The Law On The Right To Public Water Areas

Original Language Title: Laki oikeudesta yleisiin vesialueisiin

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament, provides for: section 1 of the Finnish territorial waters and the large lake backs are, in so far as they are outside the viewfinder, the village common. Pohjineen public water areas are the property of the State.
The general areas of åland, is valid, what of them separately.

section 2 of This before the legally obtained private legal fishing location outside the village in the viewfinder or other special rights to a particular part of the overall water area is still in place. Institution or structure, that is, the port, the maritime or inland transport's also possible to try, fishing or other purposes within the legally in the past was to public water to the region, is without prejudice to the provisions of this law continues to maintain. The State is not going to the right to compensation referred to above and the use of the area prior to the entry into force of this law as the basis for the structure of the body or, except when such compensation is agreed.
When someone before the entry into force of this law is a public water district conquered the mineral or the Lake ore finding or applied for a mining district, the standard does not charge the owner share the Defense cost and does not require the owner of the mining operations and the mining regulations, according to the country's future in return for payment or for share of mining work.

section 3 of This Bill will not cause a change to what is provided for in or otherwise, valid for the right to fish or to hunt or pursue the General catchment area there's also possible to try or other traffic, yleiskäyttöä.

section 4 of the Public waters are subject to the control of the Board and management of the forest, some of them in respect of a decision of the Council of State of the region as provided or otherwise. (10.4.2015/382)

L:lla 382/2015 amended the Act shall enter into force on the 1.1.2016. The previous wording is: Public water areas are controlled by the Government and management of the forest, except in the case of one of them, belonging to the area covered by a decision of the Council of State, or otherwise. With regard to matters relating to fisheries management and administration of the General water does, however, establish a fisheries law (286/82) 118. (in the event of proceedings/98)
When not in operation or business, as explicitly provided for in the ta would otherwise be valid, you must have the owner's consent or support for the company, the President of the General area of the owner's use of the water power of the authority having control over said area, is.

section 5: the right to disclose and rent a part of the public water, as well as to grant General water area and other special rights such as the right to dispose of State ownership of land is provided for and the Act on the rights of the tuloatuottavia (687/78). (31.8.1978/691)
What the right is provided for in the Council of State to dispose of separately from the other in its own State-owned mineral findings and their exploitation in the areas of the country, is also common in the mineral waters of their findings.

section 6: Let no one authority referred to in section 4 of the unauthorized access to build public water, take something to elevate it from the bottom of the part, for the use of rocks, sand, gravel or other materials, except as a question not of the measure, which the supplier has established his right to the Water Act, the Mining Act, or the provision of ta legislation based on such saannokseen under the authority of the decision.

section 7 of the border between the village and the transition to the General catchment area does not interfere with the parts of the territory of the General water prior to the entry into force of this law, under the law of the other legally obtained or the permanence of this right. In the public part of the catchment area, which, in the appropriate order, has been the property of the State for permanent use, remains constant.

section 8 of the Regulation may be used, where appropriate, the application of the provisions of this law is to provide more accurate.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: 31.8.1978/691: this law shall enter into force on 1 October 1978.

in the event of proceedings/98: this law shall enter into force on 1 March 1995.
THEY YmVM 14/241/94, 94/382 10.4.2015: this law shall enter into force on the 1 January 2016.
THEY MmVM 31/192/2014, 2014, EV 353/2014