Law Amending The Law On Municipal Compensation And General Grants To Municipalities (The Imposition Of Stricter Penalties For Municipalities By Exceeding Of Budgets And The Ability Of Individual Settlement Of The Conditional Block Grants)

Original Language Title: Lov om ændring af lov om kommunal udligning og generelle tilskud til kommuner(Indførelse af skærpede sanktioner for kommunerne ved overskridelse af budgetterne og mulighed for individuel afregning af det betingede bloktilskud)

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Law on the amendment of the municipality of countervailing and general grants to municipalities

(The introduction of increased sanctions for the municipalities when the budgets are exceeded and the possibility of individual settlement of the conditional block subsidy),

We, by God's grace, the Queen of the Danes, do our thing.

The parliament has adopted the following law, and we know that the following law has been approved by Parliament's consent :

§ 1

In the Law of Compensation and general grants to municipalities, cf. Law Order no. 561 of 19. June 2009, as amended by law no. 710 of 25. June 2010, section 5 of Law No 1602 of 22. December 2010, section 3 of Law No 462 of 18. May 2011, section 10 of law no. 592 of 14. June 2011 and section 6 of the law. 1364 of 28. December 2011, the following changes are made :

1. Section 14, paragraph 14. THREE, TWO. pkt., revoked.

2. I Section 14, paragraph 14. FOUR, THREE. pkt., the following shall be inserted after the total number of the population : `, cf. however, paragraph 1 FIVE. "

3. I § 14 inserted after paragraph 1. 4 as new slices :

" Stop. 5. The Finance Minister may decide that a share of the subsidy under paragraph 1. One up to three billion. DKK only the municipalities shall be paid if the financial year ' s budgeted Service Expenses for the subsidy year are equivalent to those laid down for the purpose of fixing the subsidy. The Minister for Economic and Home Affairs can decide on the distribution between the municipalities of the one in 1. Act. mentioned share of the subsidy. If it's in 1. Act. the proportion of the subsidy did not fully be paid out to the municipalities by the individual municipality's share of the total population, as set out in the case of the municipality. paragraph 4, the Finance Committee shall inform the Finance Committee of the amount and the distribution of the aid paid out.

Paragraph 6. The Finance Minister may decide that a share of the subsidy under paragraph 1. 1 on up to EUR 1 billion, DKK shall be paid only to the local authorities, where the gross fixed costs incurred by the municipalities for the grant year of the financial minister ' s assessment is equivalent to those laid down for the purpose of fixing the subsidy. ` ;

Paragk 5 and 6 will then be referred to in paragraph 1. Seven and eight.

4. § 14 a ITREAS :

" § 14 a. The Ministry of Economic and Home Affairs is reducing the State subsidies to the municipalities for the grant year, cf. section 14, if the annual accounts of the municipalities before the grant year, a higher level of service expenditure is higher than the budgeted level adjusted in accordance with paragraph 1. 2. Reduction is the difference between the accounting and corrective budgeted Service Expenses for the year in question.

Paragraph 2. The local authorities ' budgeted services costs are corrected for changed preconditions from budget to account. The Minister for Economic and Home Affairs is able to calculate a corrective amount in the calculation of the total cost of expenditure of the local authorities, provided that the budgeted service expenditure is lower than one of the Economic and Interior Minister's framework.

Paragraph 3. The reduction of paragraph 1. 1 is being redone and distributed among the municipalities of the Economy and Interior Minister. 40%. of the reduction shall be divided between all municipalities in relation to the total population of the individual municipality. 60%. of the reduction shall be divided between the municipalities whose accounting expenditure exceeds the corrected budget for the year before the grant year. The deposition after three. Act. allocated to each municipality's share of the total overrun of the remedial budgets for the municipalities in which the accounting expenses exceed the corrected budgets are allocated to the municipalities. The correction of the budgets of each municipality shall be made on the basis of the revised preconditions from the budget to account.

Paragraph 4. The deposition will be reckoning during the months of October, November and December of the grant year.

Paragraph 5. The Ministry of Economic and Interior may lay down detailed rules for the calculation and settlement of the reduction, including the imposition of special audit declarations relating to the presentation and the necessary corrections by the budget for the budget ; and accounts. "

§ 2

Paragraph 1. The law shall enter into force on 1. July 2012.

Paragraph 2. The law has an effect on the grant year 2013.

Givet at the Christiansborg Castle, the 18s. June 2012

Under Our Royal Hand and Segl


/ Margrethe Vestager