The Law On The Limitation Of In Some Cases, The Collection Of Wild Products

Original Language Title: Laki luonnonvaraisten tuotteiden keräämisen rajoittamisesta eräissä tapauksissa

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament, provides for: 1 the province of Lapland, with a section in the areas of forest or other land-based sources of wild niinin on the two products shall mean the State has a significant economic importance for the livelihood of the local population, to the Ministry of agriculture, in the interests of the population, the subject of a decision to ban for the rest of the collection.

section 2, which violates the prohibition pursuant to article 1, on the tuomittakoon, commanded a fine, and tampered with the collected products, containers or other containers used for transport of the instruments, as well as the value of the confiscation of the picking.

the implementation of article 3 of this Act, the supervisory authority shall have the power to take the property referred to in section 2, until its loss of the thing is legally resolved. If the property is perishable, be cited as authority the right to sell.
If the authority of the owner of the property under paragraph 1, the recovery is unknown or does not for any other reason, been sued for the right to call or land, the size of the judge at the request of the public prosecutor on the basis of a writ to come to the right of him, which has to be paid to the right of the door, at least one month before the due date.
Unless the owner hauled up to arrive at your answer and does not show a legal barrier to the loss of the property, let us resolve this question in his absence.

on the implementation of article 4 of this law shall be imposed by regulation.