The Law On The State Civil Service Or Employment Relationship, In Some Cases, Carried Out Salary Asevelvolliselle

Original Language Title: Laki valtion virka- tai työsuhteessa olevalle asevelvolliselle eräissä tapauksissa suoritettavasta palkasta

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In accordance with the decision of the Parliament, provides for: section 1 of the State of the asevelvolliselle päätoimisessa of civil servants or employees, who is invited to the Conscription Act (452/50) under the reserve refresher, with his post-on the basis of the wages or employment relationship for the period of exercises, depending on the reserve revisions other than this law.

in the case referred to In section 2 of the Act päätoimisessa official or in an employment relationship are: 1) the holder of the public authorities or the peruspalkkaisen and the kind of posts or posts in virkaatoimittavana or Deputy to the specified person;
2 the holder of the position and the public or sopimuspalkkaisen) kind of posts or posts in virkaatoimittavana or Deputy to the specified person, if not otherwise agreed in the contract;
3. the holder of an extraordinary measure and Act) virkaatoimittavana or Deputy to the specified person;
4) a temporary member of staff;
5 due to the development in the service of the State), a trainee who is not a job or an apprenticeship in relation to the State; as well as the work of a person in a State of 6), with the duration of the worker during the period of service of a pension may be read by attaching.

Article 2, paragraph 3 of the said persons is carried out for the period of his reserve refresher or perustulia to their employment, wages, less the period indicated in the reserviläispalkalla, to which he is entitled to the conditions of employment of the people other than the normal asevelvolliselle over the remuneration of the Act of 29 June 1953 (294/53). The above wage reduction will take place, as the Ministry of finance, more specifically in the context of the amount of the payment of wages, where the proof of the amount of reserviläispalkan and of the elements referred to in paragraph 2 is available.
In the period during which the person referred to in article 2 does not run asevelvolliselle from a non-permanent personnel remuneration service carried out pursuant to article 4 of the law on reserviläispalkkaa, not him also carried out on the basis of the official or the employment relationship.

section 4 of the employment relationship, based on the wages of civil servants, or the salary, which the person concerned on the basis of the Office or employment relationship would have been entitled if he had the time reserve refresher at ease in his Office or at work.
If the delivery of the relevant authorities, or to the existence of a reserve to work regardless of the refresher should have been suspended during the term of the relevant reserve refresher, refers to the employment relationship on the basis of the official, or pay for, however, the salary which the person concerned on the basis of the official or of the employment relationship would have been during the suspension.
The salary of the person employed, according to the same criteria, as laid down on 27 April 1946, the workers on the annual holiday Act (317/46), the pay is provided for annual leave to be put down.
The relationship is based on the salary of civil servants shall not be counted against any damage or loss of overtime, night work, Sunday work, or any other similar compensation or remuneration, the remuneration of the State authorities or the owners of 22 December 1942 (1030/42) 14 and article 1 of the supplementary premiums referred to in, and the compensation or any other similar commissions or compensation.

5 article 2 of the said section If the person has had reserve annual refresher, in whole or in part during the holidays, he is without prejudice to the provisions of this law be entitled to annual leave for the period is based on the employment relationship to civil servants or paid for in accordance with the provisions in force.

section 6 of the Special recruitment or during the war, the recruitment of civil servants or employees of the so-called State of asevelvolliselle on the basis of the carried out his official salary or employment relationship laid down in a regulation.

for details on the application of the provisions of this law, article 7 shall, as appropriate, the Ministry of finance.

section 8 of this law shall apply with effect from 1 January 1953.
This law shall also apply to a person, other than a permanent crew of the conditions of employment of asevelvolliselle for the period from the entry into force of the law on the compensation for the period prior to the entry has been given in accordance with the criteria laid down in the law reserviläispalkkaa in the latter.

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