Executive Order On Dune Conservation

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om klitfredning

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Clipting
Chapter 2 Signature of decisions
Chapter 3 Entry into force, punishment, mv.

Publication of clit-freeing

In accordance with Article 8 (2), 6 and 7, section 27 (2). 3, section 70, section 78, item. 6, section 87 (2). 5, and Article 89 (5). 3, in the law of nature conservation, cf. Law Order no. 933 of 24. September 2009, as amended by law no. 1273 of 21. December 2011 :

Chapter 1


§ 1. In addition to the prohibitions referred to in Article 8 (3). 1, in the law of nature conservation, is on a climate-protected area in accordance with the rules of the foothland. Article 8 (2) of the law. 2, not allowed

1) to remove or damage the trees, plants or orientals used for the dampening of the sandfly ;

2) running with motor vehicles, including mopeds, outside the course of any legal means,

3) Camper, set tents, benches, or firm orientions,

4) do digging work,

5) burning vegetation, pumice or similar, and

6) biking, riding or shuttling with horses outside of legal-considered roads.

Paragraph 2. The rules of paragraph 1. Paragraph 1 shall not apply to agricultural operations, including grazing, of areas which until 1 of them are to be used. July 1992, legally, has been applied in the agricultural sector, except for planting.

Paragraph 3. Where clienclings have entered into force after 1. In July 1992, the provisions of paragraph 1 shall apply. 2 mentioned exemption for areas which, until the date on which the client has been to have been lawfully, has been used in the agricultural sector, except for planting.

Paragraph 4. The rules of paragraph 1. 1, no. 2, 5 and 6, do not apply to the ungrew beach bank.

§ 2. The rules of Article 8 (8) of the protection of nature protection. 1, and section 1 (1) of the notice. 1, do not apply to

1) digs, detents, thugs and other facilities carried out as part of a coastal protection of several properties along the coast and subject to authorisation in advance under the law of coastal protection ; and

2) such baths and boat bridges covered by the Transport and Energy Ministry announcement of baths and baths.

§ 3. The owner of a climate-protected area may prohibit public transport outside the path and path on the part of the property nearest to residential buildings. The extent and mark of the area must be approved by the Fish and Wildlife Board.

§ 4. The Office shall be able to make exception from the prohibitionist prohibition in section 1.

§ 5. Decisions taken by the Conservation Committee, after sections 3 and 4, may be enclamed for the Natur and the Environment Board following the rules laid down in Chapter 12 of the Natural Protection Act.

Chapter 2

Signature of decisions

§ 6. In writing, the Board of nature shall notify decisions pursuant to sections 3 and 4, as well as of section 65 (4) of the natural protection law. Paragraph 1 and paragraph. 5, to :

1) the addressable address of the decision,

2) the owner of the property to which the decision relates ;

3) the municipality Board and

4) public authorities, which must be considered to be of interest in the case.

Paragraph 2. The people in paragraph 3. Paragraph 1 shall also be notified in writing to the following associations and organisations, provided that they have requested this :

1) local associations and organisations, which have a significant interest in the decision,

2) national associations and organisations whose principal aims are the protection of nature and the environment ; and

3) national associations and organisations, which, after their purpose, provide significant recreational interests where the decision concerns such interests.

Paragraph 3. Notify by paragraph 1 and 2 shall indicate that derogations should not be taken before the time limit has expired and that the timely complaint has effect on the complainated decision, unless the court decides otherwise, cf. Article 87 (2) of the natural protection law. 3.

Paragraph 4. The Board of Natural Board shall give it the notification, notification of a lodged complaint and of the termination effect of the complaint.

Publication of decisions on a derogation

§ 7. The Wildlife Board shall publish decisions in accordance with sections 3 and 4, and in accordance with the section 65 (5) of the natural protection law. Paragraph 1 and paragraph. 5 if the decisions are considered to be of greater importance or of general public interest. In addition, other such decisions shall be published when these are not of subordinate importance and shall be deemed to be of interest to other grietable complaints than those notified in accordance with the rules in section 6.

Paragraph 2. Publication shall be carried out in accordance with the detailed provision of the Natural Type and may be done solely on the Board's website.

Paragraph 3. The publication in accordance with paragraph 1. 2 shall contain information on :

1) the main content of the decision,

2) the properties or parts of the properties covered by the decision ;

3) the location or place where the decision may be presented, and

4) The hall of applause.

Paragraph 4. The Board of Natural shall publish the decision of the Board of Appeal in a complaint file after the appeal of the public office. Publication can be made solely on the home sides of the Natural Order or the Board of the Office.

Chapter 3

Entry into force, punishment, mv.

§ 8. Extreme notice of section 1 (2) of the notice. 1, as well as the override of conditions laid down in a permit under sections 3 and 4, shall be penalised in accordance with the rules in section 89 of the law on the protection of natural protection.

§ 9. The announcement shall enter into force on 2. January 2012.

Paragraph 2. Publication no. 1608 of 11. In December 2006 on climate conservation shall be repealed.

The Ministry of Environment, 21. December 2011

Ida Auken

/ Sven Koefoed-Hansen