Decree On The Regulation Of Non-Commercial Boating On Territorial Waters With Watercraft Etc.

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om regulering af ikke-erhvervsmæssig sejlads på søterritoriet med vandscootere m.v.

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Publication on the regulation of non-commercial navigation in sea territory with water scooters and so on. 1)

In accordance with paragraph 29, paragraph 1. Paragraph 1, and Article 89 (1). 3, in the law of nature conservation, cf. Law Order no. 933 of 24. September 2009, shall be determined :

§ 1. The commute shall cover non-commercial navigation by sea scooters, which is understood as a vessel with a length of less than 4 m, which has an internal combustion engine with a water-ray pump as the main propulsion device and which is intended to : were to be operated by one or more persons who sit or kneel on-rather than in-the hull.

Paragraph 2. The announcement shall be equivalent to non-commercial navigation by air-craft vessels and other type-of-scale sports vessels of equivalent nature designed to be carried out by persons who sit, stand or kneel on-rather than in- The hull.

§ 2. Boating with vessel 1 shall be prohibited in the following areas :

1) Areas which, according to the law on environmental targets and the environment for aquatic bodies and international environmental protection areas, are identified as international nature protection areas.

2) Wildlife reserves created in accordance with law on hunting and game management.

3) In accordance with the nature protection law, land on the territorial waters of the sea territory and the fishing sector shall be established in accordance with the laws of nature.

§ 3. Outside the areas covered by Section 2, the navigation of vessels covered by Section 1 shall be prohibited within 300 metres from the coastline. Without prejudice to the second regulation, it is permissible to put the vessel in the water off the coast or from ports.

Paragraph 2. In the area of 300 meters from the coastline, it must take place at a speed of 5 knots at the angles of the coastline. The 300 metres zone will have to be carried out directly by the end of the area.

Paragraph 3. In the course of seaports in ports, water scooters shall follow the voyage to and from the port, unless the port rules decide otherwise.

§ 4. The local authorities may, after a specific assessment, be able to make available from sections 2 and 3 to events of interest to the public.

Paragraph 2. The local authority shall examine the application for a derogation in respect of navigation within the fields referred to in section 2 (2). Where necessary, the necessary derogation from other authorities in relation to other rules for these areas has been obtained, where necessary.

§ 5. In accordance with section 4, the rules shall be laid down in the notice. 408 of 1. May 2007 on the designation and management of international nature conservation areas and the protection of certain species (habitat proclaial) similar applications.

§ 6. The municipality boards are supervising the compliance of the notice.

§ 7. The violation of sections 2 and section 3 shall be punished by fine.

Paragraph 2. Companies can be imposed on companies, etc. (legal persons) punishable by the rules of Chapter 5 of the penal code.

§ 8. The announcement will enter into force on the 27th. January 2012.

Paragraph 2. Publication no. 1315 of 20. In November 2006 on the regulation of shipping with water scooters and so on are hereby repealed.

The Ministry of Environment, 6. January 2012

Ida Auken

/ Sven Koefoed-Hansen

Official notes

1) The announcement contains provisions which implement parts of Council Directive 92 /43/EEC of 21. May 1992 on the conservation of natural habitats and wild fauna and flora (EC Habitats Directive), EC Title 1992, nr. L 206, page 7, as last amended by Council Directive 2006 /105/EC of 20. Nov. 2006, EU Official Journal no. L363, page 368 and parts of Directive 2009 /147/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30. November 2009 on the protection of wild birds, the EU Official Journal 2009, nr. L20, page 7. The commotion contains provisions that implement parts of Directive 94 /25/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16. June 1994 on the approximation of the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States concerning recreational craft, OJ l 164, p. Directive 15, as amended by Directive 2003 /44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16. June 2003, EUT L 214, p. 18.