Regulation Of The State's Money, Collecting And Accounting Of The Assets Of The Maksuunpanosta

Original Language Title: Asetus eräiden valtion rahasaamisten maksuunpanosta, kannosta ja tilittämisestä

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Presentation by the Minister for Economic Affairs: section 1 of the State of the future, the monetary receivables referred to in section 2 of the maksuunpanossa, on the collection and declaring the in accordance with the provisions of this regulation.

section 2 of the financial assets referred to in this regulation are: 1) the State land improvement, forest improvement and housing loans vuotuismaksut;
2) incurred by the transfer of the national land survey of the supply, drainage, road-making and other comparable costs, as well as on the basis provided for in the various laws on the issue of population in the context of the activities of substitutions, and fees, in the event of their inheritance, and the collection and calculation of the is not by law or regulation otherwise organized; in the field of the administration of the State, as well as 3) County, kalastuksista, as well as the rent charged to the income of civil servants and other associated rental income.

maksuunpano and article 3 of the Financial assets of the collection authority is the County Administrative Board, unless otherwise provided for in respect of a receivable.

the basis of article 4 of the aforementioned assets are the formality connected with the relevant authorities, as well as by the decisions of the lease agreements, with lists, osittelut and amortization calculations.

for each of the contributing section 5 be numbered maksuunpano or bank account card, the: 1) the name and address of the holder of the receipt of the amounts secured by way of the name, number and the customer;
2) decision, a letter or other document to which the maksuunpano is based on;
the total number of 3);
4) each year, the amount collected, as well as, when the interest rate is to be carried out, about and of interest and amortization;
the basis on which the interest rate is 5);
the amortisation of the loan, the remaining 6); as well as the quality of the various receivables 7) indicate the entries.
Formality connected with the supporting documents shall be kept in accordance with the maksuunpano or account cards in numerical order.
Assets to be applied within a specified period of time after the fact, when the decisions of the authorities concerned or osittelussa have become established, there is a formality connected with the performance of the document on the basis of the evidence submitted before the collection sent to the spirit of the amendment, in which shall be recorded in a document of potential changes, after which the premises omistajain maksuunpano, or account card is needed to be adjusted. A similar adjustment is also made, when ownership is otherwise known to the maksuunpanoviranomaisen, or if the document will be displayed.

section 6 of the Maksuunpano will take place in such a way that the maksuunpanoja account to be drawn up for the annual collection of cards for each payer ticket, which is attached to the collection authority set to tilillepanokortti. Payment for tickets will be numbered maksuunpano-and the corresponding account cards with numbers.
The various categories of claims shall be borne by the different mail transfer to income accounts.

section 7 claims referred to in this Regulation shall be levied in respect of a receivable, in so far as it is not otherwise provided for, or the Ministry of finance, for the number of days during the period between May 2 and 15, called the days including. If the last day of a period is a public holiday, the carrier or any other kind of day, when the locations are considered closed as public holidays, the lot may be paid to run the next working day following that of its publication.

Article 8 Payment of the levy shall be submitted through the mail tickets in good time before the start of the period range.
They pay the tickets, which could not be delivered to their destination, must be regarded as a collection authority by the parties liable for payment are available.

the annual collection for the purposes of section 9 of the maksuunpanosta shall be drawn up in the mix, that shows how much each of the access referred to in article 2 is maksuunpantu.

section 10 of the Assets shall be carried out in the postal savings bank or postal transfer movement in the intermediate at the post office or the Ministry of finance imposed by other financial institutions.

Article 11 of the Collection authority shall, on the basis of the quantities of labels tilillepanokorttien coupons maksuunpano and the task of the accumulated account cards. The quantities of each transfer of the income account of the accumulated in the accounts of the relevant account of the Office is a monthly summary of the task, which must be accompanied by the transfer of the branch of the statements of account sent by mail and transfer notices.

failure to comply with article 12, Without sending a new impulse for receivables, accounts and erikoisperinnässä Regulation shall apply mutatis mutandis, what tax collection (21/60) is provided.

Tax collection has been repealed VeronkantoA:lla 903/1978, see VMA tax 747/2005.

a separate attachment, the State as a receipt of the section 13 in respect of the major assets of the County Government in the course of January each year, send to the Federal Audit Office of the assets to be recovered at the lists at the end of the previous year. The list is also important, the measures which have been taken, as well as the recovery of assets to recover the encountered obstacles.
Section 2 of the assets referred to in paragraph 1, in respect of which the accounts of the Government of the province will not be counted as income, the County is within the month of January to send the receipt of the letters, which the tulouttavalle authority of the lists to the said authority has been notified of remittance account during the preceding calendar year. The list shall also include a statement of the crediting of the amount at any given time.

section 14 of the collateral for the loan, which is At State or national land survey in connection with the operation of the judgment or settlement in the shipment, it is shared, it is about how the State's money is provided for the new status of the osakasten between the Partitionable, separately.

Article 15 of the Detailed rules for the application of this regulation on the implementation of, and to give the Ministry of finance.

This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 1968, and maksuunpanosta, as well as various State that a series of future payments is repealed, taxes and charges in the collection and accounting of the Decree of 28 August 1953 (346/53), in so far as it is still valid.

This Regulation shall also apply to the fees, the Survey Office has issued a final decision in 1967 or earlier.
Cash equivalents for the purposes of this regulation, which, until now, is ulosotettu without judgment or decision, must not continue to be so delicious without.