Ordinance Amending The Ordinance On The Charge For The Control Of Food And Live Animals, Etc.

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om ændring af bekendtgørelse om betaling for kontrol af fødevarer og levende dyr m.v.

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Table of Contents
Appendix 1

Publication of the amendment of the notification for payment for the control of food and live animals, etc.

§ 1

Notice no. 300 of the 28th. In March 2012, the payment for the control of food and live animals, etc., as amended by Notice No 2. 680 of 25. June 2012, the following changes are made :

1. Bekendtbarsens Introduction ITREAS :

" ... pursuant to section 28, paragraph. 1, section 45 (3). 1-4, 6 and 8, and § 49, paragraph. 1, in the law of foodstuffs, cf. Law Order no. 820 of 1. July, 2011, section 8 b, paragraph 1. Article 30 (2) and 30 (3). 4, in the Law on veterinarians, cf. Law Order no. 815 of 14. July 2012, section 31 and section 53 of the law on animals of animals, cf. Law Order no. 814 of 14. July 2012, Section 114 a of the Law on Fishing and Fish Fired (Fisheries Law), cf. Law Order no. 978 of 26. September 2008, as amended by law no. 604 of 14. June, 2011, and text mark no. 125 ad section 24 of the 2012 Finance Bill and the following authorization shall be :

2. I § 1 the following shall be inserted after ' check ` : ' and assistance in the case of exports '.

3. Section 22 (2). 1, ITREAS :

' In the case of small slaughterhouses and in wild game processing companies, the establishments shall pay, cf. section 19, a basic fee of 300 kr. per the date on which the meat checks are carried out, and a levy calculated on the basis of the rates set out in Annex 1. `

4. I § 25, paragraph. 1, the following shall not be inserted after ' not ` : `, in addition to the amount referred to in § 42. `.

5. After Section 42 and before Chapter 10, the following chapter shall be added :

" Chapter 9 a

Assistance in connection with exports

§ 42 a. To finance the work of the Food Management Board, the creation and retention of the best options for the export of food, feed and live animals and animal feed products, including breeding materials, inter alia, by drawing up models for export certificates ; and negotiate the design of these by country of departure, by means of the notification of consignments, by participating in the inspections by Danish undertakings and by participating in meetings with the authorities of the country of departure, shall be paid in addition to those of Clause 4, section 7 and section 25 (2). 2, covered amount 50 kr. per issued an export certificate or certificate, including pre-export certificates, etc.

§ 42 b. Upon request, when the FDA provides assistance for the solution of particular problems related to the export of food, feed and live animals, and animal feed products, for example, when the consignments of the consignor are held in detention as a result of the consignor's own circumstances ; abroad, when a business on account of their own relationships, or when a company wishes to participate in the management of the Food Management Board on its own initiative, the requestor shall pay 735 kr. per Hour.

Paragraph 2. Any detainees in connection with the aid shall be paid by the requestor. '

6. Appendix 1 the text of Annex 1 shall be replaced by this notice.

§ 2

The announcement shall enter into force on 1. August 2012.

The FDA, the 27th. July 2012

Per Henriksen

/ Flemming Simonsen

Appendix 1

' Appendix 1

The following flat-rate amounts shall be required for the costs of examining and checking the slaughter and slaughter processing :
For beef :
For adult bovine animals : $71.68 kr. per Animals.
For bachelors, 35,89 kr. per Animals.
For the meat of equidae and the meat of ostrich birds : 63.15 kr. per Animals.
For meat of pigs, including wild boar :
Carcases of guinea pigs of a weight of less than 25 kilograms : 7.18 kr. per Animals.
Carcases of pig carcases of a weight of 25 kg and more : 18,67 kr. per Animals.
Carrotling of boar : 22,51 kr. per Animals.
The amounts shall be increased by the cost of trichinaudits, if the amounts are insufficient to cover this investigation.
For meat of sheep, goats and ruminants game :
The carcasses of sheep and goats of a weight of less than 12 kg : 2,52 kr. per Animals.
The carcasses of sheep and goats of a weight exceeding 12 kg : 5.3 kr. per Animals.
Slave root of ruminant game of total 7,16 kr. per Animals.
For poultry, rabbits, feathers and pigmeat :
In the case of animals of less than 2 kg : 0,12 kr. per Animals.
In the case of animals of a weight between 2 and 5 kg : 0,29 kr. per Animals.
In the case of animals of a weight exceeding 5 kg : 0,58 kr. per Animals.
The following flat-rate amounts shall be : 43,01 DKK for expenditure on inspection and inspection. per tons. "