Notice Of The Holding Of Motor Racing On Track

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om afholdelse af motorløb på bane

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Notice of the holding of motor racing on the course under section 37, paragraph 3, nr. 4 (6) and (7) and section 118, paragraph 8, in the highway code, see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 984 of 5. October 2009, and after negotiation with the Secretary of State has to be established: Approval of Railway Safety measures, etc.
§ 1. The Ordinance shall apply to the motor racing on closed course outside the path, which is used for general traffic of one or more species of the road.
(2). The notice shall also apply by way of exception the holding of motor racing on a temporary, cordoned off course, which is established on the road that is otherwise used for general traffic of one or more species of the road.
(3). By motor racing on the course understood events with or without public access, where motor vehicles are competing on time or length individually or several at a time by running through the track from start to goal.
(4). The notice shall not apply when the training drive or for rental karts.
§ 2. Application for approval of cordoned off course to the holding of motor racing must be submitted to the police. The application must be accompanied by: 1) the necessary permissions according to the environmental protection act, Planning Act, and vejloven and 2) an approved regulations for rail safety for the relevant train type, see. § 3.
(2). Approval of cordoned off course, which permanently used for organisation of motor racing, has a one-year validity, however, 5 years for courts, exclusively used for motor racing without public access. By changing the line's device or safety conditions must be submitted for re-approval. For other courses have the validity of the approval is only valid for that event.
§ 3. For each train type shall be the subject of a regulation for rail security. Those rules shall contain detailed rules as to how the railway fences and other security measures to protect the audience, race participants and others who move on or by the Court, must be designed.
(2). The railway fences should appropriately be pierced with a door or similar. The course must also be configured so that emergency vehicles have free passage to and from the mining, and garden signage for access routes for emergency vehicles to come.
(3). The police shall approve the regulations referred to in paragraph 1 for railway security. There must be no changes of the rules of procedure provisions on rail security without prior approval by the police.
§ 4. The police decides whether the pitch is in accordance with the regulations concerning rail safety for the relevant train type.
(2). The police may at any time verify whether the pitch continues to meet the conditions for approval.
Permission for the holding of motor racing § 5. Application for authorisation for the organisation of motor racing shall be submitted by the organizers to the police no later than 1 month before the race. The application must be accompanied by a copy of the approval of the Court or at the same time, the application for approval of course. Name and address of the technical savvy person referred to in article 10, as well as information about his or her technical qualifications must be indicated in the application.
(2). The application must also be accompanied by proof that the sections 8-9 said insurance was designed, and that the premium is paid.
(3). The application may include several motor racing, to be held in the course of validity of the approval.
§ 6. Is the organizer of an association, can permission is only granted if the articles of Association of the Association or the statute or the rules of an association, which is affiliated with the Association, show that the organizer has the power to implement the necessary sanctions against participants who violate the rules or conditions referred to in section 11 of the permission.
§ 7. The police may, under special circumstances, establish additional conditions for the authorization.
Insurance § 8. To cover the damages, which may arise in connection with the organisation of motor racing, organizers must take out liability insurance, see. However, paragraph 4.
(2). Liability insurance to cover damage to motor racing per until: 1) EUR 3 million. DKK for races where used vehicles with engines not exceeding 85 cm3 (moped, motorcycle and go-kart), 2) 7 million. DKK for races where used vehicles with engines of over 85 cm3 and a maximum of 500 cm3 (motorcycles, karts and crosskarts), 3) 14 million. DKK for races where used vehicles with engines exceeding 500 cm3, except trucks, (motorcycles and cars), 4) 29 million. DKK for races where used trucks.
(3). Liability insurance may be signed collectively by organizations and associations.
(4). For the organisation of the race engine by the organizers employed persons covers the insurance referred to in paragraph 2, only the portion of the damage which an injured person does not get covered in accordance with the law on workers ' compensation.
(5). The basis for the liability referred to in paragraph 1, the liability insurance is Danish law general liability rules.
(6). The amount referred to in paragraph 2 shall be adjusted annually on 1 October. January with 2 per cent attributed the adjustment rate for that fiscal year, see. law on a rate adjustment percentage. They then obtained amount used uafrundet as the basis for the regulation of the amounts in the following year. The annual amounts rounded to the nearest 1 m divisible Crown amount. The Ministry of Justice Announces every year amounts.
§ 9. To cover personal injuries that are not covered by the liability referred to in section 8 or a statutory workers ' compensation insurance must be taken out accident insurance for damage caused by motor race meeting is held, at the audience and people involved in the motor race organisation, see. However, paragraphs 3 and 5.
(2). Accident insurance can be signed collectively by organizations and associations.
(3). Accident insurance shall not cover damage to the drivers.
(4). Accident insurance coverage must be of at least the same extent as in accordance with the law on workers ' compensation.
(5). The requirement that there must be taken out accident insurance, does not apply to the organisation of motor racing without public access.
Motor race implementation § 10. Vehicles must before motor race holding checked and approved by a tech-savvy person, for example. one of motor unions appointed technical savvy person.
§ 11. The organizer shall prior to each motor racing stress each of the ride, to the registered vehicles involved in motor racing outside Road area of the law, must be brought into conformity with the provisions of The tail of the Scriptures for vehicles before they are again used in areas that are subject to traffic regulations.
(2). The organiser must at the same time make the ride, to violations of it under paragraph 1 above may result in exclusion from the future of motor racing.
§ 12. The organizer shall stop a motor racing, in the event of significant damage to the railway fences, or if the crowd exceeds the spectator away.
§ 13. Under the holding of motor racing have at least two trained sama ritter to present, and there must be a samaritterrum. By motor racing with public access, there must also be a doctor and an ambulance present.
(2). By a trained medic, for the purposes of this Ordinance, a person who has passed the test on one of the first aid organisations approved course, minimum at the level of the samaritterkurser, which is offered by the Danish Red Cross, ASF-Danish people's aid and the Danish Emergency Management Agency.
(3). The present ambulance and ambulance services must comply with the requirements of the Executive order on planning of public health preparedness and the præhospitale preparedness as well as training for ambulance staff, etc.
(4). The present medical and ambulance personnel to be present prior to the race organisation be familiar with the region's visitation guidelines as well as have agreed that closer cooperation with the region's præhospitale leader.
(5). The organizer should make the present doctor and the present ambulance personnel aware of the rules in paragraphs 3 and 4, at the latest in connection with the contractual process.
§ 14. The consent holder shall regularly inspect the track and repair any damage.
Redress section 15. Police decisions after this Ordinance cannot be brought before another administrative authority, see. However, paragraph 2.
(2). Police decisions under section 3 (3), an appeal may be lodged to the Police.
Penalty section 16. With fine punished anyone who: 1) shall be borne by motor racing without approval or permission, see. § 2 and § 5, 2) violates section 3, paragraph 2, sections 8-12, section 13, paragraphs 1 and 5, and section 14 or 3) will override the terms of the authorisation granted in accordance with this Ordinance.
Entry into force, etc.
§ 17. The notice shall enter into force on the 1. July 2010.
(2). At the same time repealed Executive Order No. 827 of 20. November 1998 on the organisation of motor racing on the track.
(3). Approval of courses and regulations issued in accordance with the existing rules will retain their validity.

The Ministry of Justice, the 11. June 2010 Lars Barfoed/Freja Its Thorsboe