Decree Amending The Decree On The Regulation Of Fisheries In 2010 And Certain Conditions For The Fishing Industry In The Following Year (Regulatory Decree 2010)

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om ændring af bekendtgørelse om regulering af fiskeriet i 2010 og visse vilkår for fiskeriet i følgende år (Reguleringsbekendtgørelsen 2010)

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Publication of the amendment of the Regulation on fisheries management in 2010 and certain conditions for fisheries in the following year (Regulation Notice/2010)

§ 1

Notice no. 1443 of 15. In December 2009 on the regulation of fisheries in 2010 and certain conditions for fisheries in the following years (Regulation No 2010), as amended by Notice No 591 of 2. June 2010 and Notice no. 1044 of 3. September 2010 and Notice no. 1071 by 14. In September 2010, the following changes are made :

1. After section 187, the following is inserted ~ 187 a, § 187 b and § 187 c :

" § 187 a. To the extent undisputed cod available to Denmark for additional quantities in individual waters for catch quota vessels, the Fisheries Directorate may allocate additional quantities of additional quantities to vessels which, in 2010, have authorisation as : catch quota vessels.

Paragraph 2. Additional quantities of additional quantities may be allocated to vessels which have increased its annual quantity of cod through the increase in the FKA share or transfer of annual quantities since earlier in 2010 the vessel was granted additional quantities in connection with the authorization of the authorization ; as the fishing quota vessel.

Paragraph 3. Additional additional quantities shall be allocated in relation to the vessel ' s increased annual volume of cod in the individual waters. A 30% increase in proportion to incremented annual quantities shall be allocated up to 100 tonnes and 20% in proportion to increased quantities of excess quantities of more than 100 tonnes.

Paragraph 4. Additional quantities of additional quantities shall be made on the basis of the application from the vessel owner. The Directorate-General shall deal once a month on monthly income and make the allocation as long as there is a quantity available, cf. § 187 c. Applications to be included in the allocation during the month in question shall be the Fisheries Directorate at the latest by 1. of the month. First time on 1. November, 2010.

§ 187 b. Owners of vessels not already authorised by the year 2010 as catch quota vessels may apply for the vessel in the rest of 2010 to be authorised as a catch quota vessel. Vessels authorised by the end of 2010 shall comply with all the conditions applicable to fishing as a fishing quota vessel, cf. section 186 and section 188 and Appendix 6 of 1. February, 2010.

Paragraph 2. The allocation of additional quantities to vessel owners shall be in the case of the vessel ' s unwashed annual quantity of cod in the waters in question at the time of the issue of the authorization. 30% additional quantity is allocated to an unsolved annual length of up to 100 tonnes and 20% in comparison with an unceafished quantity of more than 100 tonnes.

Paragraph 3. The Fisheries Directorate shall examine once a month for the participation of new vessels as fishing quota vessels. Applications may be accommodated if the vessel meets requirements for the equipment and ship of the ship for participation in camera, and additional quantities shall continue to be available for the grant of additional quantities for the vessel, cf. § 187 c.

Paragraph 4. Applied applications that are intended for the month in question shall be the Fisheries Directorate at the latest by 1 of the month. In 2010, the deadline for registers to be the fishing quota for the year 2010 will be the 10th. November, 2010.

§ 187 c. Applications for additional additional quantities or authorizing the fishing quota vessel shall be accommodated only if the craft can be awarded with the percentages specified in section 187 (a) (1). 3 and section 187 b (b), 2.

Paragraph 2. Within the applications covered by a month, applications for vessels already authorised to be codend vessels are treated as a priority. This may allow the allocation to vessels which are not already permitted as a catch quota vessel if there are sufficient quantities available. In the case of priority within applications in accordance with section 187 a and section 187 (b), for both groups, if there are not enough quantities available to accommodate all applications, priority vessels shall be treated with less length all over vessels with the highest length everywhere. "

2. After section 187 c is added as : Chapter 23 a :

" Chapter 23 a

Fishing quotas for catch quotas in 2011

§ 187 d. To the extent to which, in 2011, following EU rules, the Member States are open to allow Member States to allocate additional catches of cod by cod for fishing fishing quotas, vessels which, in 2010, have been granted a licence as a catch quota vessel, and there are, shall be issued from 1. January, 2011, permit these vessels to operate under the conditions applicable to catch quota vessels.

Paragraph 2. The quantities of the vessels shall be given additional quantities by 30% for the volume of cod stocks up to 100 tonnes in the waters in question and 20% for the volume of excess of 100 tonnes in the waters range of the vessel ' s annual volume based on the FKA of the vessel ' s FKA on 1. January, 2011. Depending on the final quotas and so on for 2011, different conditions and rules for the allocation of additional quantities and the conditions for participation in the fishery may be laid down. These shall be published in the communication issued in accordance with Annex 6.

Paragraph 3. Farther owners who do not want the vessel to continue as a fishing quota in 2011 may withdraw the authorization no later than 15. February, 2011. It is a condition for the absence of any of the additional volume of the year.

§ 187 e. Owners of vessels that have not previously had authorisation and who wish the vessel to be authorised to catch quota per year per year. 1. In January 2011, no later than 1. December, 2010, submit application. In the course of 2011, applications that will be processed once every month will also be opened.

Paragraph 2. First time for the first one. March 2011 will be an opportunity for the allocation of additional additional quantities for vessels acquiring higher the annual volume in 2011.

Paragraph 3. The allocation of applications and allocations will be carried out in accordance with the same conditions as for applications in 2010 under section 187 a, 187 b and section 187 c.

§ 187 f. To the extent that the EU rules are laid down for the grant of additional catch quantities of other fishing quotas other than cod for fishing with catch quotas, the rules shall be laid down for participation. The rules shall be published in the communication issued in accordance with Annex 6. In the case of fishing quotas caught in the same fishing capacity as cod, it may be established that the quota authorisations are to be made in the case of fishing quotas. cod shall also include the new catch quotas. ` ;

§ 2

Paragraph 1. The announcement will enter into force on the 22nd. October 2010.

The fishing Directorate, the 18. October 2010

Anders Munk Jensen

/ Martin Andersen