Notice Of Approval Of Rear Registration Plate Operators

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om autorisering af nummerpladeoperatører

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Criteria for approval as number record operator

Chapter 2 Authorisation

Chapter 3 Allowance

Publication of the approval of number record operators

In accordance with section 15 (1). 5-7, in the case of registration of vehicles, cf. Law Order no. 580 of seven. June 2011 shall be :

Chapter 1

Criteria for approval as number record operator

§ 1. After application, SKAT authorized a company to register and reregister vehicles in the vehicle register and release plates.

§ 2. A company can only be authorized to be a number-label operator if the company meets the following conditions :

1) The company must have a business establishment in this country.

2) The company must trade in or lease vehicles of the type to be registered before the vehicle is taken in use, cf. section 3 and section 4 of the notice of registration of vehicles, etc. or the establishment must be approved by the Traffic Control Agency for the visual or view of vehicles.

3) The company must not be in debt to the state.

4) The company must not be under reconstruction, bankruptcy or winding-up proceedings.

§ 3. A company as mentioned in section 2, no. TWO, ONE. PC for commercial trades or leased vehicles, cf. § 2, nr. 2, in the highway code, but not approved by the Traffic Management Board to view or view vehicles, only the licence operator shall be authorized if the company annually sells or leased at least 100 vehicles of the type to be recorded before the vehicle. are being used.

Paragraph 2. A business as mentioned in section 2 no. TWO, ONE. PC that normally does not deal with or leases cars, are not authorized to be authorized to be a plate operator if the company sells or laser at least 50 vehicles of the type to be recorded before the vehicle is used.

Paragraph 3. A company as mentioned in section 2, no. TWO, TWO. pkt. approved by Traffic Management to redirect vehicles is authorized only if the company sells or leases at least 50 vehicles of the type to be recorded before the vehicle is taken into operation on an annual basis.

Paragraph 4. SKAT may dispensers from paragraph 1. 1 3, whose special reasons are therefore speaking.

§ 4. In areas of the country where there is a particular degree of unauthorised registration plate operator, a licensed licence operator shall be without charge, cf. Section 11, SKAT may authorize a company or a public authority as a number plate operator, even though the undertaking or authority does not meet the conditions laid down in sections 2 and section 3.

§ 5. A licensed registration number plate operator referred to in section 11 (1). 1, must have all types of number plates in the repository, cf. § 10. Other authorized number-plate operators determine the type of license plate number to which the operator shall be in stock. If the operator chooses to store license plates of a type that exists as well as the EU plate and as neutral a plate number, the operator must have both types in stock.

Paragraph 2. The number label operator ' s selection of number label operators shall be notified to SKAT. The elections are binding for a period of 12 months, except where special reasons speak.

Paragraph 3. SKAT determines how many plates of each type, the number record operator must be in stock.

Paragraph 4. A number record operator's payment for the number plate is due upon delivery, cf. however, paragraph 1 5. The payment for the number plates is after the charge of charge.

Paragraph 5. SKAT provides free number plates for license plate operators as referred to in section 11 (1). 1. The charge for a plate shall fall on the day when a vehicle is registered in the Vehicle Register with the relevant registration number.

§ 6. An authorized number-label operator shall be obliged to register and register vehicles in the vehicle register for citizens and companies requesting. The requirement to register vehicles shall include only the entries that are covered by the types of number plates, the operator shall have in stock, cf. § 5.

Paragraph 2. A number record operator shall keep open for registration of vehicles at least 4 days per week.

Paragraph 3. SKAT shall publish on the Internet, which establishments are authorized as number-label operators, including the inspection establishments approved as number-label operators.

§ 7. A company is not authorized to be a number plate operator if it is reasonable to assume that the administration will not be exercised in a reasonable way.

Paragraph 2. A license plate operator is given to an operator, physically or legally, to an operator. Vehicles registration may take place from business locations if these are provided in advance to SKAT and section 5 and section 6.

Paragraph 3. A license plate operator shall be valid for 5 years with the right to an extension for another five-year period if the terms of the authorization have been complied with. SKAT alerts a number record operator for the expiration of the authorization within 6 to 12 months prior to the end of the expiry date.

Paragraph 4. A license plate operator authority may not be transferable. However, an authorized undertaking shall be acquired with a view to the continuation of the establishment, the approval of the licence as a licence operator, if the transferee also satisfies the conditions for being authorized as a number-label operator, cf. paragraph 1, sections 2 and section 3, and the transferee notifies the transfer to SKAT at least one month before the transfer with the request that the authorization as a registration number operator continue to be carried out.

Paragraph 5. A licensed number record operator ' s inventory of plates cannot be pawtock.

§ 8. SKAT lays down terms and conditions for an authorization as a number record operator. The terms must ensure that the company manages the authority in accordance with the applicable law and handle the number plate defensible, including that the organization organises procedures that support these objectives.

§ 9. SKAT may terminate an authorization as a number-label operator if the operator does not comply with the conditions of the authorization.

Paragraph 2. Termination will be on the basis of three months ' reasonable notice. However, SKAT may, on a reasonable notice, which may be in the case of just 24 hours :

1) Stop the delivery of the number plates to the operator.

2) Draws the position of the operator of the number plates against the concurrent repayment of the amount paid by the operator for the plates.

Paragraph 3. Notwithstanding paragraph 1 1, SKAT may permit a number record operator to retain the authority, whose special reasons are therefore. Such authorization may be granted on a stringent condition for the continued approval of the registration number plate operator or a time limit.

Chapter 2


§ 10. A registered registration number plate operator can register and register vehicles in the vehicle register, except for the following cases :

1) Inserting a vehicle that has previously been registered in this country or abroad if the last registration certificate is missing.

2) Record a vehicle in case as referred to in section 43 of the publication of vehicles and so on.

3) Record a vehicle for taxi driving, etc. in accordance with section 56 of the notice on the registration of vehicles and so on.

4) Record a vehicle time limited in accordance with section 63 of the publication of vehicles and so on.

5) Inserting a vehicle on any particular number plates or markings, cf. § 72, paragraph. However, 4, in the notice of the registration of vehicles, etc. A authorised number plate operator, may, however, be registered as referred to in Article 78 (3). FIVE, TWO. pkt., in the publication of vehicles and so on.

Chapter 3


§ 11. SKAT provides a compensation for the work of registering vehicles to the following authorized number plate operators :

1) Companies approved by Traffic Management to view vehicles (television companies).

2) Organizations or authorities approved in section 4.

Paragraph 2. Allowance shall be granted only for the registration of vehicles other than the vehicle trades or leases.

Paragraph 3. Number-label operators referred to in paragraph 1. 1 may not charge the registration fee in the Vehicle Register.

Paragraph 4. The payment for an entry shall be 200 kr. per vehicle per 24 hours. The payment for a reregistration with a new owner or user is DKK 100 kr. per vehicle per 24 hours.

Paragraph 5. The payment shall be paid no later than the 15th. of the month following the end of the month in which the compensation relates.

§ 12. The announcement will enter into force on the 20th. August, 2011.

Treasury, the 15th. August, 2011

Peter Christensen

/ Lene Skov Henningsen