Original Language Title: Muinaismuistolaki

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In accordance with the decision of Parliament, which is made in the order in the manner set out in article 67, provided for: Chapter 1 section 1 of the archaeological sites in archaeological sites in the fixed Fixed are closed as a reminder of a previous settlement in Finland and history.
Without this authorisation under the law is fixed muinaisjäännöksen excavation, removal, alteration, damage, masking and other tampering with forbidden.

section 2 of the Solid's ancient monuments are: 1) the Earth-and-stone heaps, mounds, stone circles and other paved surfaces and kivilatomukset, which are made by people in ancient times;
2) pagan tombs and bearberry swath and Abula Bank, including those during which there are no signs on the surface of the land;
3) stones and rocky surfaces, which is from ancient times writings, pictures, or any other type of drawings or paintings, hiomauria, or any other victim of the grinding or cutting marks or bumps;
4) the victim, the victim, the victim of the stones and other places of worship, as well as the ancient places of the District Court;
5) from ancient times the remains of dwellings, as well as from the housing and jobs, so the formations, which are born of their dwellings or places;
6), archaic abandoned castles, Castle hills, castles, forts, ramparts and moats, as well as the remains of monasteries, churches, and other major buildings in association, the ruins and the ancient burial sites, which are not in the treatment of the cemetery of the Church;
7) stones, crosses and statues, which in ancient times was erected in memory of the event or of any person or uskomuksellisessa purposes, as well as other monuments;
8) of the ancients, with substantial road signposts and bridges, as well as the guard came and the remains of other devices; as well as 9) fixed natural objects, which is related to the old ways, stories or significant historical memories.

3 section Solid archaeological Committee monitors the Antiquities of the softening.

section 4: Fixed muinaisjäännökseen belongs to a country, to maintain the balance, and the balance that is necessary for the quality and relevance of the necessary space to reserve it.
The area where this is provided for in the paragraph 1, shall be appointed by law for protection.

§ 5 If fixed relic from the protection area is provided for the property to be delivered or cashed in the limits set out therein, these activities shall be complied with, is. (to 12 April 1995/563)
When muinaisjäännöksen the limits specified in subparagraph (1) is not, as has been said, and not between the Agency and the owner of the Museum of writing fit, for economic development, transport and the Environment Agency is a matter for the owner of the application to the Office or the Museum to confirm. The application must be accompanied by a proposal for a muinaisjäännöksen analysis of the limits of the right of ownership of the property, which is a relic from the past, an extract from the real estate register and the location of the balance, a reliable map or map to a drawing. The application must consult with the owner of the land, if the application was made by the Agency, the National Board of Antiquities, and the Museum when the application is made by the owner of the country. (22 December 2009/1443)
Subject to the limits laid down by the muinaisjäännöksen of the above in this section is called, is considered the borders so that the width of the protection area will be visible from the outer edge of the balance of the two meters including.

section 6 When fixed in the country of the ancient monument is the measurement of the delivery is pending, is a relic from the protection-areas marked on the map and in the land registry.
If the parties agree, is a relic from the protection-band to be distinguished from the common shareholders in the shipment of the measurement area.

section 7 if the protection area, with boundaries have been agreed to or established in accordance with article 5 (2), cause considerable harm to the use of all or part of the property in the area, which in the past was not similarly limited, is the right to receive State funds for compensation.
If the compensation referred to in paragraph 1, is it an action must be brought before the Court of protection rights in the region, within one year of when the cross is legally prescribed, the risk of that entitlement to the refund shall be lost.
When the real estate is located in the protection zone, is the money or goods, or to the recovery of the recurring income of the right to compensation, which, as is mentioned above in this paragraph, the administrative agency shall be deposited in the area and the selling price of the property to be shared as ulosmitatun. The amount of the lien holder shall have the same right as the compensation to the property pages. There must not, however, provide the deposit, where a lien by the filing of the consent of the holder of the compensation, or if the interest to be replaced due to injury or other reasons does not have the effect of depressing the value of the collateral to be regarded as significantly. (22 December 2009/1443) of section 8 (22 December 2009/1443), transport and the Environment Agency will, if necessary, to lay down specific provisions to safeguard the value of the fixed muinaisjäännöksen. Provisions can be extended to an area outside the territory of protection, the owner of the subject area or any of the other that there is a major inconvenience.
For economic development, transport and the Environment Agency's decision on the notice-board of the julkipantava as a public alert provides, as well as, if it is considered necessary, to the appropriate location in the proximity of the muinaisjäännöksen.

under section 9 of the State, when required, as a general need for real property expropriation in the General need for protection of the right to expropriate is provided for fixed-area or part of a relic from the past.

Muinaistieteellisellä section 10 of the Act shall be entitled to examine the solid Jurassic Park, shows the limits of piles, fence, or other characters, or to announce the site of the pot, so also to renovate the ancient remains in the area, as well as carry out the clearance and other measures necessary for the protection and management of muinaisjäännöksen. Archaeological work also may, in accordance with the terms of the licence to another muinaisjäännöksen with the consent of the recipient to hand over to the local management, muinaisjäännöksen for the time being to the Church or group.
When particular reasons it is necessary to take the muinaisjäännöksen archaeologist, or part of it over at another location to be placed in and out there. Now, said muinaisjäännökseen or part of is also suitable for a, which is bricked or otherwise connected to a building or other structure.
If anyone has suffered damage to the measures referred to in paragraph 1 or 2, he has the right to receive fair compensation from State funds.

section 11 (22 December 2009/1443) When fixed to the importance of the ancient remains in a relatively disproportionately great harm to produce it, for economic development, transport and the environment agency may, on application, which shall be accompanied by a detailed commentary on the Jurassic Park, a Museum, after consulting the Agency, gives permission to touch the muinaisjäännökseen in a way which would otherwise, according to the first subparagraph of article 1 shall be prohibited. I promise to be included in the conditions considered to be relevant.
If the application is other than that referred to in subparagraph (1) the owner, the owner of the fact to be consulted. it is
For economic development, transport and the Environment Agency's decision, which has been given permission to muinaisjäännökseen kajoamiseen, is subject to endorsement by the Ministry of education, when the decision is contrary to the opinion of the National Board of Antiquities.
In the implementation of the General työhanketta muinaisjäännöksen kajoamiseen permission provided for in section 13.

section 11 section 12 If the application referred to in paragraph 1 shall relate to the kind of solid Jurassic Park, which in the past was not known and which characters has not been visible on the surface of the Earth, and the application has been rejected, even though the relic from the cause to the applicant, the applicant is entitled to reasonable compensation for the loss of the funds of the State, if the application had been rejected came within two years of the ancient monument.
The compensation referred to in paragraph 1 above, an action is, if compensation is not agreed upon, be brought before the Court of muinaisjäännöksen rights within one year of the date on which the applicant was informed that under section 11 of the said application has been finally rejected, at the risk of that entitlement to the refund shall be lost.
When the real estate is located in the ancient monument, is in receipt of, or the income of a recurring cash or goods carrying the right as a deposit, and sharing of the compensation, it is similarly applicable to article 7 is provided.

section 13 of the public road, railroad, Canal or the airport building, directly on the water rationing, or other kind of overall planning, or planning to have a good time työhanketta be plain about it, and whether or not the implementation of the project or planning to come to solid Jurassic Park. If that is the case, is that the negotiation on the matter without delay to inform muinaistieteelliselle Committee. Conference shall consult the owner of the land.
The case referred to in paragraph 1, if the Conference is not to reach a consensus, it is a matter of the subject to the Council of State muinaistieteellisen.

section 14 of the

If the country is found in mining or other job while it fixed the relic from the past, which is not well known, is the work of muinaisjäännöksen split immediately suspend and shall without delay bring the matter management muinaistieteellisen work to the attention of the appropriate measures. If the job is kind of like the purposes of section 13, there is a counter, as has been said in that article.

a major public or private, section 15, of the implementation of the työhankkeen At the solid Jurassic Park, in such a way as to cause a specific examination of the specific measures of the muinaisjäännöksen in order to preserve, or is the developer to replace the resulting costs or participate in them, in the event that, in the circumstances, is not to be regarded as unfair.
Chapter 2 Movable Antiquities section 16, that finds the money, weapon, tool, decoration, dish, or other means of transport of the object, the owner of which is not known, and what can be expected for at least a hundred years old, shall, without delay, transmit the object as such, refined the discovery and discovery in the field of related conditions with the information contained in the muinaistieteelliselle. If it is to be feared that the item has been damaged in any way, or otherwise not hankaluudetta if the object cannot be muinaistieteelliselle, however, is finding it, without delay, inform and, at the same time, provide the above information.
When an object is found deeper into the morass or the country, or the discovery of Jurassic Park, there is a fixed place of residence or, as the kalmistoa markers, are not the discovery of the place to get more intact, before the archaeological Committee, which, if necessary, without delay, shall, after examination of the finding on the issue.
What has been said in paragraph 1 or 2 of the item itself, also applies to the object.

section 17 of the Muinaistieteellisellä function in the community has the right to redeem the muinaisesine referred to in section 16 of the Finnish National Museum or defer their rights to any of the other public museum or institution. When an object is of significant importance to the transfer of the right of redemption, however, is to get the consent of the Ministry of education. If the object is non-changeable, it returned to the Finder, who gets to keep the item.
If the item is redeemed as referred to in sub-section 1, is the person who comes along to pay for just the amount of the compensation, the archaeological Committee, taking into account the quality of the object. When the object has a precious metal, is the compensation must correspond to at least the value of the metal increased by twenty-five percent of the object.
The famous flat-rate muinaisjäännöksestä muinaisesine, which is found in contact with the muinaisjäännöksen, a lunastuksetta State.
Archaeological work can, if necessary, carry out the Finder of a special reward.

section 18 (22 December 2009/1443) Museum, in accordance with the terms of the Agency shall have the right to examine, or give someone permission to explore the place where muinaislöytö was, although it is not a solid Jurassic Park.
If the examination referred to in subparagraph (1) someone has suffered damage, is it reasonable to replace him, the resources of the State.
Regional State administrative agency may, if necessary, the threat of a fine for using the territory referred to in subparagraph (1) to prohibit engaging in research-related incidents, the measures in place.

section 19 of the Church or any other public building or a building belonging to the movable object, which is associated with the memory of old methods, or the clever way in which there is no private property, such as an old table, a sculpture or other work of art, kalleutta, coat-of-arms of the shield, or asepukua, the flag, arms, vaivaistukkia, or any other kind of object, let hävitettäkö or luovutettako before it is reported to the muinaistieteelliselle function and it is dealt with. Muinaistieteellisellä work with the community has the right to cause that object replicas and pictures, so, too, when the object is going to destroy or dispose of the private, claiming it the Finnish National Museum.
Article 17 is provided for the muinaisesineen delegation of the right of redemption, the redemption of the right referred to in subparagraph (1) in regard to the analogy.
Chapter 3, section 20 of the sea, or even in a Marine discoveries found in the ship or any other ship wreck, which can be assumed to be at least a hundred years after the sinking of the, or such part of the wreck is protected. The wreck and its parts is, mutatis mutandis, in effect, what the fixed muinaisjäännöksestä. (from 15 November 2002/941)
If, on the basis of the external circumstances, it is clear that the owner referred to in subsection 1 has been rejected by the wreck, or part of it, is it in the State. (from 15 November 2002/941)
Objects, which are referred to in subparagraph (1) are found in the wreck or, apparently, a lunastuksetta, belong to the State of origin, and is otherwise valid, mutatis mutandis, what muinaisesineistä is provided for in the population information system.
To find the wreckage was referred to in this article or in an article, let it muinaistieteelliselle without delay.
Ship of discovery and monitoring of compliance with the rules governing them to perform, in addition to the other requirements of this law by the authorities of the border guard. (15 July 2005/592) Chapter 4 miscellaneous provisions article 21, When comes to run under section 10 (1) or (2), section 16 (2) or section 18 of the measure referred to in paragraph 1, the time well in advance of the formally known e-mail address or some other way to notify the owner of the land or structure, as well as, when the owner of the property is not under control, also the holder.

section 22 (15 July 2005/592) the decision referred to in article 5 or in article 8, shall, without delay, send a copy of the Museum to the Agency and to the local police department. A copy of the decision shall be sent to the ship's discovery of the border patrol to the relevant management unit.

section 23 of the above 11 the application referred to in subparagraph (1) of section as well as section 13 (1), article 14, article 16, and article 19 of the above-mentioned notifications have to be dealt with as a matter of urgency. The examination of the measures provided for in article 15, is also to be carried out as a matter of urgency.

section 24 (15 July 2005/592) Notifications as provided for in article 13, paragraph 1, article 14, or 16, or the third paragraph of article 20, may be made, as well as section 16: (1) the meaning of the object also gives to the police. The ship can be noted on the discovery and the associated object also gives border guards. The police and the border guard shall, without delay, transmit messages and objects from the Museum to the Agency.

section 25 (21.4.1995/702) the penalty for violation of this law for the protection provided for in the criminal code for the offence of construction, Chapter 6, section 48 of the Act.
Within the meaning of subparagraph (1) which is in a language other than either intentionally or recklessly trespassing section 1 subsection 2 of section 8 of the said measure, or in breach of the provisions adopted pursuant to paragraph 1, or article 14, section 16, subsection 2, section 19, subsection 1 or section 20 of the regulations, is to be condemned to a fine muinaismuistorikkomuksesta.
Muinaismuistorikkomuksesta also condemned the fact that omitted the relevant authority referred to in subsection (1) of section 16 of an object or does not make the declaration provided for, or otherwise acquire or dispose of, conceal themselves will take the country out of the sanotunlaisen object, which according to this law would have had to be transmitted to the Office, or damage to, or alters the Museum. The author of the discovery in the field of rights.

25 (a) of section (22 December 2009/1443), section 25 (a) repealed by L:lla on 22 December 2009/1443.

Article 26 of this law shall enter into force on 1 July 1963. For the protection of such monuments shall be repealed on 2 April 1883 to defuse and regulation, except for article 8.

The change of the date of entry into force of the acts and, in the event of the application of this Law/68: shall enter into force on 1 March 1995.
THEY YmVM 241/94, 14/94 to 12 April 1995/563: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1997.
THEY 227/94, 21.4.1995 MmVM 45/94/702: this law shall enter into force on 1 September 1995.
THEY'RE 94/93, SuVM LaVM 22/94, 10/94 1.11.1996/798: this law shall enter into force on 1 December 1996. Transitional provisions will be given separately by law.
THEY LaVM 92/1996, 10/1996, EV 123/1996/941 from 15 November 2002: this law shall enter into force on 1 December 2002.
The law shall also apply before the entry into force of this law the wreck of the ship or any other ship muinaismuistona tufted milkwort and on the basis of a portion of the external circumstances, it is obvious that the owner of the abandoned.
THEY'RE 80/2002, SiVM 8/140/2002 July 15, 2002, EV/592: this law shall enter into force on 1 September 2005.
THEY'RE 6/2005, HaVM 12/2005, EV 92/2005 22 December 2009/1443: this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2010.
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the measures needed to implement the law.
THEY 161/2009, HaVM 18/2009, EV 205/2009

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