Announcement For 2011 On Payment Of The Costs Of Transportation, Etc.. For Medical Treatment Sought By The Workers Compensation Board Or Appeals Board

Original Language Title: Announcement for 2011 on payment of the costs of transportation, etc.. for medical treatment sought by the Workers Compensation Board or Appeals Board

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Table of Contents

Publication for the year 2011 on the payment of costs to transport, etc. for medical treatment requested by the Agency for Health and Safety Management Board or the Board of Appeal

In accordance with section 38 (4), 5, in the area of labour harm protection, cf. Law Order no. 848 of 7. September 2009, shall be determined :

§ 1. Casualties shall have the right to have paid expenses during medical examination and medical care, etc., cf. Article 38 of the law, in accordance with the rules of this notice.

§ 2. In addition, travel expenses relating to medical examiners, etc., which are not requested by the Board of Health or the Board of AnkeManagement, may be paid at the request of the Agency for the Agency or the Board of Appeal for the Administrative Board of the Board of the Board of the Board of the Board ; caught up to get the work damage done.

Common rules

§ 3. In cases of accident cases, the costs of the insurance undertaking shall be paid. In cases of occupational diseases, the costs of the occupational health insurance of the labour market are paid.

Paragraph 2. The insurance companies may decide on the conditions for the payment of expenditure after Article 38 (1). 2 and paragraph 1. 3, available, without sending the case to the Health Department, cf. however, paragraph 1 3.

Paragraph 3. The insurance company may not take a position under paragraph 1. 2, or is the casualty not satisfied with the assurance undertaking ' s decision, cf. paragraph 2, the insurance undertaking shall send the case to the Board of Work with the request for a decision. At the same time, the insurance undertaking shall inform the injury of the case.

Travel expenses

§ 4. Additional casualties may be paid for travel expenses incurred in the case of medical examiners, in the case of injured people fulfilling their duty to contribute to the information provided.

§ 5. In addition, injured people can receive the costs of public transport expenditure (trains on 2. class or bus) or car. If casualties are using their own car, DKK DKK 2,00 a. kilometres, cf. The Ministry of Finance, the circular of the staff of the Staff Management Board of 30. June 2000 on the mission agreement with later regulations.

Paragraph 2. Additional persons may be able to obtain paid expenses for taxi or in particular sickness transport, if the person concerned is not able to use public transport or car.

Meals and sleepover, etc.

§ 6. Determines may, against documentation, receive reasonable expenses at meal times and the like, if the person concerned due to the investigation, etc. must be removed from its domicile for more than five hours.

Paragraph 2. In addition, injured parties may receive expenses of the necessary sleepover outside the home in the form of the hour and day allowance and grant for accommodation in the hotel, cf. The Ministry of Finance, the circular of the staff of the Staff Management Board of 30. June 2000 on the mission agreement with later regulations.

Paragraph 3. The above is paid according to the following rates :

1) Time money, $16,25 kr.

2) Daily money : 39.00 kr.

3) Overnight in the main area of the capital : 800,00 kr.

4) Overnight in Aarhus : 800,00 kr.

5) Overnight in the other part of the country : 850,00 kr.

Paragraph 4. Infection can also be given time-and day-to-day, under observation for sightings in hospital or similar institutions. This does not apply to hospicare, by the way.

Lost Work Probe

§ 7. Determines have the right to be paid for the proven loss of work due to a lack of work for at least two hours due to medical examiners.

Paragraph 2. However, injured people can receive a maximum of a maximum amount of each year. hour at 243.24 crane, corresponding to the maximum yearly salary after section 24 (4). 5, in the Work Protection Protection Act, divided by the normal number of working hours.

§ 8. Casualties of the injured voluntarily may receive an amount per Hour, 173.82 kr.

Paragraph 2. A higher amount of information may be paid against proof of this. period, however, the maximum in section 7 (3). 2, mentioned amounts. The requirement to this effect must be sent within 4 weeks of the notification of payment in accordance with paragraph 1. 1.

§ 9. Payment of expenditure according to the law of the law shall be made according to the rates at the time of the investigation.

Entry into force

§ 10. The announcement shall enter into force on the sixth. January, 2011, and effect from 1. January, 2011.

The Board of Health, the 4th. January, 2011

Anne Lind Madsen

/ Tor Even Mûnter