Law Amending The Law On Social Services (Improvement And Simplification Of The Rules On Aid For The Purchase Of The Car) Reprinted Definitive Series

Original Language Title: Lov om ændring af lov om social service(Forbedring og forenkling af reglerne om støtte til køb af bil) Omtryk

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Law amending the law on social service

(Improvement and simplification of the rules on aid for the purchase of the car)

WE, MARGRETHE the SECOND, by the grace of God Queen of Denmark, do indeed:

The Danish Parliament has adopted and we know Our consent confirmed the following law:

§ 1

The law on social service, see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 941 by 1. October 2009, as amended by § 10 of lov nr. 434 of 8. May 2006, § 2 of the law No. 316 of 28. April 2009 and Act No. 407 and 408 both of 21. April 2010, is amended as follows: 1. section 114 (1), is replaced by the following:

» Municipal Council must provide support for purchase of car for people with a permanently impaired physical or mental functional ability significantly 1) impeding the ability to achieve or maintain a work without the use of the car, 2) hinders the ability to implement an education without the use of car or 3) impair the ability to move, in cases where the person has activities outside the home resulting in a substantial need for driving with car. '

2. In section 114 shall be inserted after paragraph 1 as new paragraph: "(2). The aid referred to in paragraph 1 shall be granted as an interest-free loan within a framework of 160,000 us. '

Paragraphs 2 and 3 shall become paragraphs 3 and 4 hereafter.

3. section 114 (3), no. 1, there will be (4), no. 1, is replaced by the following: ' 1) conditions for obtaining aid under paragraphs 1 and 3 and on conditions for aid, including rules about the categories that are eligible to receive aid, ' 4. In § 114, paragraph 3, which will be inserted after paragraph 4, nr. 1 as new number:» 2) steps in connection with testing and choice of car, including on the participation of private actors in it, '

No. 2-6 is then no. 3-7.5. § 114, paragraph 3, nr. 2, which becomes paragraph 4, nr. 3, is replaced by the following: ' 3) repayment of loans and income base for repayment and on deferred repayment and cancellation of loans to the car as a result of the lack of ability to pay and, as a result of disqualification in connection with changes in the physical or mental functional ability or conditions attached thereto, ' 6. § 114, paragraph 3, nr. 3, which becomes paragraph 4, nr. 4, is replaced by the following: ' 4) access to receive support for replacing a car, on which aid has been granted without prejudice. paragraphs 1 to 3, including the rules of procedure in connection with the allocation of aid for the purchase of the car and on the use of proceeds from the disposal of a car that has been previously supported, including in connection with the allocation of aid for the purchase of a car, ' 7. In § 182, paragraph 5, the words ' § 114 (1) of the ' to: ' § 114, paragraph 2 '.

§ 2 the law shall enter into force on the 1. October 2010.

Given at Christiansborg Palace, on 26 May. May 2010 Under Our Royal hand and Seal MARGRETHE r./Beni Kiær

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