Ordinance Amending The Ordinance On The Establishment Of Environmental Targets For Rivers, Lakes, Transitional Waters, Coastal Waters And Groundwater

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om ændring af bekendtgørelse om fastsættelse af miljømål for vandløb, søer, kystvande, overgangsvande og grundvand

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Ordinance amending the Ordinance on the establishment of environmental targets for rivers, lakes, transitional waters, coastal waters and grundvand1)

§ 1

In executive order No. 1433 by 6. December 2009 fixing the environmental objectives for rivers, lakes, transitional waters, coastal waters and groundwater, is amended as follows: 1. Everywhere in the notice shall be replaced by ' urban and landscape Agency «to» nature agency '.

2. In paragraph 3 is inserted as paragraph 1-3: ' § 3. Nature agency create monitoring systems with a view to assess the values of the biological quality elements specified for each surface water category or for heavily modified and artificial bodies of surface water, subject to article 20. section 15 of the Act. Using the procedure given below on heavily modified or artificial water bodies, seen the term ' ecological status ' as ' ecological potential '. These systems can use of particular species or groups of species that are representative of the quality element as a whole.

(2). For each surface water category categorizes nature agency scale of the ecological quality ratio in its monitoring system in five classes ranging from high to bad ecological status, as defined in annex 2 (A) to (F), each of the border lines between the classes is assigned a numerical value. The value for the boundary between classes high and good status, and the value for the boundary between good and moderate mode determined by the intercalibration of boundary lines, to be carried out as defined in paragraph 3.

(3). Nature Agency must by comparison of the results of the monitoring system in section 6 with other EU member countries, results of their surveillance systems using monitoring system in section 6 at the sites included in the European Commission's register of sites constitutes an intercalibration network, and as both are in the ecoregion and are of the same type of surface water. The results of this application is used for the setting of numerical values in annex 5 for the relevant border lines between the classes in the monitoring system. The work is part of the EU-community and of the Commission interkalibreringsarbejde. '

Paragraph 1-4 becomes paragraph 4-7.

3. In article 3, paragraph 4 which becomes paragraph 7, the words ' paragraph 1 ': ' paragraph 3 ' and ' paragraph 3 ': ' paragraph 6 ' 4. In paragraph 3 shall be inserted as new paragraphs 8-9:» (8). In the context of the intercalibration exercise must nature Agency in cooperation with the European Commission and the other Member States participate in the exchange of information leading to the identification of a number of sites in each ecoregion in the community; These sites will form an intercalibration network. The network shall consist of sites selected from a number of surface water body types present within each ecoregion. For each surface water body type selected network must consist of at least two sites corresponding to the boundary between the normative definitions of high and good status, and at least two sites corresponding to the boundary between the normative definitions of good and moderate status. The sites are selected by expert judgement based on joint inspections and other available information.

(9). The results of the intercalibration exercise and the values established for the Member State monitoring system classifications in, published by the Commission within six months of the completion of the intercalibration exercise. '

5. In annex 2 (A)-(F) changes in all headlines» § 3 (3) ' to: ' section 3, paragraph 6 '.

6. In annex 3 shall be amended in the heading ' section 3, paragraph 2 ' is replaced by: ' article 3, paragraph 5 '.

7. In annex 5 is amended in the heading ' section 3, paragraph 1 ' are replaced by ' article 3 (4) '.

section 2 of the Ordinance shall enter into force on the 24th. January 2011.

The Ministry of the environment, the 19. January 2011 Karen Ellemann-Jensen/Helle Pilsgaard Official notes 1) Ordinance contains provisions implementing parts of a European Parliament and Council Directive No. 2000/60/EC of 23. October 2000 establishing a framework for Community action in the field of water policy (water framework directive), the official journal of the European communities 2000 nr. L 327, page 1.