Notice Of Recording In And Migrating Between A-Boxes

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om optagelse i og overflytning mellem a-kasser

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Modify to Recording and Transit
Chapter 2 Transit to Transit
Chapter 3 Other rules for relocation
Chapter 4 Entry into force.

Publication of a recording and transfer between a-box

In accordance with section 41 (2), 6 and 7, section 42, paragraph. 4, section 61, paragraph. 4, section 95 and § 100 b in the law on unemployment insurance and so on, cf. Law Order no. 838 of 4. July, 2011, as amended by law no. 152 of 28. In February 2012, the debate on the Employment Board shall be :

Chapter 1

Modify to Recording and Transit

§ 1. A person may be admitted into a box if the person concerned fulfils the conditions laid down in the section 41, including residence and residence in Denmark at the time of the admission, cf. however, paragraph 1 Two and three.

Paragraph 2. The residence and residence requirement shall not apply to persons who may be admitted to a box under the rules of notification concerning unemployment insurance for work and so on within the EEA and in the rest of the other country and the notice of the Member's and daily allowance ; after work or stay in the Faroe Islands.

Paragraph 3. Persons operating independently in the Faroe Islands or in Greenland may be accepted if :

1) the person concerned immediately prior to the voyage of departure in Denmark, and

2) the application for recording is received in a box not later than 12 months after the voyage.

§ 2. A person may not be preoccupied from the date on which the a box has received a written application for admission, cf. however, section 5. 2.

§ 3. Recording must take place in a multidisciplinary-a-box or in a professional delimited a box whose professional territory the person according to the scrapping's Staff Regulations is linked to, cf. Act 32.

Paragraph 2. People who are linked to several professional boundaries of the professional areas of a casino may choose between them.

§ 4. A member can be transferred to another box if the conditions for being admitted into the box pursuant to its Statute have been fulfilled.

§ 5. A Member who has carried out an education as referred to in Section 54 of the law may choose

1) to be newly admitted to the daily allowance in accordance with the section 54 of the law, cf. § 49, paragraph. FIVE, ONE. pkt;, in a box which, after its statutes, are occupy people with the completed training ; or

2) to be transferred to the case of its hitherto rights.

Paragraph 2. If the member wants to be enlisting, cf. paragraph 1, no. 1, the box shall have received the application within two weeks of the end of the training date. The new recording shall take effect from the day after the completion of the training, cf. notice of employment requirements for employees and the daily financial period.

Chapter 2

Transit to Transit

§ 6. A member who takes business work outside the professional territory of a box shall be transferred to another box or a step out of the box unless the Member continues to comply with the conditions for entry into its previous one-box, according to his or her, Statutes.

Paragraph 2. On transfer in accordance with paragraph 1. Paragraph 4 shall apply mutatis mutis.

Chapter 3

Other rules for relocation

§ 7. The relocation request must be addressed to the a case that the member wants to join.

Paragraph 2. Transit occurs with effect from the date on which a box receives the application, cf. however, paragraph 1 3. For members who are to be transferred after Section 6, the transfer shall not occur at the earliest date from the date on which the work on the transfer has started.

Paragraph 3. For members who do not have business work, transfer can occur at least 1 month's notice to the end of a payment period. The request shall be taken from the receipt of the application. Transit occurs at the end of the payment period.

Paragraph 4. The A crates can agree a different time for the transfer if the Member is in agreement with this. Alert in paragraph 1. However, three must be respected.

Paragraph 5. The Member must pay membership contributions to its hitherto a-box until relocation occurs. Paid contributions that cover a period after the transfer must be repaid back to the member.

Paragraph 6. From the date of the transfer, the Member shall pay a member-contribution to the new one-box.

§ 8. A Member who is being transferred retains his hitherto rights.

Paragraph 2. A Member who does not have the right to receive benefits as a result of the fact that a case is covered by the Section 61 (1) of the Act of Law. 3, after relocation do not have the right to a didate in the new a box before the Member has had a job of at least five weeks, with an average working time of at least 10 hours per year. week.

§ 9. The member must contribute to the transfer, including providing the necessary information about its association with the professional area of the new (a).

Paragraph 2. If a Member who is to be transferred after paragraph 6 does not include this to do so, the box must take a decision that the Member should be appointed by the case of a case.

Paragraph 3. If the Member complains about the decision, then the membership will be retained as long as the complaint is handled administratively.

§ 10. The new (a) box shall ensure that the conditions for transfer to a case are met.

Paragraph 2. The new A Box shall as soon as possible and no later than two weeks after receipt of the application shall inform the previous one-box and request the information necessary for the implementation of the transfer. The previous one-box shall send the necessary information to the new a box as soon as possible and within two weeks thereafter.

Paragraph 3. If a Member has sent the application to the existing one-box, this shall be submitted as soon as possible and within two weeks of receipt of the request and the information necessary for the transfer of the transfer to the new one-box.

Paragraph 4. The previous one-box shall carry out the electronic recording of information as provided for in the publication of the particulars of the ancienity of a a box and send the information electronically to the new one-box within 2 weeks of receipt of the application ; on relocation.

Paragraph 5. The previous one-box has a duty to provide further information about the Member for the new one-box as soon as possible, if it is asked to do so.

Paragraph 6. The new (a) box shall carry out the transfer within two weeks of receipt of the necessary information from the previous one-box.

§ 11. If the relevant cases involving a case do not agree that the transfer conditions are met, the new A-Box must decide that transfer of transfer may take place. The A box shall at the same time send a copy of the instructions to the previous one-box.

Paragraph 2. If it subsequently turns out that the member did not meet the conditions for transfer, the transfer is cancelled, and the contributions paid to the new one-box are repaid to the member.

§ 12. Each one-box shall give access to a member of another (a) box electronically to submit an application for transfer to the case of a cashion.

Paragraph 2. The technical solution of the A waste must be in accordance with the requirements for electronic recording in the notice of secure electronic and telephone communications, etc. in the unemployment insurance.

Paragraph 3. The A-box shall ensure that the technical solution is to ensure that the transfer of an electronic transfer request cannot be read by anyone other than the recipient.

Paragraph 4. The A case has a duty to keep the technical solution informed.

Chapter 4

Entry into force.

§ 13. The announcement shall enter into force on 5. March 2012 and apply to applications for inclusion and transfer received in a case of the 5. March 2012 or later. 1) For applications for new ensumption after paragraph 5 (5). 1, no. However, the publication shall, however, apply to the inclusion on the basis of training which will end the 5. March 2012 or later.

Paragraph 2. At the same time, notice No 1469 of 21. In December 2005, on the admission of salary, etc., self-employed and newly educated in a box and notice no. 1470 of 21. December 2005 on transfer between a-box.

The Danish Labour Market Authority, the 1. March 2012

Marie Hansen

/ Vibeke Dalbro

Official notes

1) A guide shall be drawn up for the notice.