Ordinance Amending The Ordinance On Seeds (Lean And Access To Trade With Miljøfrøblandinger)

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om ændring af bekendtgørelse om markfrø(LEAN og adgang til handel med miljøfrøblandinger)

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Table of Contents
Appendix 1
Appendix 2

Publication of the amendment of the seed seed notice 1)

(LEAN and access to trade in ecoseed mixtures)

§ 1

Notice no. 1495 of 15. In December 2010 on seed seed, the following changes are made :

1. Foot notation the title of the notice shall be replaced by the following :

' Confessation shall implement the Council Directive 66 /401/EEC of 14. June 1966, the Official Journal of 1966, L 125, s. 2298, as last amended by Commission Directive 2009 /74/EC of 26. June 2009, EU-Official Journal 2009, nr. In 166, s. 49, Council Directive 2002/54/EC of 13. June 2002, 2002, no. In 193, s. Regulation 12, as amended by Council Directive 2004 /117/EC of 22. In December 2004, 2005, nr. L 14, s. 18, Council Directive 2002 /57/EC of 13. June 2002, 2002, no. In 193, s. Directive 74, as amended by Commission Directive 2009 /74/EC of 26. June 2009, EU-Official Journal 2009, nr. In 166, s. 49, parts of Council Directive 2000 /29/EC of 8. May 2000, the Community Official Journal, no. In 169, s. 1, as last amended by Commission Directive 2010 /1/EU of 8. In January 2010, the EU Official Journal, nr. L 7, s. 17, parts of Commission Directive 1992 /105/EEC of 3. December 1992, the Official Journal of the European Communities. L 4, s. Directive 22, as amended by Commission Directive 2005 /17/EC of 2. In March 2005, the Official Journal of the European Communities. L 57, s. 23, Commission Directive 2005 /77/EC of 11. In November 2004, 2005, nr. L 296, s. 17, parts of Commission Directive 2008 /62/EC of 20. June 2008, EU Official Journal, nr. In 162, s. 13, Commission Directive 2010 /60/EU of 30. 2010, EU Official Journal (2010), nr. L 228, s. 10, Commission Decision 2004 /842/EC of 1. In December 2004, 2004, no. L 362, s. 21-27, and Commission Decision 2007 /66/EC of 18. In December 2006, the Community Official Journal, no. I'm 32, s. 161. "

2. All in the notice, the ' Plant ' shall be replaced by ' the Board of Nature ' shall be replaced by the ' Plant ' s Board ' shall be replaced by ' the Board ' s ' shall `, and ' the Board ' shall be replaced by the Board ' s Board of Directors ' ;

3. § 12, paragraph 1. 2 ITREAS IS TO BE

" Stop. 2. " Notwithstanding paragraph. 1 shall only be carried out by sampling random parties of certified seed of other species than marlovages, horse bean, lupins, fibre flax, oil flax and hemp, and certified seed 2. the generation of marlovons, horse bean, lupins, flax, oil flax and hemp. The Office of Natural Acquirees shall fix the sampling percentage per year for the individual species. The undertaking shall have a written procedure for the random selection of parties for the control. ` ;

4. After § 40 and before Official analyses inserted :

' In particular, the production and trade in ecoseed mixtures

§ 40 a. For the purposes of this publication, the mixture of seeds intended to be used with a view to preserving the natural environment and plant genetic resources shall be defined in this notice. Ecological mixtures are basing themselves on seeds from natural or semi natural habitats in conservation-worthy sources. The affinity of the environment is comprised of the seed of herds, species and, where appropriate, any subspecies that are typical of these natural habitats. Such eco-seed mixtures may include fodder plants covered by this notice and, in addition to, seeds of plants not fodder after this notice.

Paragraph 2. Production and the trade in ecoseed mixtures may take place only after the prior authorisation of the Natural Acquire Management Board. Manufacturing and trading must only be carried out in the region of origin. Denmark shall be considered as a single region.

Paragraph 3. The provisions of sections 1 to 2, section 24, paragraph 1. Paragraph 1 and 2, and section 25 shall apply mutatis mumitis to eco-mixtures.

§ 40 b. Authorisation may be obtained for the trade in ecoseed mixtures, which :

1) collected directly from a source area, or

2) manufactured (be produced) by separately grown crops, on the basis of seeds collected in a source area.

Paragraph 2. For the purposes of the environment, mixtures produced (formulation) shall be separately understood in this notice, a mixture produced in accordance with the following procedure :

1) seeds of individual species collected at the collection point,

2) seeds are obtained outside the collection point as a specious species, and

3) the seed of these species is then mixed with a mixture composed of these houses, species and, where appropriate, of species typical of the type of natural habitat at the collection point.

Paragraph 3. For the purposes of the source area, this notice shall mean a natural delimited area :

1) are covered by Chapter 2 of the Natural Protection Act (Natura 2000 area),

2) protected by the protection of natural protection, section 3 (protected natural habitats),

3) protected by the section 8 of the provisions of the protection of natural protection (in the case of a climate),

4) protected by the Chapter 6 of the Protection Act (protected areas), or

5) situated in an area subject to the law on national parks.

§ 40 c. Applications for the authorisation of trade in environmental seed mixtures shall be submitted to the Natural Acquire Management Board no later than 1. March of the marketing year. The application must be made in an application form by the Management Board. The schema can be obtained by contacting the Natural Business Authority or can be found on the board's home page. The application must be accompanied by :

1) information on the source area and the source area protection status, cf. § 40 (b) (b) 3,

2) information on the location of the source area where the intended collection is to take place,

3) a sketch of the GPS coordinates for the proposed collection point ;

4) information on the vegetation of the collection site (genomies, species, subspecies and trantrent-procensorfaction),

5) the quantity of seed of the eco-seed mixtures, which are sought for the authorisation to act, and

6) Year for the intended trade.

Paragraph 2. In addition, applications relating to the authorisation of trade in ecoseed mixtures of separate grown crops shall also be accompanied by information on the size and location of the proposed plans for the use of the proposed areas of production.

§ 40 d. Collection of seed to be included in an environmental seed mixture shall be made in a source area of a collection point that has not been sown in the last 40 years prior to the date of application for authorisation.

Paragraph 2. The collection of seed must be carried out in a manner that ensures that the environmental seed mixture will consist of the species, species and, where appropriate, any subspecies that are typical of the type of collection of the collection point.

Paragraph 3. The collection must be carried out in accordance with the restrictions and conditions resulting from the status of the source area.

Paragraph 4. The application shall show that the conditions set out in paragraph 1 shall be satisfied. One-three is complete.

§ 40 e. The nature composition of ecoseed mixtures collected directly in a source area, cf. section 40 b, and the spireability of the seed must be such that the environmental seed mixture is capable of recreating the natural habitat found at the collection point.

Paragraph 2. The maximum content of species and, where appropriate, subspecies that do not comply with paragraph 1. 1 may not exceed 1% by weight. The maximum content of the capeppe ( Rumex spp.) other than beet knees ( Rumex acetosella () and beach tailor ( Rumex maritimus, () may not exceed 0,05% by weight.

Paragraph 3. Mixture must not contain seeds of airsea oats ( Avena fatua ), barren havoar ( Avena sterilis ), or Silk ( Cuscuta spp. ).

§ 40 F. The stopping parts of an ecoseed mixture made from a separate grown crop shall comply with the requirements of Annex 5 (I) (c) in accordance with point C of this Annex. in Annex 5, Section I, point A, Table 1, Column 3 to 8, and Annex 5, Section I (A), note 17 and 18.

Paragraph 2. The production of separate cultivated crops may take place in the maximum of 5 generations.

§ 40 g. The undertaking shall, in connection with the application for authorization for the use of separate cultivated crops for sale as eco-seed mixture, shall be subject to examination of whether the mixture complies with the requirements of § 40. The sample can be taken and examined by the company. The undertaking may request the Office of Natural Acquirees to take the sample. The cost of sampling and analysis shall be borne by the company.

Paragraph 2. The test shall be taken into account in accordance with the provisions of the steering control in the sampling of seeds, and shall be examined in accordance with the applicable international methods and the instructions of the type.

Paragraph 3. The undertaking shall, at the request of the Natural Acquirese Management Board, submit a copy of the certificate of analysis. The test must be kept for at least two years for any control.

§ 40 h. The Benefit Management Board shall inform the Commission on the basis of the application, cf. section 40 c, the quantity of the seed mixture, the undertaking must bring in the trade in subsequent seasons. The total quantity of the environmental seed mixtures that are brought into the trade in each marketing year shall not exceed 30 tonnes.

§ 40 i. The establishments shall be by 30. June, the quantity of eco-seed mixtures which have been brought into the trade in the period completed during the production season.

40 j. The environmental seed mixtures may only be placed in the trade in closed packs or containers. The closing system must at least include a label or fillings. The tank or container must be sealed in such a way that it will be destroyed by opening and cannot be re-used. The tank or container must be marked in accordance with the provisions of Annex 10. ' ;

5. I § 45 "§ 40" to : "§ 40-40j"

6. Appendix 1 the text of Annex 1 shall be replaced by this notice.

7. As Annex 10 the following Annex 2 is added to this notice.

§ 2

The announcement shall enter into force on the 30. November 2011.

Paragraph 2. The changes in paragraph 12 (1). However, 2 shall not take effect from 1. January 2012.

The National Wildlife Agency, the 28th. November, 2011

Pernille Andersen

/ Isabelle Pind-Heerwagen

Appendix 1

' Appendix 1

List of Annexes :

Appendix 1
List of Annexes
Appendix 2
Arts covered by the notice
Appendix 3
Appendix 4
Authority of power outlets, test takers, establishments and departments that use authorized sample holders and seed analysts
Appendix 5
Quality standards
Appendix 6
Appendix 7
Sales of varieties that are under test for blacklist entry
Appendix 8
Approval to produce major grasses of grasses
Appendix 9
Especially on the conservation of conservation
Appendix 10
Labelling of environmental seed mixtures


Appendix 2

' Appendix 10

Labelling of environmental seed mixtures

Labelling of packages
The Pakbe shall be provided with a supplier label or with a printed or stamped text with the following information :
the words : 'EU rules and standards'.
the name and address of the person responsible for the statement of the labels or its identification mark.
method of collection : directly collected or separately cultivated crops,
year for closure, expressed as follows : "Partition closed...." (Years)
region of origin
source area
collection point
the nature type at the collection point,
the words ' the environment mix of feed plant seeds intended for use in an area of the same natural habitat as at the collection point without regard to the biotic conditions ' ;
the reference number of the batch ;
the percentage weight of the components of species and, where appropriate, any subspecies ; 1)
specified net or gross weight,
Other information :
For the use of granulated pesticides, pillers or other fixed additives are indicated here,
the nature of additives, and
the balance between the weight of fowls or pure seed and the aggregate weight.
In the case of mixtures of separate cultivated crops, a particular spicion of the components of the mixture is expressed. 2)

1) It is sufficient to specify the components of the environmental mixture which are harvested directly, cf. § 40d.

2) It is sufficient to indicate an average value for these required spirees if the number of special powers required is more than 5.


Official notes

1) The announcement contains provisions implementing the Commission Directive 2010 /60/EU of 30. In August 2010, on certain derogations for the purpose of trade in mixtures of feed plant seed, intended for the preservation of the natural environment, EU-tenth 2010, nr. L 228, s. 10.