Act Amending The Act On Folkeskolen And Act On Guidance On Training And Professions (Coordination Of Student Level, Training Record Book And Training Plan)

Original Language Title: Lov om ændring af lov om folkeskolen og lov om vejledning om uddannelse og erhverv(Samordning af elevplan, uddannelsesbog og uddannelsesplan)

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Act amending the Act on Folkeskolen and act on guidance on training and professions

(Coordination of student level, training record book and training plan)

WE, MARGRETHE the SECOND, by the grace of God Queen of Denmark, do indeed:

The Danish Parliament has adopted and we know Our consent confirmed the following law:

§ 1

In the Act on the Folkeskole, see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 1049 of 28. August 2007, as amended by section 4 of Act No. 208 by 31. March 2008, law No. 369 of 26. May 2008, law No. 476 of 17. June 2008, § 135 of law No. 1336 of 19. December 2008 and Act No. 50 of 28. January 2009, is amended as follows:

1. Everywhere in the law shall be replaced by ' law for guidance on selection of training and occupation ' to: ' law for guidance on training and professions '.

2. section 13 (2), (3). and (4). paragraphs, are hereby repealed.

3. Pursuant to section 13 (a) shall be inserted:

» section 13 (b). To use for the ongoing evaluation of the basic regulation. section 13, paragraph 2, must be there for every student from kindergarten up to and including 7. grade levels to prepare a pupil plan must include the results of the evaluation and the follow-up on this decided.

(2). For each student at 8. and 9. grade levels should be the subject of a student and education plan

1) for use by the continuous evaluation must include the results of the evaluation and follow up on this and decided

2) for use in clarification of future training should include information on what objectives the student has for his education after primary school or after 10. grade levels.

(3). The Minister shall lay down detailed rules concerning the plans referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2. '

4. In section 19 h, paragraph 2, the words ' section 13, paragraph 2, 1. and 2. paragraph ' to: ' section 13, paragraph 2 '.

§ 2

In law for guidance on training and professions, see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 630 of 20. June 2008, shall be amended as follows:

1. paragraph 2 (a) is replaced by the following: ' article 2 (a). The guidance in primary school, which is headed by the Youth guidance, must provide the individual student competence to draw up a plan for the further education, stating, what objectives the student has for education after primary school, or 10. class. The instructions shall be based on the ongoing evaluation of the pupil benefit from education.

(2). For students who choose 10. class, the plan for further education from 9. class indicate what the student will achieve with lesson in 10. class. The education plan to be in 10. class is used as a tool in the ongoing guidance of eleven on future educational choices and include the student's reflections on test reporting in 10. class as well as bridging sequences, see. Chapter 2 (a). '

2. paragraph 2 (c), paragraph 1 is replaced by the following: ' For students in elementary school, see. § 3, paragraph 2, should the instructions lead to the pupil shall draw up contribution to student and education plan before the end of the 8. class, see. primary school section 13 (b), paragraph 2. The contribution shall relate to the student's plan for the continuing education and build on the results of the ongoing evaluation and the follow-up on this decided. '

3. In paragraph 2 (c), paragraph 3, the words ' training plan ' to: ' student and education plan or training plan '.

4. In paragraph 2 (d) shall be replaced by ' training plan ' to: ' student and education plan in 8. and 9. class as well as the education plan in 10. class '.

§ 3

The law shall enter into force on the 1. August 2009.
Given at Christiansborg Palace, the 6. May 2009 MARGRETHE r./Bertel Haarder

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