Notice On The Guarantee Of Social Treatment For Drug Abuse To Young People Under The Age Of 18 Years In Special Cases

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om garanti for social behandling for stofmisbrug til unge under 18 år i særlige tilfælde

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Publication of the guarantee of social treatment for drug abuse for young people under the age of 18 in special cases

Under section 101, paragraph 1. 3, in the Law of Social Services, cf. Law Order no. 810 of 19. July 2012 shall be determined :

§ 1. The city council provides for the treatment of drug abuse for young people under the age of 18 in special cases.

Paragraph 2. Offer for paragraph 1. 1 shall be implemented within 14 days of the call to the municipality.

Paragraph 3. Parents or young people may ask the municipality for a treatment offer.

Paragraph 4. The target group is young, which is having serious social and behavioural problems that result in young people not being able to function in relation to family, education, work or school. These are young people with social, physical and / or psychological damage caused by drug abuse.

§ 2. Tenders shall be carried out with the consent of the parental authority and also require the consent of the young, when this is full 15 years of age.

§ 3. The municipal obligation to pay particular support to children and young people is regulated in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 11 of the service above. The obligation, cf. Section 1 (1). 1 and 2 do not change this, but is an additional obligation to provide rapid assistance to the target group, cf. Section 1 (1). 4.

§ 4. It is the municipality Board that makes the professional assessment of whether the problems of the young are so serious that an offer should be made within 14 days.

§ 5. The local authorities shall ensure that the case is examined and for the inclusion of a position on the overall level of social support and for the establishment of a plan for the overall effort, including the treatment of drug abuse, cf. the section 140 (4) of the service. 2.

§ 6. Clause of refusal to process, including failure to implement tenders no later than 14 days after the contact with the municipality, may be brought to the Board of Appeal, cf. Service overhead. 166.

§ 7. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. July, 2013.

Paragraph 2. Publication no. 1651 of 13. In December 2006, the guarantee of social treatment for drug abuse for young people under the age of 18 in special cases is hereby repealed.

The Social and Integration Ministry, the 19th. June 2013

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-Anders Møller Jacobsen