Notice Concerning Obtainment Of Certificate Of Child Recruitment And Employment Of Individuals With Authorities, Institutions, Associations, Etc. Within The Culture Ministry's Competence

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om indhentelse af børneattest ved ansættelse og beskæftigelse af personer i myndigheder, institutioner, foreninger m.v. inden for Kulturministeriets ressortområde

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Notice concerning obtainment of certificate of child recruitment and employment of individuals with authorities, institutions, associations, etc. within the Culture Ministry's competence

Under section 2, paragraphs 1 and 4 of law No. 520 of 21. June 2005 about obtaining children's certificate in relating to the recruitment of personnel, etc., as amended by Act No. 444 of 23. may 2012, fixed: § 1. Authorities, institutions, associations, etc. within the Culture Ministry's competence to obtain children's certificate before they hire or employ persons who, in the course of carrying out their duties must have direct contact with children under 15 years of age as well as persons who, in the course of carrying out their tasks move fast among children under 15 years and thus have the opportunity to obtain direct contact with these children without prejudice to article. § 2.

(2). Commissioning of a children's certificate shall be made in accordance with the rules applicable to such certificates in section 36 of the Ordinance concerning the processing of personal data in the central register of criminal sentences (criminal records), including the information concerned, has granted written consent to provision.

§ 2. The following authorities, institutions, associations, etc., have an obligation to obtain children's certificate in respect of the persons referred to in article 6. § 1 to act as coaches, trainers, team leaders, teachers, minders, intermediaries, caretakers and other technical staff, including assistants, temporary workers, replacements and students on placement, in the case of a fixed mapping, see. Article 2, paragraph 1:1) sports associations and federations and other associations where there is a physical activity for the practitioner.

2) associations and other associations which is going on thought sport or e-sport.

3) Music schools.

4) Ballet and dance schools.

5) riding schools and horse riding centres.

6) Health and fitness centers.

7) Museums.

8) Zoological plant and animal parks.

9) Art halls.

10) Relief organisations/charities.

11) orchestras and choirs.

12) Theatres and theatre schools.

13) Author schools for children and young people.

14) Film schools for children and young people.

15) Schools for creative crafts.

16) Radio-and TV-stations.

17) Libraries with children's departments, materials or activities for children.

18) educative associations and district associations, which receive grants or designated premises in accordance with the law on support to the educative adult education, voluntary work Association and daghøjskoler as well as educative public University (General education), which are not covered by nr. 1-17 (2). By fast Association in accordance with paragraph 1 shall be taken to mean that it is the intention of employment or the employment will start from that person's affiliation to the authority, institution, Association, etc. must have more than one-off or short-term nature. In such cases, the child certificate be obtained before the person takes office as employed or engaged. Children's certificate shall in any case be obtained under paragraph 1 no later than 3 weeks after the date on which a person has been assigned to the authority, institution, Association, etc. in more than 3 months and during this period in at least three cases or for a continuous period of more than one week's duration has served as trainer, instructor, team leader, teacher, children's suits, facilitator, caretaker and other technical staff without prejudice to article. paragraph 1, provided that the person should continue to be assigned to the authority, institution, Association, etc.

(3). That must not again be obtained child certificate for a person referred to in paragraph 1, if they are transferred to other employment or employment within the same authority, institution, Association, etc., the same applies, if the person either reinstated or genbeskæftiges, when the interruption of the affiliation to the authority, institution, Association, etc. are based on natural breaks, including the transition from one season to another or from one school year to another.

§ 3. Willful violation of section 2 is punishable by a fine. However, this does not apply for public administration authorities of violations. That can be imposed on companies, etc. (legal persons) criminal liability in accordance with the provisions of the criminal code 5. Chapter.

(2). Offences covered by paragraph 1, denounced by the public.

§ 4. The notice shall enter into force on the 1. June 2012.

(2). Executive Order No. 174 of 19. February 2010 on the commissioning of child certificate upon recruitment and employment of persons in sports clubs, thought sports and e-sports associations, in music, ballet, dance, and riding schools and horse riding centres and health and fitness centers are hereby repealed.

The Ministry of culture, the 29. may 2012 Uffe Elbæk/Bente Skovgaard K