Law Of Creation Of The University Regional Amazon Ikiam

Original Language Title: Ley de Creación de la Universidad Regional Amazónica Ikiam

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Whereas: Article 3 number 1 of the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador, which establishes as a duty of the State ensure without discrimination the cash to enjoy the rights established in the Constitution and in international instruments, in particular the education, health, food, social security and water for its inhabitants; That article 26 of the Constitution states that education is right of people throughout his life, an inescapable and unavoidable duty of the State, priority area of public policy, the State investment, guarantee social inclusion and an indispensable condition for the good life; That article 27 of the Constitution of the Republic determines that education "will be participatory, mandatory, intercultural, democratic, inclusive and diverse, quality and warmth. promote gender equity, justice, solidarity and peace", generating the obligation of the State to guarantee the constitutional principle of plurinationality and interculturalism, including curricular plans materials related to peoples and nationalities as a transverse shaft which refer to the cultures, customs, Linguistics, worldview, peoples and nationalities; That article 344 of the Magna Charter of the Republic of Ecuador, determines that the national system of education shall include institutions, programs, policies, resources and actors of the educational process, as well as actions in the levels of initial, basic education, and will be articulated with the higher education system;

Supplement - Registro Oficial No. 144 - Monday 16 December, 2013 - 3 determines the number 1 of article 347 of the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador: "it is the responsibility of the State: 1. strengthening public education and co-education;" ensure the improvement permanent of the quality, the enlargement of the coverage, the infrastructure physical and the equipment necessary of the institutions educational public. (...)";

That, the article 350 of the standard mater, says that the system of education upper has as purpose the training academic and professional with mink scientific and humanist, promoting it research scientific and technological, it innovation, promotion, development and diffusion of them knowledge and them cultures in concordance with them objectives of the regime of development;

That, article 354 of the fundamental State standard, establishes that the universities and polytechnics, public schools and individuals are created by law, prior favourable report binding of the body responsible for planning, control and coordination of the system of higher education, which will be based at the previous favorable and reports required of the institution responsible for the assurance of quality and the national planning agency;

Whereas, article 355 of the Charter Supreme of the Republic of the Ecuador, among other principles, provides that the State will recognize the universities and polytechnic schools academic, financial, organic and administrative autonomy, consistent with the objectives of the regime's development ylos principles set out in the Constitution;

That article 357 of the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador, says that the State will guarantee the financing of public institutions of higher education, and that the distribution of these resources should be based primarily on quality and other criteria defined in the law;

That, the article 13 of the law organic of education upper sets as functions of the system of education upper and therefore of them universities and schools Polytechnic "promote and strengthen the development of them languages, cultures and wisdom ancestral of them peoples and nationalities of the Ecuador in the frame of the interculturality";

That the article 20 b literal) of the higher education Act (LOES), States that part of the heritage funding of institutions of higher education, shall be made up of revenues established in the law of the Permanent Fund of development University and Polytechnic (FOPEDEUPO), which was created in order to support and strengthen higher education infrastructure equipment and adequate conditions enabling a teaching technical and scientific; That article 108 of the LOES establishes that universities and polytechnic schools public and private individuals will be created by law, binding favorable report of the Council of higher education (CES);

As the fifth of the organic law of higher education tenth transitional provision (LOES), establishes that, of the 5 years after the entry into force of this law, are not created new institutions of higher education, with the exception of the National University of education, the Amazon Regional University, the University of the arts, and an experimental technology research University; That, through Office Nro. MCCTH-DESP-2012-0688-O dated August 17, 2012, the Executive function, through knowledge and human resource Ministry coordinator, presented to the CES the proposed Act for the creation of the Regional University Amazon IKIAM: to the ETUC, supported by favorable prior reports, issued by the National Ministry of planning and development (SENPLADES) and the Council of evaluation, accreditation and assurance of the quality of the education upper (CEAACES) through resolution RPC-SO-22-No. 221 - 2013, dated 12 June 2013, issued favorable and binding report for the creation of the Regional University Amazon IKIAM; That, through job no. T.6715-SN.1-13-679 of date of August 9, 2013, submitted to the National Assembly, the Economist Rafael Correa Delgado, President of the Republic, endorsed the efforts undertaken by the Ministry of knowledge and human talent, for the development and presentation of the proposed Act for the creation of the Regional University Amazon IKIAM, and forwarded the corresponding draft law for its treatment; and, in exercise of the powers referred to under paragraph 6 of article 120 of the Constitution, issued the following: law of creation of the REGIONAL University AMAZ ONICA IKIAM article 1.-create the Amazon IKIAM Regional University, as an institution of higher education in law, non-profit, with own legal capacity, academic, financial, organic and administrative autonomy , according the principles established in the Constitution of the Republic and the law organic of education Superior. The promoter of the Amazon Regional University IKIAM is the Executive function, through the Ministry of coordination of knowledge and human talent. Article 2.-The Regional University Amazon IKIAM will be matrix located in the canton Tena, province of Napa. The Council of higher education, within the framework of its competences laid down in the organic law of higher education, may approve the creation of venues fu ra of the province of parent headquarters, in accordance with the respective procedure. Article 3.-Constitute heritage and sources of funding of the Amazon IKIAM Regional University, those determined in the law of 4 - supplement - official record No. 144 - Monday, December 16, 2013 higher education and those from projects or investment programs generated for its implementation. The University Regional Amazon IKIAM will participate of the part proportional of the incomes that assigns the State to the universities and schools Polytechnic.

ONLY GENERAL provision in matters not provided for in the present L and shall apply the provisions of the organic law of higher education, its General application regulations, ydemas standards issued by the Council of higher education in the framework of its competences.

TRANSITIONAL PROVISIONS FIRST. -In accordance with provisions of the Constitution of the Republic, the law of higher education, and the building regulation, intervention, Suspension and request revocation of law, Decree-Law, Executive Decree of universities and polytechnic schools, once enacted this law, the President of the Republic shall appoint the members of the Management Committee. For your appointment, them members of the Commission management will meet them requirements established in the regulation of creation, intervention, Suspension and request of repeal of law, Decree Law, Decree Executive of universities and schools Polytechnic. The Management Committee will act maximum authority of the Regional University Amazon IKIAM com, for a non-extendable period of 5 years from the entry into force of this Act, and shall perform such academic, administrative functions, financial yregulatorias required, with the functions of University authority, with responsibility for planning, managing, comply, regulate and implement actions necessary for the initiation and development of the activities of the institution. Who chairs the Management Committee will represent legally ·a the Amazon Regional University IKIAM duration of the transition period. The members of the Management Committee will be of free appointment and removal. SECOND.-the Management Committee, as be integrated each of the estates of the Regional University Amazon IKIAM, summon the processes of choosing their representatives, who will be joining the Management Committee in the percentages of representation set out in the law of higher education and internal regulations of the University. The Commission management will regulate them periods of duration of such representatives. THIRD.-the Management Committee within the period of ninety (90) days from its formation, will initiate the necessary legal and regulatory arrangements for the adoption of the Statute of the IKIAM Amazonian Regional University, as well as careers and programs that make up their initial academic offering.

-FOURTH. -Within a maximum of one hundred and eighty (180) days prior to the conclusion of the transition period, it will be convened and will conduct the election process of the first authorities of the Regional University Amazon IKIAM, as well as representatives of the respective University constituencies before the maximum academic College upper, in the terms set forth in organic law on higher education and the status of the institution of higher education. Authorities and elected representatives will assume its functions once the referred period of transition from five (5) years. Fifth.-the transfer of goods and resources that sustained the proposed tecnico-academica for the creation of the Regional University Amazon IKIAM, must be made on time and in accordance with the procedures established in the organic law of higher education, and other rules and regulations applicable. SIXTH.-during the first five years, the Regional University Amazon IKIAM will participate in the FOPEDEUPO, without prejudice, in absolute values of the funds who receive the universities and polytechnics.

DISPOSAL this law shall enter into force following its publication in the official register. Given and signed at the headquarters of the National Assembly, located in the Metropolitan District of Quito, Pichincha province, the twelve days of the month of November of two thousand thirteen. (f.) GABRIELA RIVADENEIRA BURBANO, President. (f.) Dr. Libyan RIVAS ORDÓÑEZ, Secretary General. THE CITY OF TENA, PROVINCE NAPO, TO THREE OF DECEMBER IN THE YEAR ONE TWO THOUSAND AND THIRTEEN. SUBJECT TO SANCTIONS AND PROMULGATED. f.) Rafael Correa Delgado, President CONSTITUCIONA of the Republic.

Is copy of the original in seven perforated sheets useful.-you certify. Quito, 4 December 2013. f.) Dr. Glenda Rubio Soto, Secretary GENERAL of the Presidency of the Republic, responsible.

Supplement - Registro Oficial No. 144 - Monday 16 December 2013 - 5 self-government DESCENTRALIZ CHIMBO CANTON MUNICIPAL ADO whereas: law of Municipal regime featuring: that municipalities be included in mandatory form, General cadastres and the urban and rural property valuation updates each biennium. In terms of finance, to the municipal administration will compete: formulating and maintaining the cadastres of the residential properties located in the canton, and issued corresponding certificates of credit for the payment of these taxes. That the municipalities regulate and establish through ordinances, the specific parameters for the determination of the value of property yel payment of their taxes. That the value of the property will be established by the sum of the value soil and, if any, the constructions that have built over it. This value is the value intrinsic, own or natural of the property and will serve of base for the determination of taxes and for other effects not tax as them of expropriation. That article 68 of the tax code empowers him the municipality to exercise the determination of the tax liability. That articles 87 and 88 of the tax code empower you to the municipality adopted by administrative order mode to choose any of the systems of determination provided for in this code. Making use of the powers conferred to the organic law of Municipal regime: issued: the Ordinance which REGULATES the assessment, management and collection of the tax to the land urban for the biennium 2012-2013. Article 1.-subject to the tax.-are subject to tax property Urbana, all properties located within the boundaries of the urban areas of the cantonal head and other urban areas of the Canton determined in accordance with the law in article 312. Article 2.-tax that TAXED at the residential properties-residential properties are taxed by the following taxes set out in Arts. 312 to 330 of the Municipal regime law; 1.-the tax to them premises urban 2.-tax additional in areas of promotion immediately.

Article 3.-the fact generator-the cadastre register both qualitative and quantitative elements that establish the existence of the fact generator, which structured the contents of land information, in the form of declaration or property sheet with the following general indicators stablecidos in the Arts. 15, 16 and 17 of the tax code. 01.-) land identification 02-) holding 03-) description in field 04.-) infrastructure services 05-) 06 land use-) description of the buildings article 4.-subject active.-the active subject of taxes referred to in the preceding articles is the municipality of the canton of Chimbo article 5.-liabilities-are taxpayers, taxpayers or heads of taxes levied on the urban property , natural or legal persons, societies in fact, societies of property, inheritances recumbent and other entities even though they lack legal personality, as noted in the Arts. : 24, 25, 26 and 27 of the tax code and are owners or lease real estate located in the urban areas of the Canton. Article 6.-value of the property.-the article 313 of LORM sets to establish the value of the property shall be considered in mandatory form, the following elements: a) the value of the soil which is the unit of land, urban or rural, price determined by a process of comparison prices for sale of plots or lots of similar or homogenous conditions in the sector multiplied by the surface of the plot or solar.

(b) the value of the buildings that is the price of the constructions that have developed on a permanent basis on a solar, calculated on the method of replenishment; and, (c)) the replacement value that is determined by applying a process that allows the simulation of construction work which will be valued, updated construction costs, share in proportion to the time of life.

The residential properties will be valued through the application of the elements of the value soil, building value and replacement value foreseen by the law; based on the information, components, values and technical parameters, which are specific of each locality and which are described below: