Notice Of A Deferred Pension

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om opsat pension

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Scope of employment
Chapter 2 One Time Amount
Chapter 3 Wait Percentage
Chapter 4 Administration
Chapter 5 Entry into force-determination

Completion of pension pension

In accordance with section 15 d (d), 5, and section 15 e (3). 4, in the Law on Social Security, cf. Law Order no. 390 of 19. April 2013 :

Chapter 1

Scope of employment

§ 1. In the calculation of personal work, to the fulfilment of the employment requirement, cf. Article 15 d (1) of the law. Paragraph 1 and 3 shall include working hours at work and self-employed activities in accordance with section 2 to 6.

§ 2. The calculation of working time for wage earners shall be made on the basis of calculated wage hours in an employment relationship performed on general pay and working conditions, in accordance with the conditions laid down in the employment situation. however, paragraph 1 2-3 and section 3-4.

Paragraph 2. In cases where the working time of a recipient is considered to be uncontrollable, the number of hours the person who has set the pension shall be compensating for the work done.

Paragraph 3. Periods which, according to the agreement, work less than that for the applicable standard hourly rate, but where full normal wages are paid, in full time being treated with employment.

Paragraph 4. The work of self-employed self-employed shall be taken into account for the fulfilment of the employment requirement to the extent that the pension has shown up to have exercised activities which may be treated as a wage earl;

§ 3. Personal work is included, irrespective of the fact that the condition of general pay and working conditions in section 2 (2) is taken into account. 1 have not been met :

1) Jobs carried out by non-national volunteers for volunteering programmes for which assistance is provided under the Law on International Development Cooperation or Private Voluntary programmes carried out for humanitarian organisations which are approved in accordance with Article 12 (2) of the body of the equation. 3.

2) Holidays took place under the holiday law.

3) A lie holiday in an employment relationship.

4) Conventional free days in an employment relationship.

§ 4. As a personal matter, hours of unemployment are taken into account due to illness.

§ 5. In cases where Udbetaling Danmark not based on the eIndkomstregister, etc. has sufficient information to be able to decide whether or not the citizen meets the employment requirement, Payments Denmark may ask the citizen to document or on The other method of reimbursement of working time.

Paragraph 2. The evidence of the extent of personal work by self-employed can be based on information on the scope and nature of the personal work, as well as documentation of the company ' s revenue or revenue. If there is no such documentation, the person who has set the pension will be able to reimbursing the working time otherwise.

Chapter 2

One Time Amount

§ 6. Is the employment requirement in section 15 d (1) of the law. Paragraph 1 or paragraph 1. EUR 3 shall not be granted a disposi-sum corresponding to the population ' s pension, the amount concerned would have been eligible for the period, the amount of which shall relate if the pension had not been set up. The one-time amount is calculated according to section 7.

§ 7. The amount of the entry shall be made according to the rules on the population ' s pension which were applicable during the period in which the amount relates.

Paragraph 2. If the consignee of one-off amount has been married or lived in a total or part of the period of time, the amount of time shall be calculated for this part of the period on the basis of the rules for the calculation of population pensions that are applicable ; For poisons or concoliis.

Paragraph 3. As a income basis, the actual total income is used throughout the period according to the Chapter 4 of the law. To the extent that calculation during a period or part of a period shall be calculated according to the rules applicable to married or coinage, the actual total income for the entire period of the consignee and his spouse or the consignee shall be used as a revenue basis.

Paragraph 4. If any spouse or consiglior in the period of time relating to, received either pension or early retirement by law or after law or after the highest level of intermediate, higher or general early retirement, the pension shall not be amended ; as a result of the payment of the one-time amount.

Chapter 3

Wait Percentage

§ 8. For the purpose of calculating the wait rate according to the section 15, the average life span of persons at the age of retirement at the age of retirement shall be made in the age of the pensioner in accordance with the rules laid down in paragraph 1. TWO-SEVEN.

Paragraph 2. The age of retirement at the age of the Pensionary shall be discharged in number of years and months. The number of months is rounded up to a whole number of months.

Paragraph 3. Average life, cf. paragraph 1, shall be fixed for a calendar year and published annually by the Ministry of Social and the Ministry of Integration in the Ministry's annual guidance on Regulation (s) per year ; 1. January of the rates for the Social and Integration Department's area.

Paragraph 4. Average life, cf. paragraph 1 shall be determined on the basis of the average life span of men and women published annually on the basis of two-year mortality rate in the statistics defined by Statistics Denmark. For a calendar year they are used by the 1. In the previous year, during the preceding year, during the preceding year, the average life span of the preceding year has been published.

Paragraph 5. The Mediterranean life of men and women, cf. paragraph 4, shall be compared to a median for men and women at the same time as a weighting of the average life span of men and women, according to Statistics Denmark by the number of men and women. 1. In January, the medio period of the two-year period on which the mortality board is based.

Paragraph 6. The one in paragraph 1. 5 computed average life expectancy has been achieved for each age. Medium life adjusted proportionally for the number of months from 1 to 11 that the person's age exceeds a full number of years (lineear interpolation). The total average life span is converted and rounded up to the whole months.

Paragraph 7. For people who are 80 years old, the average life span of 80 is used.

Chapter 4


§ 9. Payments Denmark gives the pensioners ' residence municipality of notification of the time of the start of the set-up period and the time of termination of the period of set-up.

Chapter 5

Entry into force-determination

§ 10. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. June 2013.

Paragraph 2. Publication no. 191 of 26. In February 2013, pension pension will be deleted.

The Social and Integration Ministry, the 30. May 2013

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/ Bent Nielsen