Ordinance On Notification And Complaint Guide In Connection With The Use Of Coercion In Psychiatry

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om underretning og klagevejledning i forbindelse med anvendelse af tvang i psykiatrien

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Signature

Chapter 2 Clause instructions

Chapter 3 Entry into force

Completion of notification and instruction manual in the case of use of compulsion in psychiatric purposes

Under section 33, in the case of the use of coercion in psychiatric purposes, cf. Law Order no. 1111 of 1. November 2006 :

Chapter 1


Forced submission and forced postings

§ 1. When the recording physician considers that compulsive admission is required, cf. law on the use of coercion in the psychiatric section, section 6 (1). 2, the doctor shall inform the patient thereof.

Paragraph 2. At the same time, the laying-down must inform the patient of the reasons for coercion collection and the purpose and guide the patient on the prospects for a recovery of the health condition, cf. section 3 and 31 of the law. The same duty falls to the receiving department's physician.

§ 2. If a request is made for printing, the medias shall, as soon as possible, and within 24 hours, inform the patient whether this can be printed or if forced to be made to be made to be carried out. However, the request for printing shall be submitted within the first 24 hours after the concierge has taken place, however, within 48 hours of the decision taken at the latest from the period of force.

§ 3. If the medical examiner has decided that compulsion is to be enforced, the notification shall contain information on the background to the decision on forced postings, whether the purpose of this and of the prospects for a recovery of the health state.

§ 4. Provided the superintenation of detention after the detention of the sentence of Article 21 (1) of the law shall be taken. The decision by the patient and the patient must be informed of the decision taken by the patient and the patient person.

§ 5. Once the conditions of detention in the Act of Law 5 are no longer fulfilled, the detention of detention shall be immediately terminated. The patient and the patient adviser shall be notified forthwith, cf. Act 11.

Forced treatment, fixation, etc.

§ 6. When forced treatment under the law of the law 4 or compulsory follow up after printing, forced fixation, the use of physical force, the use of personal alarm and fire systems and special doorlocks, protective fixation, upward compulsion ; and the locking of patient living room in the Security Section of the State of Justice, Region Zealand, personal display, locking of doors in the ward and personal hygiene, using force under the law of Chapter 5 or the investigation of mail ; the patient rooms, possessions and body visitation, in accordance with Chapter 5 of the law, be required, the patient shall be informed accordingly.

Paragraph 2. The notification must contain information on the particulars of the coercion of the intended force, the background to use force and the purpose of this. In the case of forced treatment, the patient must also be guided by the prospect of a recovery of the state of health and the effects and possible side effects of the treatment.

§ 7. In the case of periodic fixations which are extended for longer than 48 hours, the patient and the patient adviser shall be required if there is a difference of opinion between the treatment being read and the external doctor's assessment of the question of continued use of force fixation in accordance with the procedure for the operation of the compulsory restrain order. Article 21 (1) of the law. 5 and 6 shall be informed accordingly.

§ 8. The notification in accordance with section 6 shall be carried out as soon as possible and before the intended force is used.

Paragraph 2. However, in the case of force fixation or use of physical force pursuant to the Act of the Act, however, the notification may be dispensed in particularly urgent cases, in particular in cases where compulsion is used to avert imminent danger. In such cases, the patient shall be informed as soon as possible after the initials of the Enforce Enforcement, the justification for the use of force and the purpose of the

Form of the notification

§ 9. The notification shall be orally and in writing. The notification in accordance with section 1 (1). 1, shall be carried out alone orally.

Chapter 2

Clause instructions

General rules

§ 10. Any use of coercion shall be weighed by the patient on the access to appeal procedure and the information on the extent to which a complaint has a termination effect in accordance with the procedure. Section 32 (2) of the law. Two and three.

§ 11. The complaint guide shall as far as possible be given in connection with the fact that the patient is informed of the coercion procedure.

Paragraph 2. If a complaint against coercion processing has an effect in accordance with the provisions of Article 32 (3) of the law, 3, the instruction manual must be given as soon as possible and before the enforcement procedure is implemented.

Contents of the guide

§ 12. In the case of compulsory admission, forced detention, restitution, forced treatment, forced follow-up after printing in accordance with the law of the law, enforcement, use of physical force, protective fixation, the use of personal alarm-and fireplace systems and special doorlocks, personal foreclosure, which have been uninterrupted for more than 24 hours, locking down doors in the department, and the maintenance of the patient room at the Security Section of the Legal Affairs Department, Region Zealand, the patient shall be weighted on the issue of access to the procedure for the procedure, Psychiatric patient-class redress at the state administration. The patient must also be guided by the fact that the complaint will be submitted to the psychiatric patient's appeal at the State Department, provided that the patient or the patient access provider is requested by the patient, cf. Act 35.

Paragraph 2. The patient shall also, upon request, be guided by the appeal procedure for the psychiatric patient class at state administration, including on the right of patient and patient access to the Board of State, to submit the case for the Board of Board and the deadline for the period for which it is not : the decision of the Board, cf. Act 36.

Form of the road

§ 13. Draft instruction shall orally be orally. The draft manual shall also be given in writing if the patient is making a motion to this effect.

Chapter 3

Entry into force

§ 14. The announcement will enter into force on the eighth. December 2010.

Paragraph 2. At the same time, notice No 1497 of 14. In December 2006 on the notification and instruction manual to patients in connection with the use of coercion in psychiatric use.

Domestic and Health, the Second. December 2010

Bertel Haarder

/ Susanne Beck Petersen