalcitrant governments as provided for below.

2. paragraph 1 of the Above article for liquidated damages shall be calculated in such a way that: 1. the part number) annuity income multiplied by the increase in the accident compensation act of 7 November 1958 (441/58) of article 2 (2) of the table, click a factor;
, is calculated from the number of annual earnings is multiplied by 2), depending on the degree of disability in the table below, click the degree of incapacity for work by a factor of a factor of 10 to 14:0.02 15 to 19 20 to 24 to 0.03 0.25-29), so the resulting amount will be added to 0.05 3 body vuotuismäärä kymmeneksellä, plus interest; as well as 4) provides for an accounting vuotuiskorvausta in capital value.

section 3, paragraph 1, if the annuity beneficiary prior to the entry into force of this law, but since 1958, changed its benchmark capital in lieu of the living, is he entitled to a flat-rate in accordance with this law, in addition to the compensation for the difference between the capital and in the past received payment.

§ 4 Subject to the imposition of interest on a damaged organ to the number of vähentämätöntä the number of earnings or his disability tends to be in the decision, in which the annuity is granted, the total compensation of the insurance institution will be confirmed in the prescribing instructions in sustaining an accident had been in force at the time the provisions of the Act.
In the case referred to in subparagraph (1) of the insurance institution may appeal against the decision of the case by the insurance law in the order in which the workers ' compensation law provides for appeals against the decisions of the insurance institutions in similar matters.

in accordance with section 5 of this Act, compensation payments shall be made through the relevant insurance bodies.
Total compensation for the annual expenditure arising from the insurance company is a necessary item to be taken into account in the manner laid down by law, accident insurance premiums the employer's vakuuttamisvelvollisen executable.

section 6 When different insurance companies carry out an annuity to the same person in two or more as a result of the accident, is the flat-rate compensation for the Division of insurance to be carried out in accordance with the criteria laid down by the Ministry of Social Affairs between the institutions.
The criteria for levying charges levied in Kertakaikkisten reimbursement and payment of insurance companies to confirm the Division of the Ministry.

for details on the implementation of the provisions of this section 7 shall, as appropriate, to the law Ministry.

section 8 of this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1968.