You Amend The Special Budget Of The National Directorate Of Drugs In Order To Incorporate Us $2,406,000.00.


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1 index Legislative Decree No. 31 the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of EL SALVADOR, considering: I.-that by Decree legislative number 1008, dated February 22, 2012, published in the Official Journal No. 43, vol. No. 394, of 2 March of the same year, aired the medicines Act, which aims to guarantee the institutional framework allowing to ensure accessibility , registration, quality, availability, efficiency and safety of medicines and cosmetics for the population and provide the best price for the user public and private;
II. that pursuant to the provisions of article 3 of the aforementioned law, creates the National Directorate of drugs as an autonomous entity of law and public utility, of a technical nature, of indefinite duration, with full autonomy in the exercise of their functions, both in the financial and administrative and budget; which shall be the competent authority for the application of the aforementioned Act; and, (III).-in accordance with article 6 of the Act which determines to allude the previous recitals and the National Directorate of drugs can begin its operation during the present fiscal year of 2012, it is necessary to incorporate into the existing budget law, voted by Legislative Decree No. 918 of date November 23, 2011 published in the Official Journal No. 236, volume no. 393, December 16 of the same year, the special budget of this institution by an amount of two million four hundred six thousand dollars from the United States of AMERICA (US$ 2,406,000); which will be financed with own resources generated by the collection of rights services and licences for the establishments of health and a transfer of funds from the surplus generated in previous years by the Superior Council of public health.
  Therefore, in use of his constitutional powers and at the initiative of the President of the Republic, by the Minister of finance, DECREES: article 1.-in the current budget law, the following changes are introduced: in section B - special budgets, B.1 - institutions decentralized not business, paragraph II - expenses, added the special budget of the national drugs direction, thus : 2 index legislative National Directorate of drugs institutional A.MARCO 1. Policy guarantee institutions that ensure accessibility, registration, quality, availability, efficiency and safety of medicines and cosmetics for the population and provide the best price for the user public and private; in coordination with the institutions that make up the National Directorate of drugs, as well as with non-governmental entities and the population in general, through the application of the medicines Act and their respective regulations.
2. priorities in the allocation of resources to establish an official drugs of compulsory existence in the national health system.
To ensure a proper prescription and dispensing of medicines.
Authorize the registration, importation, manufacture and sale of products covered by the Drugs Act, with the exception of the compounding.
Authorize the registration, importation, manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical specialties, vitamin supplements, natural products and other products or substances that provide a therapeutic action, manufactured in the country or abroad and which comply with the requirements established in the regulations of the medicines Act.
Qualify and authorize, prior to publication or broadcasting, advertising of all products to be offered to the public as a means of prevention and cure of diseases, promotion or restoring the health, avoiding implying such advertising exaggeration, omission, inaccuracy or that may lead to consumer deception, mistake or confusion about the origin of the product components or ingredients, the benefits or implications of your case; avoiding such advertising abuse of good faith and credibility of the people.
Authorize the introduction to the country of drugs that institutions or foreign organizations sent out as a donation to institutions established in the medicines Act, according to the rules laid down in the respective regulations.   Cancel authorizations granted for the dispensing of specialties, Officinal products and cosmetics, when it is found that these constitute a health hazard.
Ensure the entire process of quality control of medicines.
Supervise the selling prices of drugs in approved establishments.
Regulate the importation and consumption of products regulated in law regulating the activities relating to drugs and the regulation of narcotic drugs psychotropic substances, precursors, substances and chemical products and aggregates.

3 index legislative monitor the conditions of storage, distribution, transportation and dispensing of medicaments in approved establishments.
Meet and resolve appeals, in accordance with the provisions of the law.
3. objectives plan, organize, direct and control the technical and administrative services of the direction, in order to ensure that resources are used efficiently and rationally in the framework of the law on drugs.
Lead effort aimed at continuing and permanent training on drugs, therapeutic and health products for professionals in health, in coordination with the Ministry of health and other public and private entities.
To promote the publication of guides pharmacological and/or pharmaco-therapeutic referrals for use by health professionals.   Carry out programs of health education on drugs aimed at the public in general, promoting actions that promote a better understanding of the drugs to improve adherence to treatment, avoid the risks of misuse and creating awareness among citizens of the economic value of the drug.
B. income revenue streams 12 rates and rights 121 rates 12105 by services of certification or visa of documents 122 rights 12299 rights different 15 financial revenues and other 153 fines e Mora 15399 fines interest and interests different 16 transfers currents 165 other transfers currents of the Sector public 16599 transfers currents different from the Sector public 797,745 568,770 39,485 1,366,515 1,000,000 1,000,000 39,485 Total 2,406,000 C. allocation of resources 1. Destination of the expenditure by source of funding code unit budget responsible resources own 4 index legislative 01 02 direction and administration institutional authorization, registration and Control of medicines Director Director 467,920 1,938,080 Total 2,406,000 2. Economic classification institutional area of management development Social expenditure current consumption expenditure or operational management pay goods and services financial expenses and other taxes, fees and secure rights, commissions and bank charges Capital investments in assets fixed assets intangible furniture 1,526,090 1,504,575 909,440 expenses 595,135 21,515 1,515 20,000 879,910 879,910 830,910 Total 49,000 2,406,000 3. Related purposes resources assigned budgetary unit and line of work purpose cost 01 address and institutional 01 address senior management and administration 02 authorization, registration and Control of medications 01 regulation and inspection direct, manage, advise, assess and coordinate the management of the National Directorate of drugs.
Ensure the quality, accessibility, efficiency and safety of the drugs and cosmetics.
467,920 467,920 1,938,080 1,938,080 Total 2,406,000 4. Budget allocation by group category, source of funding and economic destiny budgetary unit and encrypted budgetary line of work remuneration 51 54 acquisitions of goods and services 55 other 61 investments in fixed assets current expenses Total Capital expenses and financial expenses 5 index legislative 01 management and administration institutional 2012-3236-3-01-resources 01 - 21 - 2 own 02 authorisation, registration and Control of drugs 2012-3236-3-02-resources 01 - 21 - 2 22-2 resources own own senior management and administration regulation e 516,070 393,370 393,370 inspection
516,070 53,035 53,035 542,100 542,100 21,515 21,515 879,910 879,910 467,920 467,920 1,058,170 1,058,170 879,910 879,910 467,920 467,920 1,938,080 Total 1,058,170 909,440 595,135 21,515 879,910 1,526,090 879,910 2,406,000 D. classification capacity 1. Stratification of squares full time salary range contracts squares amount 301.00 - 350.99 351.00 - 400.99 551.00 - 600.99 651.00 - 700.99 701.00 - 750.99 751.00 - 800.99 951.00 - 1,000.99 1,101.00 - 1,200.99 1,401.00 - 1,500.99 1,901.00 2,000.99 2,301.00 in later 1 9 6 3 4 37 35 3 6 7 11 2,100 21,600 21,600 12,600 18,000 177,600 210,000 21,600 54,000 84,000 195,000 122 818,100 2. Classification of staff for activity time full classification contract amount

Personal executive staff technical staff administrative staff of service 2 59 60 1 57,000 325,200 433,800 2,100 Total 122 818,100 article 2.-the budget special of the direction national of drugs, DNM, will be financed up to an amount of $1,000,000, through a transfer of resources from surplus generated in previous years by the Superior Council of public health, in accordance with the established 6 legislative index in the Arts. 8, letter d) and 99 of the law on drugs.
Article 3.-this Decree shall enter into force as from the day of its publication in the official journal.
GIVEN in the blue room of the Legislative Palace: San Salvador, at twenty-one days of the month of June of the year two thousand twelve.
OTHON SIGFRIDO REYES MORALES President ALBERTO ARMANDO ROMERO RODRÍGUEZ GUILLERMO ANTONIO GALLEGOS NAVARRETE first Vice President second Vice President JOSE FRANCISCO MERINO LÓPEZ FRANCISCO ROBERTO LORENZANA DURÁN third Vice-President fourth Vice President ROBERTO JOSÉ d'AUBUISSON MUNGUIA fifth Vice President LORENA GUADALUPE penalty MENDOZA CARMEN ELENA CALDERON Sun of step first Secretary Second Secretary SANDRA MARLENE SALGADO GARCIA JOSE RAFAEL MACHUCA ZELAYA third Secretariat fourth Secretary IRMA LOURDES PALACES VASQUEZ MARGARITA ESCOBAR fifth Secretariat sixth Secretariat RODRIGO SAMAYOA RIVAS REYNALDO ANTONIO LOPEZ CARDOZA seventh Secretary EIGHTH Secretary presidential House: San Salvador, to the twenty-second day of June of the year two thousand twelve.

7 index legislative JUAN RAMON CARLOS ENRIQUE CACERES CHAVEZ, Minister of finance.
D. OR. NO. 115 Tome. NO. 395. date: 22 June 2012 07-16-2012 JCH/geg